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28 Crock Pot Pasta Recipes: Secrets from a Professional Chef

In a nutshell: The best crockpot pasta recipes include Crockpot Baked Ziti, Million Dollar Pasta, Crock Pot Spaghetti, Chicken Alfredo, etc. Each recipe briefly describes its ingredients, preparation method, and potential variations.

We all want a meal that fills us, it not only makes us feel good, but it beats having to dish a second portion (if there is) and then risk over-eating.

Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs for sure (I am constantly guilty of this) but when crock pot pasta recipes are quick and filling you can’t help yourself.

Pasta has always been a staple in homes throughout the world, not only is it easy to make but it is easy on the pocket which makes it a meal that feeds more mouths than it lets on.

Finding your perfect slow cooker pasta recipes may take time, but we will be sure to help you along your culinary journey with this great collection of crock pot recipes for pasta, and who knows, you may just land on the one that you have been searching for.

#1. Crockpot Baked Ziti

Baked anything is a yes in my house but when you see the cheesy goodness simmering away in this dish you will be restraining yourself from digging into it too early.

It is as simple as throwing everything into the slow cooker, switching it on in the morning, and coming home to a meal that hypnotizes you the moment you walk in the door after work.

The traditional dish is made using penne but this meal works perfectly well with any pasta you have to hand, layer the ingredients as you go, and let the rest do the work while you get on with your day.

Melted cheese is always going to be a crowd-pleaser, and when it comes to serving this dish to the family you won’t be disappointed.

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#2. Million Dollar Pasta

What my kids love about this recipe is that it has a rich, creaminess to it from the variety of cheeses used, ricotta, mozzarella, and cream cheese, how can you go wrong?

Another perk is that usually we have to precook pasta to a certain extent to not be hard at the end of the cooking time, but this slow cooking method lets you sit back and relax just as you deserve to.

This is why the name is likely so suitable.

When you don’t have to stress or make a huge effort to get dinner on the table, and supper is ready when you have run all the errands, there is no reason someone will feel like a million bucks.

A quick and simple dish to make those midweek dinners as efficient as possible.

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#3. Crock Pot Spaghetti

I don’t believe that there is a person on the planet that can think of something wrong with good, old spaghetti.

I’d like to think it has been around for centuries and may well be with those clever Italians bringing us feel-good food at its best.

A quick sauté of the ground beef with the onions and garlic beforehand will help to add a bit of color and browning to the dish and lock in those meaty flavors we love.

If you have been looking for recipes for crock pasta but were unsure of how it might taste by the end of the several cooking hours (thinking the pasta will turn to mush is a common mistake) then this is a meal that will surprise you and the family.

The saucy tomato soaks into the beef, all the while being absorbed by the pasta (thrown in raw) and you end up with your grandma’s favorite recipe, only with no fuss or fight.

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#4. Chicken Alfredo

If there was an easier way to make this dish I would eat my hat, there is just nothing to it. And I love it.

A childhood favorite that was ordered at any venue we went to eat at and is still in my top 5 of all-time best meals.

Crockpot pasta recipes are aplenty but when it tastes this good why would you need to look anywhere else?

It has a thick sauce that covers every ingredient in the slow cooker with ease, and once the chicken is cooked, take it out to shred and put it back in to really soak up all the juiciness.

Serve with a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top and fresh herbs for a pop of color.

My husband likes a few spoons of fresh spring onion on top as well but this suggestion is optional (but oh so tasty).

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#5. Cheesy Beefy Mac Casserole recipe 

This is a recipe that ticks all the boxes in my husband’s opinion, ground beef, cheese and cream, and pasta.

And he is not wrong.

I love to cook this throughout the day and smell the flavors from time to time when I walk past (or run should I say because it is that good I fear I will not be able to resist taking a quick spoonful) the kitchen, and have peace of mind dinner is sorted without me panicking last minute.

A quick and easy recipe for crockpot pasta that fills little tummies when they come into the house after their extra-curricular sports activities starving like they didn’t have lunch at school or have a lunch box packed.

Serve with garlic bread on the side and the kids will be queueing for seconds.

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#6. American Goulash Crock Pot

When you add a broth to a slow cooker, irrespective of the flavor, it has a magic about it that commands the dish.

All the ingredients succumb to its flavor profile and harmonize beautifully to create a dish that is always a crowd-pleaser.

