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15 Crock Pot Pork Loin Recipes: Tender, Juicy, and Flavorful

In a nutshell: The juicy and flavorful crockpot pork loin recipes include Crockpot Pork Loin Roast and Potatoes, Hawaiian Pork Loin, Brown Sugar Balsamic Pork Tenderloin, etc. The recipes cater to various tastes, occasions, and dietary preferences, offering a range of flavors and cooking techniques.

In our house, we love a good piece of meat, and pork has a firm position in the top 3 favorites we enjoy as a family. Because we are a multi-national family we have a superb mix of cultures, traditions, and ways of doing things according to what we know growing up.

Whether it be Christmas time, a birthday celebration, or even the children working hard throughout the term and obtaining well-deserved top grades we decided to compile a list of the best pork loin crockpot recipes that are great for any celebration so that there is always someone being made to feel that little bit extra special.

And rightly so. We all do great things in life, and when family and friends come together to show their support, having good food as the accompaniment goes without saying.

#1. Crockpot pork loin roast and potatoes

When it comes to the end of the week you can be sure everyone has been winding down, all the while also preparing themselves for the upcoming week, but this leaves little time for anything else.

Not to mention trying to think of and prepare a meal for the family coming over on Sunday afternoon after church for lunch.

So, when I discovered this easy slow cooker recipe for pork loin I was delighted.

It had all the trimmings, it could be done without supervision, and the portions easily doubled for the added guests.

Best of all, it took minimal effort to put together but tasted like I had spent hours in the kitchen (a secret I won’t be sharing anytime soon).

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#2. EASY Hawaiian Pork Loin

There is something magical about a tropical-inspired meal, perhaps it reminds us of times we were walking along a beach, or a great event we went to where amazing memories were made, whatever it is this dish does that.

I like to give the meat a right good sear in the pan with an olive oil and butter combination to lock in the flavors and give a nice burnt caramel essence to the overall meal.

Pop it into the slow cooker and rub with the spices, top with the soy sauce and half the pineapple portion (personal choice, we like to add the rest as a burst of flavor when serving), and leave to cook throughout the day.

When you lift the lid in the late afternoon you are hit by a flavor profile that leaves your mouth watering, and all you see is a fork-tender pork loin covered in sweet and tangy sticky goodness.

Serve with rice and a few cubes of fresh pineapple and you can be sure there will be requests for seconds.

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#3. Brown sugar balsamic pork tenderloin 

We love these recipes for pork loin in the crock pot because not only are they fuss-free, they taste like the meals we order in restaurants.

Simple food that is quick to make and easy enough to put together for even the most novice of culinary enthusiasts.

The flavor balances are perfectly complementary with the sweetness of the sugar and tartness of the vinegar and bring everything together at the end for the best dinner meal.

My son always requests this when we have guests over or if it is his birthday it is a must-have supper, and being effortless makes it a pleasure to make time and time again.

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#4. Pork Loin Gravy Dinner recipe

Our family members are not much fans of turkey meat so when it comes to the festive season we like to spice things up at the lunch table with a slow cooker recipe for pork loin, and it has yet to disappoint.

Tender meat that falls apart almost just when looking at and smothered in a thick homemade gravy doesn’t get better than that, or does it?

We like to add extra crispy roasted potatoes on the side and while most of the time we serve it with creamy, mashed potato, during thanksgiving we enjoy a generous helping of celeriac puree.

Life deserves to taste this good.

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#5. Crockpot apple pork tenderloin

Some flavor combinations are like a happy marriage and no matter the dish they seem to melt together effortlessly and taste beautiful.

This is the same for apple and pork, and when these two are left to work their magic in the slow cooker nothing can go wrong.

An elegant piece of loin stuffed with tart apple slices brings a delicious taste to the supper table and has a great balance with honey and other spices.

Simply turn the slow cooker on low in the morning and go about your day, when all the chores are done and the errands have been run you can have peace of mind that dinner is ready too.

As the family comes home from work and school all they need to do is wash their hands and you can serve.

What a pleasure.

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#6. Crock pot BBQ pork loin

If you have been looking for crock pot pork loin recipes that are great for any celebration then this is it.

Possibly the most versatile dish you could want when planning not only weeknight suppers but lunchboxes and snack rolls for the next day.

Once the meat is done simmering away, minding its own business during the day, you can serve up fork-tender chunks over fluffy white rice with thick gravy for a filling dinner and leave it to cool till the next day.

Shred the leftover pork for the ultimate in brioche filled lunch rolls, topped with homemade coleslaw the hubby’s colleagues will soon take notice and make inquiries, you may even need to add in a few extra for lads.

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#7. Garlic Herb rub Pork Loin

I love garlic on anything and everything and when you smother a delicious piece of meat in a garlic rub you can be sure I will be there to taste test.

And this dish is highly successful at our dining table, even the kids enjoy it even though they don’t particularly enjoy garlic, but with the apple sauce balancing the taste, it works.

Another appealing factor about this dish is that it freezes well, so you could cook a large portion of loin and freeze half for sandwiches later in the month or on the upcoming game day in a few weeks.

It is a one-pot sensation that essentially cooks itself and requires minimum effort on your part, just the type of recipes I like.

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#8. Cranberry crock pot pork loin

The sauce in this dish is a star on its own but when it envelopes the falling apart pork meat you can’t seem to stop taking another bite.

Crockpot recipes for pork loin have the deception of being dry or bland, but using the cranberries helps to bring a sweetness to the meal that is surprisingly delicious considering it is a savory dish.

I have always loved a good raspberry jam with chicken or other proteins, and now the sweetness of the berries in this recipe makes it another favorite on the top most-enjoyed meals of our family sweet and savory combo menu items.

