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26 Crockpot Stew Recipes: A Collection of the Best Ones

In summary: The easy and delicious crockpot stew recipes include Slow cooker beef stew, Chicken Stew, Crock-pot steak and potato stew recipe, Ranch crockpot beef stew, etc. The crockpot stew recipes are designed to be easy to prepare and require minimal effort, making them ideal for busy individuals and families.

When you look outside the window on an early Sunday morning and all you see are grey skies and the fog sitting gently on the mountainside, all you want to do is to have a hot cup of coffee on the couch under the blanket and not move.

There is something magical about winter, while it may be grey and wet most of the time, the upside is you get to indulge in comfortable clothes, drinks, and best of all food.

And when you have a great selection of stew crockpot recipes to get rid of those winter blues then the cold season will be no match for you.

It is time to take out your faithful slow cooker and let dinners and lunches this season be one less thing to stress about.

#1. Slow cooker beef stew

My grandma used to make a beef stew every week during winter when I was growing up, and I would harass and remind her for years to give me the recipe so I could have it for my children.

She would laugh and say ‘one day,’ and thankfully that day came.

Her prized possession recipe book collection was wrapped beautifully in a muslin cloth, (she loved that material for some reason), and given to me at my graduation. I still use it to this day, which is why I know you and your family will love this dish.

It is a beef stew crock pot recipe filled with love, and great flavors, and warms the heart with no effort.

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#2. Chicken Stew

A creamy dish of chicken and vegetables is one of the best crockpot stew recipes to get rid of those winter blues in no time.

Tender chicken and organic, homegrown vegetables smothered in a flavorful sauce are all someone would want for dinner when outside is not the best weather.

The kids will love this wholesome meal and when served with a thick slice of crusty bread to soak up the sauce as you go, makes the overall meal that much more fun.

Why not try it for Sunday lunch when your mother-in-law is around, she is sure to be impressed by the flavors and appearance. And, what she doesn’t need to know is that it is so simple to make, and the crock pot did all the work.

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#3. Crock-pot steak and potato stew recipe

Steak and spuds in general are one of my husband’s favorite meals, but it can get boring from time to time serving it in the same old way, so I decided to try a version of it in the slow-cooker.

And he loved it just as much.

A filling meal packed with vegetables for pops of color and nutrition, and a thick gravy sauce smothering everything together in goodness.

Simply throw everything into the crockpot in varying layers to get a good mix of the flavors (I like to sear the beef in a pan before putting it in to give it a nice color and lock in the juice), close the lid, and set on low for several hours.

When you come home that evening there will be a rich, fork-tender beef meal waiting for you. Serve with a generous portion of fluffy rice and fresh, chopped parsley to finish it off.

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#4. Ranch crockpot beef stew

This may not be your traditional beef stew recipe but it certainly deserves a place in the top 5 recipes for crockpot stew, as it is delicious.

With the bare minimum of preparation needed, this slow-cooking meal will fill the gap come supper time.

The kids love that they don’t necessarily taste the vegetables even though they are there because they have been enveloped by the sauce that is full of smoky spices and beef juice. And this is great for me because at least I know I am getting some vegetables for the children.

Put on in the morning as you head to work and have peace of mind that dinner is taken care of, no more winter blues getting you down this season.

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#5. Crock-pot round steak stew

I love an easy crockpot stew recipe if it means I don’t have to do most of the work.

Time is limited as it is when you have kids in the house and dinner times are coming around sooner than we realize, suddenly you are whipping up a batch of 2-minute noodles for them while trying to make lunch boxes at the same time.

This is fine when things are all over the place but a child can only eat so many meals of noodles, right?

So when I found this stew recipe for the crockpot and it had effortlessness written all over it, I was in.

And it was a hit. The family raved about the meal and hubby had a second portion without saying a word, he just got up from the table and dished another bowl. A win in my book.

A true crowd-pleaser of a meal and one that will fill tummies this chilly season.

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#6. Tuscan slow cooker chicken stew

If you have been looking for a healthy recipe for crockpot stew then look no further, it is here and has been successfully tried and tested.

Filled with lean meats and organic vegetables, my family and I enjoyed this easy stew recipe during ski season while on holiday at our mountain cabin. And it did not disappoint.

