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Welcome to kitchenous.com – we’re a team of food and cooking enthusiasts who love talking about all topics related to food, cooking and kitchen.

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Helga Williams

Dip.Nutrition | Dip.EventMgmt | B.A. (Comm)

With hands-on experience in the catering and foodservice industries, Helga has lived her passion for all things delicious through her own Boutique Café and Patisserie in South Africa. In her various roles as a café owner, event caterer, specialty baker, lodge cook, and hospitality instructor, Helga holds an excellent standard of food service and kitchen hygiene. As a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Helga has also combined her passion for good food and healthy living in wellness coaching. After years practicing in the catering and hospitality industries, Helga now focuses on sharing her knowledge and experience with others through writing about food tips, cooking advice, wellness, global food trends, and travel.


Tanya Sedic

Master’s degree in Journalism

Tanja is great lover of healthy eating and lifestyle, she has been editing TV series about nutrition and health for years. She also engaged in food production in the family business, mainly focused on fruit processing without destroying vitamins and minerals. She believes that quality nutrition is one of the key ingredients of a happy and healthy life.

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