And this dish does just that.

I like to add a packet of mixed vegetables into the mix for a pop of color and to sneak the vegetables in where the kids won’t notice and have a moan, and it has worked so far.

That’s all down to the taste, it’s delicious.

A few crunchy croutons on top add a nice textural element if you want to have the time to go that extra mile although this dish can hold its own just fine.

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#7. Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Don’t be shy, it is a great crockpot meal if you are looking to add a little fire to the weekly menu, it has a nice bite to it but overbearing that it has you downing a liter of water just to bring the feeling back to your mouth.

This is left out easily enough should you so wish or if you are making a big batch for the kid’s sleepover dinner.

If there is more than enough then this freezes well for a few months and reheats just as well, I like to add a touch more cream when reheating though, I mean, you can never have enough cream right?

Stir in some fresh herbs just before serving and be ready for the compliments at the dining table.

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#8. Easy Slow Cooker Taco Pasta

We love tacos any night of the week but they just don’t hit the spot when it comes to the winter season, until now.

You have all your favorite taco flavors in one place, combined with cheesy goodness and pasta, and a selection of vegetables (all those odd bits in the fridge waiting to be used up) to add color and nutrition.

This is a cheap dish that is always nice to have in your recipe collection because there are times when the end of the month and payday just can’t come soon enough.

Easy on the pocket and a breeze to make, a slow cooking dream of a meal.

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#9. Pizza Casserole 

When you see the name of this meal you are right in thinking that how can you have a pizza dish that we know and love and have it be a casserole, well, in this instance it is possible and it tastes fantastic.

Pizza is a firm favorite in people’s minds all around the world, but how often can we afford to order a takeaway? And even more so when there are more than just two of you in the family, it soon adds up.

Now you can have the filling nature of the pasta in this recipe but the fan favorites of ingredients and flavors of a pizza, a win-win.

The kids really enjoyed this supper, hubby didn’t say a word the whole meal (which is a sign from the Lord himself that it must have been good), and they were stuffed at the end.

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#10. Crock Pot Mississippi Beef Noodles recipe

People often think that recipes for crock pot pasta mean being limited to spaghetti or lasagna, but they have more than likely yet to try this wonderful meal.

There is also the mistake of thinking that all pasta dishes are red in color from the tomato which is why I love making this for supper when we have guests over and seeing their surprised faces.

It has beef and noodles that we know and love, but the fact that it was made in a slow cooker and is covered in a thick gravy just blows their mind. In a good way.

You would not think that the generic cut of a roast could be innovated to this level and as impressive of a meal as it is.

A frequent feature in our month’s menu planning rotation.

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#11. Lazy crockpot lasagna recipe

You knew we had to add this into the mix, a classic dish can never be replaced nor forgotten and deserves a spot in the top best crock pot pasta recipes list.

Layered with all your best ingredients and spices and left to simmer gently for a few hours till the cheese is melted and has enveloped the rest of the dish.

A great appeal factor about this recipe is that it is easily doubled for more servings when necessary but doesn’t require more effort, the perfect meal in my book.

Simply put it together, turn the crockpot on, and head to your hair and nail appointment knowing that dinner is taken care of.

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#12. Crock Pot Mac & Cheese Recipe

Back to back classic recipes and all is right in the world.

We love baked macaroni cheese but the elements that need to come together all at once take too much time to get sorted and we just don’t have the time anymore as schedules and routines become increasingly busy.

You can have the option of dishing this rich dish into the bowls, topping it with cheese, and placing it under the grill for a few minutes to brown and bubble.

Then top it off with a spice and herb-flavored sprinkle and Monday blues soon become a thing of the past.

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#13. Creamy Italian tortellini sausage soup

Does it get any better than this?

It’s the heart of winter, outside is the most unpleasant it has ever been, and all you want to do is sit under the blanket on the sofa and watch movies.

Well, this recipe will be a great accompaniment and is so easy to prepare.

It has the consistency of soup we all love to devour in the cold season, but the meat and pasta element of a well thought out baking dish, the best of everything in one dish.

A side portion of chunky garlic bread or croutons adds a nice touch, but it is just as delicious on its own.

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#14. Crock Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Recipe 

A healthier option when it comes to crock pot recipes for pasta as it isn’t the usual saucy and runny consistency we think of, and is great served hot or cold.