A must-try for the family, it is a meal that is light enough to usher in the summer season and enjoyed outside.

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#9. Slow Cooker Bacon Garlic Pork

If ever there was an ingredient that was the most iconic and greatest creation of all time it has to be bacon. It makes everything taste that much better, from breakfast meals to dinner dishes, everything works.

I love bacon. The kids could eat it as their main meal if I’d let them.

So wrapping a loin in this salty goodness and then adding garlic is like a dream come true for my husband, and there is nothing else to it which is why I don’t mind making it more often than not.

We have friends and family gatherings at least once every few weeks, only because food always tastes better amongst friends, so the slow cooker has been our go-to for functions and get-togethers and is a breeze to use.

You can double and even triple the yield depending on the guest count and it takes no more effort than were we to do it simply for dinner that evening.

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#10. Apricot Glazed Pork Loin

It seems that so many chefs and kitchen professionals nowadays are pairing the once considered lower-class meat of pork with other high-end ingredients and taking their menus to a new level.

And it’s no surprise to understand why.

This meat is highly versatile and works for a lot of recipe variations and dishes.

For the start of fall, my grandmother likes to shred the meat once it has finished simmering in its sweet apricot juices, add more liquid if there is left at the bottom of the slow cooker, and make mini empanadas.

While I don’t necessarily have the time to sit and hand fold these delicacies that every family member ends up eating too much of, I do offer the cooked meat. Little does she know that I barely do any of the cooking and only put all the items in the crockpot? And I reap the reward of handmade, golden pies. Win-win.

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#11. Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin with honey and soy

When you put this meat in the cooker and fill the sides, edges, and underneath with baby vegetables of all colors (I firmly believe the colors convince the children the food tastes that much better) you have a full meal all in one place.

Pork loin slow cooker recipes for any celebration just got a whole lot easier, and when you serve lunch to the ladies they will surely be impressed.

The vegetables soak up all the meaty juices as they cook together and the meat gets softer and softer as the day goes on, why would you want to slave for hours in the kitchen basting a lump of meat that usually ends up dry anyway.

This is a flop-proof recipe that will have the ladies who lunch singing your praises, and who doesn’t love hearing the tune now and then.

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#12. Pork Loin Chile Verde

Mexico here we come. Well, we wish we were eating this dish in Mexico for sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the meals you did try while out there in the comfort of your own home.

Since discovering this recipe we have incorporated Mexican night into our monthly dinner menu rotation and even add in a few tacos and cactus decorations from time to time to ramp up the festivities.

Recipes for pork loin in the slow cooker are as easy as if you went to the restaurant to order it.

And serving this with freshly chopped chilies gives that added kick (my husband’s choice), placed on top of fluffy rice, and for a touch of freshness and zest, a homemade salsa to reign it all in.

The perfect supper for those summer holidays when a minimal effort is required.

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#13. Pulled pork

When you know the boys and their friends have been playing football the whole morning and will come home starving as if they haven’t eaten for two days you can be sure this quick and easy dish will fill them right up.

Perfectly tender meat shredded and stirred back into the juices in the slow cooker, then crammed into soft brioche bun rolls with homemade coleslaw or cranberry jelly, this is a winning dish every time.

Gameday is filled with intense energy, excitement, and shouts and cheering coming from downstairs, so an easy grab-and-go food item is a must, and recipes for pork loin in the crockpot make it just as quick to make.

Decent-sized meat goes very far so two or three helpings will be no issue to put together for each person, and the rest freezes down just as well.

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#14. Honey Garlic Butter Sauce

Meaty juices, flavorful liquid, and a good piece of pork and you have yourself the easiest, tastiest Friday night dinner.

The meat is seared first (our personal choice for sealing all those flavors) and then left to slowly cook for several hours, the juice of the meat is the perfect base for thick, homemade gravy and complements the overall meal.

There is always so much meat left afterward even if the hubby has had a second helping and the kids a few extra nibbles, so Saturday morning toasty breakfast sandwiches are a must and a hit with the whole family.

You could add a slice of cheese, and some pickles, and breakfast is served.

Truly a one-pot creation that feeds the nation.

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#15. Keto crock pot sweet and tangy pork loin

Finding healthy pork tenderloin crockpot recipes for any celebration when following a low carb, low-fat eating plan is not always easy until now.

We see a lot of recipes call for a glaze of sorts, or the addition of pineapples or apples (which are naturally high in sugar) so we tend to think we can’t enjoy our favorite comfort foods like we used to.

But you can my friend and you can be safe in knowing that the flavor and taste are not lost.

Cooking meat in the slow cooker helps to save the juicy goodness that comes from meats when we cook them but which is usually lost when frying or roasting, and you can use that liquid with a few spoons of almond flour (coconut flour also works for those with nut allergies) to make a rich gravy to pour on top.

Healthy food doesn’t mean only eating salads and dry protein.

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If you ever had any doubts that pork loin crock pot recipes that are great for any celebration were hard to come by, you can count on this collection of recipes to change your mind forever.

They are quick and simple and perfect throughout the year.

To see more creative ways with the slow cooker be sure to head to our blog for even more inspiring dishes, and make every occasion a moment for great food.


Why is my slow cooker pork loin tough?

Your slow cooker pork loin might be tough if it’s cooked for too long or at too high a temperature. It’s important to follow recommended cooking times and settings to achieve tender results.

How long does it take to cook a small pork loin in a slow cooker?

A small pork loin typically takes about 4 to 6 hours to cook in a slow cooker on low heat or 2 to 3 hours on high heat, until it reaches an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C) for safe consumption.

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