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17 Crockpot Chicken Leg Recipes: How to Cook Them Perfectly

In a nutshell: The crockpot chicken leg recipes include options such as BBQ chicken legs, honey garlic chicken legs, Italian garlic chicken, orange chicken drumsticks, keto teriyaki chicken legs, and more. Each recipe emphasizes simplicity, convenience, and deliciousness, making it easy to prepare flavorful meals for the whole family using a slow cooker.

Chicken is the one meat that effortlessly goes with every meal, it can be served hot or cold for any course, and is so simple to prepare.

Too often we think that making simple chicken leg crock pot recipes that taste good is impossible, but it’s not.

You have choices for all the family members, dishes, and creations that are quick and easy to pull together, and it leans itself toward the healthier food options such as lean meat, making it great for those on nutrition-based, fitness-focused eating plans.

A great choice for when you don’t have the time to make an extravagant meal, but you want a wholesome plate of food for the kids. 

Here are some ways you can cook chicken legs in crock pot:

#1. Crock Pot Chicken Legs

If you have ever heard of the saying that less is more then this is the proof with only 7 ingredients this is a fuss-free meal that is perfect for the whole family.

All you need to do is pop the legs into the slow cooker, drizzle with oil (I like to use my homemade garlic oil for added flavor and sustenance to the meat), and smother in the seasoning. 

Set on low and in several hours you will be enjoying one of the easiest crock pot chicken leg recipes you will only wish you had found sooner.

And while they are browning and becoming golden and delicious you have a chance to get the rest of the meal ingredients together and not have to stress about whether the meat is burning, or worse, drying out.

This slow cooking method helps to lock in the moisture, which would otherwise be lost, like in so many chicken dishes. Humble food that delivers more than meets the eye.

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#2. BBQ Chicken Legs Crock Pot Recipe

Oh, the wonder of the BBQ flavor. The creator of this taste certainly knew what they were doing, and because of that my children now try to get away with having BBQ sauce on as many meals as possible.

Thankfully, these chicken leg crock pot recipes make it easy to do this dish more than once during the week for dinners or lunchbox sandwich fillings.

And what we (or mostly me, considering I do all the grocery shopping) love about using drumsticks or chicken legs is that they are so inexpensive. Perfect for a budget-friendly meal or preparing a cost-effective dish that will feed a lot of people.

When the kids have friends over I pop a double portion of these in the crockpot.

Once they are soft and tender I place them on a tray and broil them for a couple of minutes – be sure to keep an eye on them because the sweet and tangy sauce of the BBQ can burn quickly if left alone.

Serve with fries or creamy mashed potato for a simple dish that took no effort at all.

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#3.  Quick and Easy Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken Leg recipe

This is a carefree dish that essentially cooks itself, if only all dishes were as simple as these slow cooker chicken leg recipes then dinners and lunches would be a dream to make every day.

The sweetness of the honey has a great balance against the garlic (I always like to add more garlic than is asked for, I mean, who doesn’t like garlic and it is so healthy too).

With this recipe, you will have the luxury to put all the ingredients into the cooker and leave it on low to simmer gently throughout the day. This way you have a chance to catch up with some reading, a marathon session of your favorite series on TV with a hot cup of coffee, or get on with the housework which is impossible while the kids are running about.

And when it comes to supper time you can be sure to get a big smile (and a thumbs up as I did) from the kids and hubby. A great family meal that fills hungry tummies and is always a crowd-pleaser.

I like to save the juice left at the end of the cooking that is packed with flavor and add a spoon of cornstarch to it and whisk for a velvety, homemade gravy, and if you are gluten-free or have any allergies, this gravy is made just as perfectly with almond or coconut flour so you don’t have to miss out on the meaty goodness of the sauce.

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#4. Slow Cooker Hurry Chicken

You may have guessed it but this dish gets its name from the speed and ease with which it is made, or a kid screaming at his parents to serve the ready dish at lightning speed, and if it tastes this good it is no wonder why.

Finding easy chicken leg slow cooker recipes that can be made at the last minute and still taste amazing is a keeper in my house.