After a long day on the slopes and the kids with their endless snowball fights they were exhausted, and coming home to a meal that is comforting food at its best is the greatest feeling.

It warms them up and is healthy at the same time. There is no better feeling.

You can be sure that after a full day and a great meal they will sleep soundly that evening.

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#7. Root vegetable stew

Do not be afraid. I am well aware that the title mentions no meat and for people with children this can be daunting, and to be honest I was the same. But I was proven wrong.

A friend suggested this dish to me after we were chatting over coffee and I mentioned I was struggling to get the little ones to eat any form of vegetables.

And this recipe for crockpot stew is delivered on all fronts. It was quick and easy to throw together, 5-minutes of work if that, switched on in the morning as we headed out for a school run, and after work, we came home to a smell that intrigued the kids (win).

They asked what that great smell was and when I said dinner they couldn’t wait to eat.

All the colors of the vegetables looked like they were eating a rainbow which appealed to them even more and they didn’t even notice there was no meat. Just saucy goodness filled with root veg.

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#8. St. Patrick’s Day Irish stew

Who doesn’t love a traditional get-together with great friends and food?

The problem is that nobody wants to do that much work to make the food when they could be laughing and swapping stories with the guys, and now you don’t have to.

My husband loved trying his hand at this dish. I was going to be out of town the day the lads were coming over so he needed something fuss-free, and a stew recipe in the crockpot was as easy as it came.

A slow cooking marvel that allowed him to serve a delicious filling lunch – and trust me, men can eat when the game is on and the beer is flowing – but not slave for hours in the kitchen.

We now have this ‘husband-friendly’ meal once a month. Who knew he would come to love cooking (every now and then)?

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#9. Pork Stew

This was not the meat I ever thought I would be seeing, let alone trying, in the slow cooker but here we are.

A humble meal that ticks all the boxes we need in the middle of winter and is kind on the pocket too which makes it cost-effective, something we could all use more of, am I right?

Another good thing about this recipe for crock pot stew is that it freezes really well so you could double the portion size and freeze half for later when life’s schedule seems overwhelming.

This is one less thing to worry about when the winter blues come knocking.

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#10. Healthy Turkey Stew Recipe

The perfect meal for those of us looking for a leaner meal option but not wanting to eat dry salad leaves for the rest of our lives, especially in winter.

Turkey is great, lean meat but tends to be dry when oven-roasted – unless you constantly baste it, but then who has the time to camp out in front of the oven all day?

When you add the meat to the slow cooker you essentially rule out this possibility and instead are left with a moist and juicy protein to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan.

This is a meal suited for winter and summer because it is so light, but after a hard training session at the gym after work, and the weather outside is grim and wet, coming home to a comfort meal is the ultimate feeling.

And you don’t need to worry about eating all those calories you just burned off, win-win.

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#11. Slow Cooker Rabbit

My husband is an avid hunter and often comes home with all sorts of wild animals after a day out with the boys in the mountains.

Sometimes it’s a lot, other times only a few pheasants perhaps, but when it is a big hare or several rabbits the best way to cook them is slow and steady.

The meat falls apart in the slow cooker and absorbs the liquid so it is completely covered by the flavor.

Rabbit is quite an acquired taste and unless I tell the kids specifically that they are eating rabbit meat (which I don’t because they will run for the hills), this meal is a family favorite during snow season.

Comforting, filling, and quick to make, the perfect dish.

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#12. Guinness Stew

Thinking that beer and stew go together well may not be your first thought when thinking of a meal to prepare for supper, but they do.

And you don’t need to worry about the beer flavor if you are serving it to kids as the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process but still has an influence on the dish with a unique and pleasant taste.

I have cooked thousands of meals with all sorts of alcohol but never in a slow cooker, and I don’t know why.

This recipe was simple and easy to follow, and while I know I put beer into it we couldn’t taste it.

Served with fluffy rice this was a hit at the dining table in our house and continues to be a regular meal in our menu rotation.

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#13. Slow Cooker Garlic Parmesan Chicken Stew

Everything about the title made me want to try this recipe the moment I found it.

I love all the ingredients, the fact that it is in the slow cooker means I don’t have to fuss over the stove for hours and is a healthy option for supper.