It makes for a great side salad at summer BBQs, or with a green salad on the side and the pasta as the star of the show.

So many options.

And what dish can go wrong when bacon is involved, right?

Try this dish the next time you are stuck on what to do that evening for a quick bite to eat, and you will be surprised at how great this humble meal tastes.

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#15. Swedish Meatballs

If ever there was a quick dish that could literally be made last minute as you rush out the door already running late for work then you have found the answer to solve all your problems.

This is a one-pot wonder that is made even better by knowing you can add frozen meatballs into the pasta sauce in the slow cooker and still come home to a ready meal.

And now you can breathe a sigh of relief, even after you forgot to take the meatballs out last night to defrost.

All you need to do is add the sour cream when you come home and let it simmer finished so you quickly cook some pasta on the side.

You can add the cooked pasta into the slow cooker to be a one-pot sensation, or serve the meatballs on top of the ready-plated pasta noodles.

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#16. Beef stroganoff recipe

A roast and a pasta dish all rolled into one. Can you want anything better?

I love a good cut of meat roasted to fork-tender perfection, but I also love pasta of any sort. Shells, noodles, bowties, and in every color under the sun, I am in.

And probably why I rave about this dish to all my friends and family all of the time.

Tender beef cooked till it is sacrificing itself into the creamy mushroom sauce it has been simmering in and tossed with thick ribbon noodles and dinner is served.

Simple. Chic. And a meal fit for royals (at least in my opinion, of course).

A modern twist on a traditional, and dare I say it generic, recipe.

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#17. Baked feta pasta

Italian night is now a feature on our home dinner menu and for good reason.

This recipe inspired us to try something new and more so that it could be done all at once meaning we didn’t have to constantly be checking on it.

It has the freshness of basil that we absolutely adore, feta and tomato which is a classic combination that can never be replaced, and a nice bite with the fresh or dried chili.

Stir together, crumble feta on top if you like and enjoy outside on summer nights when a light meal is a perfect match for the sun setting over the hill.

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#18. Crock Pot Italian Sausage Rigatoni Recipe 

Oh yes, the pictures do look like the dish in real life and taste even better, especially when parmesan cheese is involved.

All the class flavors of a tomato-based pasta meal, but with the smokiness of Italian sausage to elevate it to that next level.

This is a heart-warming meal that soothes the soul and gives you the comfort of a big bear hug when you need it most.

A big dish of this on the couch in front of the fire with a glass of wine to match and the worries of the week ahead seem that much more manageable.

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#19. Crock Pot Cheesy Pierogi and Kielbasa Casserole 

The world of pasta is not one to be underestimated.

With so many varieties on the market, who knows what wonderful creation, shape or color you will find when you head to the supermarkets.

I like to try new varieties when I see them just to spice things up for dinner.

This recipe does call for polish sausages but spicy chorizo would be great to give that little something extra.

 A chic dish that offers more than meets the eye and will fill kids’ tummies with every yummy bite.

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#20. Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Life is good. A pasta dish that is calorie friendly, now if we could just create a chocolate bar that inspires weight loss the world would be a better place.

The best thing about this crockpot pasta recipe is that the ingredients are so easily swapped out for light, fat-free, or low-fat alternatives without compromising on the taste.

Your family will be skeptical that the dish which tastes this good is actually a healthy version.

That makes it even better and why you should try it next time the mother-in-law comes around for lunch, even if she won’t believe it, but we know the truth.

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#21. Ham and Cheese Pasta Bake

The ultimate kid-friendly meal to stop any whining in its tracks.

This dish is so successful they may end up wondering why it has been on the menu so frequently, but it ticks so many boxes and is the easiest thing to make.

Classic ham is a protein that couldn’t go wrong even if you tried, and when paired with cheese is a winning combination to curb any family gathering’s hunger.

A quick dish that is great to make in bulk when you know the kid’s friends will be over later and more than likely will want to stay for dinner when they smell this supper creation as they come into the house.

Have a bowl of grated cheese on hand to the side when serving as kids love sprinkling some extra cheese (you can never have enough cheese I have come to learn) on their bowls.

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#22. Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli soup 

This is comfort food at its best.

Hearty beans topped with pasta and the sweet tanginess of tomatoes make this a dish worth trying.