Sometimes we forget to marinate the meat overnight or stop by the shop to pick up vegetables and then worry that we need to cook the meat, keep it from burning, and somehow do it all with two hands. Thankfully, the trusted and much-loved crockpot is a fail-proof slow cooking method that delivers every time.

Now you can quickly put all the legs into the slow cooker, pop the lid on and leave it to work its magic while you rush to the shops, to collect the kids from school, and the other one hundred errands a parent has to fulfill daily.

Come home to a ready meal that you need to serve with some salad, great for summer outdoor dining, and put your feet up with a well-deserved glass of wine.

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#5. Crockpot Smothered Chicken Legs

Just hearing the word smothered is enough for me to try a recipe, I love the word. To me, it resembles a dish that is packed with flavors, does not disappoint, and delivers on taste and looks, yes, please.

And my son loves chicken legs so anytime I can find slow cooker chicken leg recipes that are a breeze to make I am all for it.

We now have these once a week, I change it up by serving it with a variety of side dishes such as baby potatoes or celeriac mash, or even steamed vegetables to keep the meal light, either way, the chicken is perfectly cooked each time.

And, if you are having your annual start-to-the-summer BBQ with the family and close friends, double or triple the yield of this dish, and once cooked, serve on a big platter and be ready for the complements. This dish tastes and looks like you spent hours in the kitchen slaving over the stove, but we know the real secret.

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#6. Crock-Italian Garlic Chicken

If you enjoy Italian cuisine then this easy chicken leg slow cooker recipe creation is right up your alley.

The Italians have been making amazing tasting dishes and recipes for decades and this dish does not disappoint.

Too often we think that to keep the chicken moist we have to keep the skin on and remove it at the end of the cooking process, but in the slow cooker this is not the case, and it could be an unwanted texture once the chicken is done. I prefer to remove the skin before cooking.

The meat is lean but still fork-tender and makes the perfect wholesome meal to fill the hunger gap during the week when the kids are rushing in from school or sports practices starving as if I didn’t send them off this morning with filled lunch box bags.

A must-try dish that the whole family will love and a great outdoor dining meal that is light but filling.

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#7. Crock Pot Chicken Legs {Mississippi Style}

This version of the crock pot chicken legs recipes that we know and love is so versatile, that you can opt to make it as is, substitute the original gravy and seasoning packets for low carb alternatives, or even make a homemade seasoning mix.

A perfect option to keep the carbs low while we are trying our best to keep an active lifestyle, look half decent in our clothing, and somehow still manage to get a cooked meal on the dining table for when the family walks in through the door.

My kids love getting involved in kitchen activities, more so for the finger dipping in sauce element I am thinking, but I love making these memories with them, albeit messy most of the time.

And when the week is longer than usual, the kids can jump in and show the hubby how to get on with things so he also has a turn in the kitchen.

There is something for everyone to try and this recipe is so quick, I am sure my eldest could master it if I left her to it (it might be sooner than she thinks, ha)

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#8. 5-ingredient slow-cooker chicken legs

A meal that cooks itself and requires you to only serve it with a generous portion of fluffy rice which is perfect for soaking up the meaty liquid, and steamed veggies on the side.

The soy sauce in this dish adds a unique flavor to the overall meal and brings richness to the dish as it simmers and thickens for several hours throughout the afternoon.

And the best part about it is these chicken leg crock pot recipes use only a handful of ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to pull it all together.

What could be easier than that?

I am always on the hunt for fuss-free dishes. I am a working mom and simply don’t always have the time to make a five-course meal that covers all the nutritional food groups.

This dish ticks the box for me on stress-free, tasty, and deliciousness all rolled into one.

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#9. Spiced Chicken Legs in the Crock-Pot

The number of spices and the combination of the flavors come together perfectly in this recipe.

Often I think that too many flavors mixed begin to overtake one another and suddenly you are left with a peculiar tasting dish that the family does not enjoy.

But not this one.