How can you resist?

The meal is filled with carrots and potatoes which complement every meat under the sun I would have to say, and the liquid is quite runny which is perfect for dipping in the homemade sourdough I made while patiently waiting for the dish to finish (which was not easy because it smelled divine).

Good food, great company, the perfect winter gathering.

This is one crock pot stew recipe to get rid of those winter blues, and you will thank yourself for trying it.

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#14. Slow Cooker Turkey Stew with Mustard and Root Vegetables

Strongly flavored meats are not as easy to pair with other flavors if you are not well-versed in the particulars, and turkey is one of those proteins.

Paired with the intense spice of the mustard, however, this is a bird that can hold its own.

Then to add more subtle, yet filling vegetables like the carrots and parsnips (white carrots as the kid call them), the overall dish has a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

And when you serve it in the bowl or on top of rice the colors stand out against each other, an excellent looking and tasting meal.

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#15. Best Recipe for Venison Stew

We always tend to think of venison as seared, thinly sliced meat served with salad leaves, usually as a starter or entrée.

But this gamey meat is bringing a new element to the dinner menu.

Slow-cooked for hours throughout the day, this wild animal meat is sure to bring comfort to the dining table when the kids and hubby get back from their day at school and work.

Sitting down together is always something I believed I would do with my children, when I was younger (and have not failed to do so yet), and when everyone is enjoying a home-cooked meal the food just tastes so much better.

We love swapping stories about the day’s adventures and I particularly enjoy watching the family eat simple, humble food which was made with love.

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#16. Ptarmigan Spruce Grouse Stew

A tomato-based, veggie-filled game stew dish that packs a punch.

Game meat is heavy and rich and fills the hunger gap quicker than you think, but it needs to be cooked well to break down the muscle fibers.

A slow cooking process is perfect for this meal and requires no thinking on your part.

Chuck everything into the crockpot and let the magic take care of itself.

When you come back to it in the afternoon after finishing the housework and running all the errands this stew will be calling your name.

Great with soft brioche buns to soak up the juice or thick, crunchy toast slices to scoop up the meats and vegetables. We all know children love when the serving utensil is edible too.

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#17. Slow Cooker Poor Man’s Stew

Why the name you ask, well it is as simple as it sounds, it was traditionally eaten by poor people.

It has the basics of ingredients (perfect for a meal that won’t break the bank), is thrown together in a few minutes, and with the improved quality of produce these days it has a top-level flavor profile to comfort the soul.

A crock pot stew recipe to get rid of those winter blues could not be any simpler.

When you have thought of and tried every recipe under the sun and your mind has gone blank for what to do for the evening meal, give this a try. You will not regret it.

A filling, tasty meal with humble ingredients.

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#18. Beef and Barley

Filling is not the word to describe this dish, but rather a big hug in a meal.

Beef as a protein is always a winner in our house but we can get tired of eating rice all the time which is why the barley in this recipe is so fantastic.

Not only does it cost next to nothing (just the kind of product I like) but it fills all the gaps when the kids come in the house starving after sports practice as if they haven’t eaten for a week.

Simple, elegant, and a breeze to make.

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#19. Shipwreck stew

I chose this recipe because of the name, ha, but was pleasantly surprised that it was so quick and easy to make.

And tasted brilliant.

When I told the children the name they laughed and dove straight in, not knowing what they were getting themselves in for, thankfully, they had clean bowls by the end of it.

So in my book, a winning meal, and I may just look for more interesting named recipes if it means the children won’t give them a second thought when eating and jump right in.

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#20. Crock-Pot Turkey Mushroom Stew

This is probably the leanest comfort meal I have ever made.

Mushrooms have practically no calories to them but taste delicious, turkey is lean and mean, and when you combine everything in the slow cooker and take the greasy fried-in-a-pot step out of the equation, you have the ultimate healthy meal.

I love making this throughout the year because it is so easy, and favors my purse so I don’t need to worry about wasting expensive ingredients if it wasn’t a success (which it is so that is good).

An easily prepared meal that freezes and reheats well, and is something to put together when you have limited time to cook or think about what to cook.

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#21. Bigo’s – Polish Hunters Stew

I have been dying to find a stew recipe that had sausage in it, but not many were popping up in the search engines. Until now.

