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12 Crockpot Low Sodium Recipes That Don’t Sacrifice Taste

In a nutshell: Some highlighted low sodium crockpot recipes include Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs, Crock Pot Low Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole, Crockpot Chicken and Noodles, Crack Chicken in the Crock-Pot, and more. The recipes utilize natural flavors, spices, herbs, and ingredients to create satisfying meals without excessive salt content.

So many of the foods and recipes today show you how to create wonderfully tasty meals, but not too much with a focus on being healthy or using foods that have a low salt or sodium content to them.

This is why you need to try these low sodium crock pot recipes to keep you happy and healthy and living each day to the fullest without the stress of your health weighing on your mind.

You can have great tasting dishes without the additives and preservatives we see in a lot of food products and make them in the comfort of your home. 

#1. Slow Cooker Spaghetti squash and meatballs

Who doesn’t love a traditional classic dish like spaghetti? I am sure that every home across the globe has had this amazing dish at least once in their lives, and trying these low sodium slow cooker recipes variations may just be the next big craze.

A simple meal that needs no supervision once the ingredients have been popped into the crockpot? Count me in. I am all about effortless dishes that are full of flavor and goodness.

However, like so many of us, we try to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, a nutrition-based diet and this means watching our carbs and salt intake, which is why I love this slow-cooking sensation. It has only a mere half a teaspoon of salt (to bring out the flavor profiles of the ingredients I assume) and the rest is all-natural.

I can make this meal more than once a month and know that I am still looking out for my family’s hearts. Plus, this dish has an integrated vegetable that my kids don’t blink an eye to and have clean plates at the dining table, win-win.

Get recipe: alldayidreamaboutfood.com

#2. Crock Pot Low Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

You may be thinking how can this burger be low sodium, well it is, and that’s because the high sodium sources such as slices of bread and pasta are taken out of the equation.

This is one of those low sodium crockpot recipes that have all the great flavors of a much-loved burger, but rather than a bun the filling can be rolled between fresh lettuce leaves (my children’s favorite way to eat this dish), or on top of shredded lettuce for a burger salad creation.

The options are endless and there is something suited for every family member.

And if you are a carb lover filling a brioche bun with the mix is just as fantastic, try to go for a salt-free bap whenever possible.

You can choose to add or omit as many of your favorite burger toppings as you like, and the versatility is great for any family members that have allergies. A winning recipe all around.

Get recipe: recipesthatcrock.com

#3. Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

This is one of my ultimate slow cooker low sodium meals because there isn’t a pinch of salt insight, yes, you read that sentence correctly.

The broth and chicken itself are naturally salty and offer all the flavoring you need to create this slow-cooking marvel for the family for supper.

You may think that this dish is complicated because often there are so many steps to making the perfect chicken noodle meal, but this has only a handful of ingredients, the bare minimum of steps for cooking, and the trickiest element (if you could even call it tricky) is adding the noodles into the crockpot with the chicken and juices 30minutes before serving time.

There’s a choice to shred the meat and put it back into the flavorful liquid before adding the noodles, but if pressed for time, like I sometimes am, I just pop them in with the whole chicken pieces and let them simmer gently together till the noodles are done.

I like whole-grain noodles to keep the salt content right down.

Get recipe: thesouthernladycooks.com

#4. Crack Chicken in the Crock-Pot

This recipe title always makes me laugh, I don’t know why, but I do know that it tastes fantastic and anytime I see a dish that has a crack in the title I know it is going to have cheese, bacon, or cream in it and I am all for it.

A nutritious meal does not always refer to dry leaves or bland meat, now you can have a low-carb, flourless dish that ticks all the boxes when searching for healthy crock pot low sodium recipes.

While this recipe card does call for a store-bought seasoning packet you can choose to leave it out and simply add your readily available pantry staple spices and ensure the salt levels are at their utmost lowest.