And when it’s just my husband and I dining in, while the kids are staying over at their friends, he likes to add a touch of smoked paprika rather than the original or traditional version, and a double helping of dried chili flakes for a nice kick to the dish.

If you don’t feel like making a heavy carbohydrate or starch to serve the meat with, we also like to shred the tender meat (which is falling off the bone anyway) and roll with lettuce and salad ingredients into wraps for a snack bite to take as you please while sipping chilled wine outside and watching the sun go down.

You could always triple the recipe and shred the meat for the freezer on a rainy day. It freezes extremely well and reheats just as quickly and easily without losing any of the taste.

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#10. Crock Pot Old Bay Chicken Legs

If richness and full-flavored are what you are after then these healthy crockpot chicken leg recipes are calling your name.

The butter melts and envelopes the dish (feel free to add more, I do, because why not, the more the merrier right?) and brings the flavor profile of the meal to another level.

You simply add the Old Bay seasoning right into the crock-pot with the rest of the ingredients and leave it to do its own thing.

Now, the weekends can be less hectic and frantic trying to make everything happen seamlessly but often failing, and at least dinner is one less thing to have on your to-do list for the day. If we all had great dishes or meals like these in our culinary arsenal, think about how easier life would be.

A one-pot sensation that has a full meal all in one place, ready for the end of the day or mid-afternoon (if put on early in the morning), and needs no supervision once you turn it on. Yes please, these are just the life-saving recipes we could all use on hand.

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#11. All Day Crock Pot Chicken Leg Dinner

Oh yes, you read that title correctly. Food that cooks for the entire day? Surely that would burn to a crisp and then the whole house along with it? But no (thankfully), the wonders of the slow cooker never cease to amaze me, and the reason why I have two of them.

We all know how busy life can get, we are running children up and down to their extra-curricular activities, there are meetings to attend at work and deadlines to complete, and yet when we all get home (at the same time mind you), the family look at me as if to say, where is the dinner?

And since discovering these fantastically tasting slow cooker chicken leg recipes while browsing the internet late at night when the house is quiet, I have an answer for those bewildered looks and hungry tummies.

All we need to do is wash our hands and sit at the dining table. Dinner is ready and simmering away ready for us to dish up, and with chunky pieces of fresh brioche bread on the side, the meal is as perfect as it is easy to make.

A dish that delivers more than it lets on.

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#12. Crock-Pot Pesto Lemon Pepper Chicken Legs

I love dishes, recipes, and all meals that have pesto on them and when I saw this one I knew it would be a dinner meal during the week whether the family wanted it or not, thankfully, they loved it and it has been a part of the supper rotation menu ever since.

Pesto has a unique smell and taste to it that brings a freshness to a meal without even trying, and add to that the lemon and a sprinkling of pepper and you have the ultimate summer dish to serve to visitors and the family.

Because the flavor combination in this meal is quite substantial, a perfect pairing of fluffy white rice is the humble side dish this dish needs, to compliment without being overbearing. After all, the star of the show is the falling apart chicken smothered in fresh pesto and lemon.

I like to squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon on the finished dish to give it that little bit of something extra, and it makes a statement when we serve it to guests who are always impressed. A magazine-worthy supper in the comfort of your home. Win-win.

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#13. Sweet Chili Crockpot Chicken Drumsticks

An Asian-inspired or infused dish is always a yes from me, I love the strong flavors this cuisine offers and each is better than the next.

Because the meat tastes its best when it is marinated in soy sauce to allow the salty flavor to seep into the meat for a full impact mouthful when you bite into it, people mistake this step for it being overly salty. But the opposite is true as the sweet chili beautifully balances the taste and brings it all together harmoniously.

Serve this with noodles or rice, and give a quick squeeze of fresh lime to elevate the flavors and a generous sprinkling of spring onion for a nice bite and a variation of texture to the meal.

If you want a dish that tastes like your local restaurant take-out but is prepared at home and a fraction of the cost, then trying these chicken leg crock pot recipes is a must. You will be glad that you gave it a go.

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#14. Slow cooker orange chicken drumsticks

This has all the ingredients you could want to make a dish that is a dream come true for a sweet and tangy meal that tastes good but is still fuss-free.