And in my country, all the ingredients in this dish are fridge and pantry basics, perfect.

Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) has a whole host of health benefits and we like to pickle our own – a tradition my husband has been teaching our kids the way he was taught by his father.

Combined with spicy or smoky sausage, the options are endless, it just ticks all the boxes our family wants in a hearty meal.

Crockpot Recipes for a stew that gets rid of those winter blues will always be a firm favorite in our house, and once you have tried it your family will be constantly asking you to make it.

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#22. Brunswick stew with pulled pork

We all love a good old pulled pork dish when we can afford it or have the time to make it, but when I saw a meal that could give me that same shredded, tender pork but left to cook in the slow cooker (because I just don’t have the time to watch it all day), I jumped straight in.

Not to mention the long list of vegetables that go in as well, I thought I had hit the winning ticket.

It is a comfort food dish that is packed with color and flavor and is left to simmer gently during the day while you are at work only to ready itself the moment you come home.

Now, if only the laundry could get on board with this routine then life would be perfect.

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#23. Slow-cooker, hearty Elk stew

If you have never tried this game meat, nor given it a thought for fear of the taste then you would not be alone.

But if you are brave enough to give it a chance you will not be disappointed.

And when you are using a crockpot the tenderness of the meat will soon seduce you and the flavor is not as intense as it can be when roasted in the oven.

Elk is, truthfully, and specific, and dare I say it acquired taste, but we only live once so why not give it the benefit of the doubt, right?

If you are lucky to have a butcher in your town or village then have a browse at the game or rare meats they have on offer, try one, or a few, and you will see you will be pleasantly surprised.

You can always tell the family it is beef until their plates are clean, which they will be, and then they too will have no excuses – clever mom.

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#24. Bison stew

The crockpot and the gaming meat portfolio may just have something in common and for good reason.

You are using wild meat which can be quite tough, and the muscle fibers are difficult to break down with generic cooking methods, but the slow cooking process takes on the challenge.

And when it comes to Bison, a few hours in the slow-cooker bubbly away in a liquid consumed by spices and herbs is just what is needed.

The cold mornings and evenings will soon be forgotten once you dip your grandma’s sourdough bread rolls ( a family secret recipe no doubt) into the juices and savor the goodness of this dish with each bite.

Who knew that a wild animal and a slow-cooking pot could create such a sensation?

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#25. Beef Stifado

This is similar to my grandfather’s meat-bredie he used to make when we used to visit my grandparents for the weekend on their farm but has a Greek twist.

The tomato sauce gets nice and thick as it simmers from the morning to the afternoon and all the while the meat gets softer and soaks up more of the juices.

Then you add the shallots which add a nice surprise element of sweet yet sourness to the overall dish and brings it harmoniously together.

A true family favorite that is sure to be passed down through the years, and why not? Good food should be shared and enjoyed by all.

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#26. Beef Bourguignon

Meat and red wine are the perfect pairings, and a glass or two with the meal won’t hurt either, right?

This is a classic dish that has been served and prepared for years and is suitable for everyone.

We all love feel-good food and this is a recipe that delivers. It goes great with fluffy rice which absorbs all the meaty juices the vegetables and beef have been simmering in, or with pita pockets filled with the mixture and topped with fresh coriander to bring a lightness to the dish.

If you want an effortless supper meal then look no further.

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What is the secret to good stew?

The secret to a good stew lies in choosing the right cuts of meat (marbled, tougher cuts work well), slow and gentle cooking to allow flavors to meld, and using a combination of aromatic vegetables, herbs, and seasonings to enhance the overall taste.

Can you cook stew meat too long in crockpot?

Yes, you can cook stew meat too long in a crockpot, which can cause it to become overly tender to the point of falling apart. It’s important to follow recommended cooking times to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

Final words

Winter is my favorite season of the year and if you head to our blog for the ultimate collection of crockpot stew recipes to get rid of those winter blues it may just become yours too.

There is nothing as heart-warming as comfort food to make you feel cozy in the chilly weather.

Now you can cozy up on the couch under the blanket, binge watch your favorite series on TV, and enjoy hot, homemade slow cooker stew recipes. Life is good.

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