When the ingredients have been simmering for hours and the pasta sauce is thick and rich you can scoop up mouthfuls with crusty bread slices, the kids love this idea although be sure to have a lot of serviettes to hand as it drips everywhere when kids are involved.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and if it means that soup spoons are now made out of bread then all the better.

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#23. Crock Pot Angel Chicken

The most humble dish that offers a dinner that is quick to whip up and serve in no time at all.

Sure you may have made some version of this before but this flop-proof rendition will win hearts time and time again.

A cream-based pasta of angel hair, the name alone makes it that much more appealing to the children.

To add an even cheesier flavor you could stir grated cheese into the ready meal just before serving or let everyone help themselves from a bowl of grated cheese on the side.

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#24. Chicken fajita pasta recipe

We love to eat this crockpot pasta with a generous dollop of sour cream on top of the ready pasta in the bowl and then fresh salsa of peppers, tomato, and onion to bring the fajita flavor full circle.

An easy meal that freezes well, and with simple steps of preparation, this is just as quick to clean up as it is to get everything together in the slow cooker.

Summers don’t need to be all about salads of leaves and lean meats, but rather wholesome food that is filling but also not heavy.

The last thing we need is to be feeling bloated after a heavy meal and then sitting in the heat, no thank you.

Try this speedy creation on the kids and for extra fun, you can have a bag of crunchy tortilla chips on the side to crush on top of everything else. The spicy flame ones add a nice bite, but the taco seasoned variety will bring harmony to the overall flavor profile.

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#25. Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Pasta 

When the day has flown past and tomorrow looks the same, we can begin to stress that we are going to keep up with all of it and still have dinner on the table by the time everyone comes home.

This recipe is a simple one and requires only a handful of ingredients, a lot of them pantry staples and most likely already in the fridge.

Just throw everything into the slow cooker the night before or first thing in the morning and set it on low and head to work.

It will be ready by the time you walk in the door and is one less thing to worry about throughout the day.

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#26. Pesto Mozzarella Pasta

Pesto is one unmistakable flavor that seems to complement so many meals, dishes, and condiments, and this pasta dish is delivered too.

Smothering the seasoned chicken while it is in the slow cooker and topping it with large chunks of butter allows it to cook essentially protected and with the moisture locked in and the rich texture of the butter adding a velvety texture that is tasted throughout.

Shred the cooked chicken, add back to the cooker with cooked pasta, and top with cheese to melt and envelop the ingredients till bubbling and gooey.

The kids delight to see the string of cheese hanging as they spoon heaps into their mouths at the dining table.

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#27. Italian Beef Ragu 

Bold flavors of beef that deepen in flavor as it cooks throughout the day, rosemary brings a pungent aroma to the dish, and this is one meal that can be used for a variety of meals.

The shredded, tender beef is folded into al dente pasta for a great evening meal topped with grated parmesan but doubles just as perfectly as a sandwich filler (minus the pasta) with a cheese slice and homemade coleslaw.

Your hubby and his friends will love mini brioche rolls stuffed with this filling for game night.

An intense taste that will pair really well with a fresh cider for summer evenings on the deck.

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#28. Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken Pasta

Surprisingly this dish is not as dark as you would imagine knowing that you are using balsamic vinegar, but it does add a nice twang to it.

The sourness of the tomatoes balances the vinegar and complements the sweetness of the overall recipe.

A quick, easy-to-throw-together meal that is so easy even beginner cooks can try their hand at it successfully (ask my husband).

He likes to make a big batch of this to have some leftovers for his work lunchbox the next day, and we love a meal that tastes great both hot and cold.

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One ingredient that is showing itself to essentially stand the test of time.

These popular pasta crockpot recipes that are quick and filling make it easy to feed the family without breaking the bank, and you don’t need hours of preparation and cooking to do it either.

Trying these slow cooker pasta recipes, and many more recipes on our blog will make suppers a joy to create and enjoy.


How do you keep pasta good in a crock pot?

To keep pasta good in a crock pot, it’s best to cook the pasta separately and add it to the crock pot towards the end of the cooking time, allowing it to absorb the flavors without overcooking.

How do you keep pasta from getting mushy in a crock pot?

To prevent pasta from becoming mushy in a crock pot, cook it separately until it’s al dente, then add it to the crock pot during the final 15-30 minutes of cooking to allow it to heat through without overcooking.

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