Bacon brings enough salt and flavor to the dish as is (and a bowl on the side of extra crispy bacon for sprinkling on dished plates wouldn’t hurt either) so there is no need to add extra saltiness.

A filling dish that got two thumbs up from my kids and a wink from the hubby, I think it is safe to say this is a winning choice for supper.

Get recipe: messforless.net

#5. Lower-sodium Mississippi Pot Roast with Gravy recipe for slow cooker

When I was making this crock pot low sodium recipes version for a midweek meal I was keeping a hawk’s eye on every ingredient I was adding, and other than the flour component (which I anyways swapped out for coconut flour, and almond flour works just as brilliantly) I could not fault it.

I love an effortless supper for the family that I can pop into the slow cooker, set on low for several hours while I am out of the house, and come back in the afternoon and it is ready.

A roast is always such a feel-good option and fills hungry tummies with a heart-warming taste that makes you think of comfort and coziness all wrapped up into one, and if you are all snuggled onto the sofa with a bowl of this rich, gravy-infused meat with a side order of fluffy rice, then life is good.

Try this next time the weather outside is blowing a gale (like it is by our house) and the family will thank you for it.

Get recipe: smartypantskitchen.com

#6. Taco soup

Easy to prepare, deliciously tasty, and easy on the wallet are all keywords I look for when trying new dishes, and even more so with these slow cooker low sodium recipes options, I discovered while browsing the net one early morning while the house was peaceful (one of my favorite times of the day that I am sure a lot of parents can relate to).

Soup, in general, can be classed as a meal on its own even though many people have a smaller portion of it as a starter, our family enjoys the larger portions as our main meal. Unfortunately, I did have to spend a few extra minutes at the bread counter while out grocery shopping because I was trying to find a low sodium bread for the kids, and wholegrain came to the rescue.

So, while this soup is simmering away gently in the crockpot and you don’t have to worry about it burning or bubbling over, take those few extra seconds at your local store to choose a healthier bread option to match your healthier supper.

This way, you don’t need to miss out on dipping chunks of bread into the soup as it soaks up all the better for you to eat with a smile on your face (great tasting food will do that to you).

Get recipe: beyerbeware.net

#7. Crock-Pot sweet potatoes with marshmallows

If you had to take a double look at the title of the recipe like I did then you are probably thinking that you have never heard of such an odd combination before, let alone a meal to serve to the family.

And yet somehow it works.

Finding healthy low sodium crock pot meals for the holiday season was a challenge I took on, and succeeded at (self-pat on the shoulder if I do say so myself), and this, while not your traditional and certainly not common dessert was new for a lot of friends and family, was a huge hit.

I had no idea that a sweet slow cooker meal could turn out so great, but it did. The kids loved sprinkling the mini marshmallows over the top, and some into their mouths of course, and were none the wiser that they were eating a vegetable for dessert.

A tasty alternative to the generic oven-baked sponges, this is my new favorite go-to dish to impress visitors.  

Get recipe: crockpotladies.com

#8. Crockpot Green Beans

If you have been looking for a flourless side dish to serve with the main meal for this weekend’s friends and family gathering then look no further.

These easy low sodium slow cooker recipes are not only the quickest and simplest dishes you will make, but they are gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about any allergies of visitors and you can have a stress-free celebration.

Plus, because they have no flour, they are great for people on paleo or keto eating plans so this is quite the dish to feed to the masses, and it tastes wonderful.

Toss the cooked beans with a generous amount of butter and garlic, a handful of finely chopped dill, and a squeeze of lime and you are good to go. Sure lime is not everyone’s choice but it elevates the vegetables to another level that even the kids took a small helping. Win-win.

Get recipe: crockpotladies.com

#9. Creamy Tuscan garlic chicken in the slow cooker

Very often in cooking, I like to look for and use ingredients that have stronger flavors than others so that I can use as few spices, and more importantly salt, as possible.