I like to use chunky orange marmalade in this dish because I think the bits add variety to the overall dish but the kids don’t particularly enjoy it so if they are eating with I will use the smoother version, both taste equally excellent though so it is up to you.

And yes, it can be quite sweet, but ensuring you have the ginger and soy components added in you will have a delicious and well-balanced meal for supper.

Just throw all the ingredients into the crockpot, let it work its magic, and you take a well-deserved moment to sit back and enjoy the peace of the house while the family is out.

This dish is fruity and light, great for a lighter meal during the day, and is just as tasty using alternative marmalades such as apricot or peach, who knows, it may well just become a household favorite with the family.

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#15. Keto teriyaki chicken legs recipe 

Our family has been following a keto-based eating lifestyle for some time now and to be honest, it was tricky to adjust at first when all our favorite flavors such as sweet chili and BBQ seemed off-limits, and for good reason too, they are heavy on the sugar.

So finding this dish was a dream come true. It has all the elegance you will find in a sit-down meal at a restaurant, but you have the luxury to enjoy it in your home. And, without the worry of falling off course with your eating plan and dropping out of ketosis.

When I read the recipe card for this dish I couldn’t believe it was so easy, an effortless dinner that’s healthy too, what a win.

All you have to do is put the chicken in the slow cooker, whisk together the remaining ingredients, pour over the top, and voila. There you have it. Simple. Sophisticated. And one of the best meals you will have ever tasted, packed with flavor, and an award-winning recipe.

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#16. Slow cooker Honey Soy Chicken

Who doesn’t love a dish that you can eat with your hands, that has a slice of meat smothered in a sweet and sticky sauce teeming with flavor, and is a breeze to make.

There is almost nothing to this dish.

I make a double batch of this recipe, triple if we have any visiting friends staying over, and pop them in a big bowl with a pile of napkins on the side for the kids to dig into for a quick, mid-afternoon snack.

They sit around the table outside on the deck, I make a big canister of a fruity flavored mocktail for them to help themselves to, and as the lounge music fills the air, they chat away without a care in the world.

Oh, how we used to enjoy those carefree days where the troubles of the world were non-existent to us and we could embrace life for all that it is worth.

Indeed, good food needn’t be complicated, but rather made with love, and which brings people together no matter where you are from or your background.

Food for the soul as they like to say.

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#17. Asian Chicken Drumsticks

Those clever Asians with their perfect ingredients and flavor combinations, I would love to adventure in Asia and experience this food and cuisine firsthand. Still, until then, the family has to endure all things Asian-inspired for dinner.

This is one of those no-hands-needed chicken leg slow cooker recipes that is a one-pot wonder that delivers time and time again.

I know that if this is on the menu for supper, that it is in the crockpot as I head out to work in the morning, that our evening meal will be ready by the time I come home and will be filling the house with a sweet and sour aroma that is mouthwatering.

There is nothing more that you could want for a quick and simple dish.

Try this the next time hubby tells you the in-laws will be joining you for lunch on Sunday, it is sure to impress even the most skeptics of home cooks that believe a slow cooker is no way to prepare meals for the family.

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Do you have to brown chicken before putting in slow cooker?

Browning chicken before putting it in a slow cooker is optional, but it can enhance the flavor and appearance of the final dish. However, you can still cook chicken in a slow cooker without browning it first.

Why cook chicken before crockpot?

Cooking chicken before placing it in a crockpot, also known as browning or searing, can help develop richer flavors, textures, and a more appealing appearance in the final dish due to the Maillard reaction, which occurs at higher temperatures.

The humble white meat of chicken is under-estimated and has been under-utilized for far too long. These chicken leg crock pot recipes for simple food that tastes good prove just that and take the stress of dinner out of the daily equation.

Finding recipes is not always easy and can be time-consuming, something we just don’t have enough of in the day, so head to our blog for recipe collections to suit all your needs and which cater for every celebration.

Supper has never been so easy, and hosting parties will become a joy rather than a stress fest.

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