Finding easy low sodium meals I could make in the crockpot was tricky at first, so I decided to edit recipes our family already loved to be healthier and with less salt, and so far it has worked.

This Tuscan inspired meal has a beautiful combination of colors that make it almost too good to want to dig into (but you must because it tastes even better than it looks), but with delicately wilted spinach and tender sundried tomatoes all married with the chicken and a creamy sauce, you won’t want dinner to end.

And feel free to add more garlic if you are like me (which I always do) as it has so many health benefits to keep the family extra healthy this winter season.

Get recipe: wholesomeyum.com

#10. Keto crockpot pizza casserole

You see pizza and Keto in the same sentence and you are confused, and rightly so because who said you can eat pizza if you are on a Keto eating nutritional plan, well you can, you just omit the crust, and voila, all is right in the world.

The high sodium in almost all meals comes from the flour, but when the flour element is taken out of the equation (in this case the crust), we can eat freely and have a second helping too, why not.

Pizza is a long-time favorite Italian creation that has stood the test of time and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere anytime soon, so if we don’t want to miss out on it then we better get on board with a few edits, and so we have.

Now you have the luxury to enjoy your pepperoni and pineapple pizza in the comfort of your home, made in the convenience of your slow cooker, and without the hefty price tag of the local restaurant you like to dine at once a month (now once every two months).

Simple, tasty, and soon to be a frequent visitor on the dinner menu rotation.

Get recipe: lowcarbyum.com

#11. Chicken Shawarma

Oh yes, we all know and love a good old Eastern dish packed with flavor and goodness, but too often these are filled with MSG, high sodium count, and additives that we just don’t want to eat or worse, serve to our kids and family, no thank you.

So, finding this Paleo version of one of my hubby’s favorite takeaway meals was a blessing from heaven and he told me so.

He ate the first few bites with his eyes closed, savoring the goodness he had missed for so long (he has been committed to a healthier eating lifestyle with excellent dedication, I am so proud of him) and made me promise to make this at least once a week till he got sick of it.

The amount of spices and flavors in this dish is amazing and only goes to show that additional salt in meals is just not necessary. I made this with only 10 minutes to spare in the morning (and I had a few seconds to spare too), popped the ingredients into the cooker, and closed the front door.

I knew it would be tender and ready by the time the family got in so I stopped by our local bakery to pick up some almond flour baps (a specialty in our village and a touch more expensive as you can assume) but they taste delicious with the strong flavors of the meal and make for great, edible spoons.

Get recipe: acleanbake.com

#12. Low Sodium slow cooker black bean soup

Ending the day with a filling, hearty soup is my all-time best, and when it is a healthy version too it makes my heart sing with joy.

So if you want to have that feeling on a Friday night after what has felt like the world’s longest week at the office with non-stop meetings then this is the meal to make you forget everything and look forward to a relaxing weekend.

Beans are good for your heart (we have all heard the song) and with the bonus of being low in sodium, this is the perfect meal to fill the family and their hungry tummies.

Quick, easy to prepare, all the things you need in a feel-good meal.

Get recipe: hackingsalt.com


Should you put salt in slow cooker?

Yes, you can put salt in a slow cooker, but it’s important to use it in moderation to avoid over-seasoning the dish due to the concentrated flavors that develop during slow cooking.

How do you cook low sodium with flavor?

To cook low-sodium dishes with flavor, focus on using herbs, spices, citrus juices, and vinegar to enhance taste. Experiment with garlic, onion, ginger, and fresh herbs like basil or rosemary to add depth without relying on excessive salt.

Final words

We need to embrace life for all the goodness it offers, and that means taking care of our nutrition. You want to ensure that you are focused on low sodium crock pot recipes to keep you happy and healthy so you can prevent unnecessary health issues in the long run.

This is a great collection of dishes with something for everyone even more if you visit our blog, eating well can be simple and still taste great with the right ingredients.

Cook with love and care and with health on your mind and every meal will be a success.

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