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20 Crockpot Chili Recipes for Every Season and Occasion

In summary: The best crockpot chili recipes include Beef crock pot chili, Crockpot taco chili, Crock-Pot Cheddar Chili Mac, Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili, etc. These recipes offer a variety of flavors and ingredients, ranging from classic meaty chilis to vegetarian options.

If you want a hearty dish that is crammed full of goodness and ingredients that offer a rich source of protein and vitamins then these crock pot chili recipes are the name of the game.

Whipping up a family-sized portion (and then some) of this meaty dish is a sure way to beat the winter blues.

The children will love dipping crusty bread chunks into the thick sauce and savor the flavor as it warms their bodies on the way down.

Chili is highly versatile when it comes to ingredients and you will see why as you try out 

these quick and simple versions throughout the winter season.

#1. Easy crockpot chili

This chili con carne recipe is so simple that you will wish you had found it earlier.

Throwing all the ingredients into the pot and when you come back to check a few hours later a delicious meal has been prepared, like magic.

And the kids will love spooning the meaty mixture into homemade garlic rolls and popping the whole bite into their mouths.

Top this with grated cheddar cheese and you have yourself a winner. 

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#2. Crockpot Chili

The hardest part of this recipe is the shallow frying needed of the beef and even then it doesn’t need to be fully cooked.

Everything in one pot, topped with beans and tomato, and dinner will be ready before you know it.

This recipe for crock pot chili is one that delights when the chill of winter creeps in and you don’t have the time to think about what to cook.

Quick, easy, and great for adding in those leftovers milling about in the fridge. 

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#3. Beef crock pot chili

When life is seemingly busier than usual we need a dish that can essentially cook itself and this dish does just that.

Prepare all the ingredients the night before and in the morning simply pop them into the slow cooker as you head out the door on the school run.

The spices in this dish offer a rich, flavorsome profile and when the family comes home from their busy schedules the aroma will draw them to the dinner table without being asked.

Good food doesn’t need to be hard work and with this recipe, you can be sure you will have the best of both worlds.

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#4. Crockpot taco chili recipe

Family life, and certainly that of parents is non-stop, and there always seems to be something to pay for or purchase, thankfully this dish won’t break the bank.

Finding tried and tested crockpot chili recipes that are easy on the pocket are ones to keep in your cooking Rolodex.

We can never have enough ways to save money and with tinned items tasting this good you will be grateful to have found this dish.

The flavor of tacos is well established and although it is made in a crockpot when you top this with sour cream, diced tomatoes, and fresh herbs this variation will become a household staple.

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#5. Famous Crockpot chili

The sound of dinner gently bubbling away in the crock pot and knowing that in a few hours all you need to do is pop to the shops for some fresh rolls is a sigh of relief.

Its name says it all and that’s because it suits so many families and demographics.

A recipe that is highly versatile when it comes to ingredients, is thick and saucy and fills tummies when the kids come running into the house starving after their respective sports.

You can add pasta to it in the last hour for a twist and to bulk it up even more, what’s not to love?

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#6. Crock-Pot Cheddar Chili Mac

A classic recipe for slow cooking chili is one that can’t be beaten, until now. Mac and cheese is pretty much every kid’s favorite dish at one point in their lives and now you can make it in bulk without all the effort.

Once everything has cooked and the pasta is soft but not overly so, you can dish them into the bowls, top them with a generous amount of cheese, and pop them under the grill until the cheese is melted and golden brown.

Fresh coriander will add a subtle yet refreshing taste to bring it all together.

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#7. Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Cream. Chicken. Vegetables. These basics brought together in one pot and combined to create an aroma that dances around the home, is one that I have looked forward to for years.

Each time this delicate but wholesome meal is served there seems to be silence at the dinner table as everyone savors the flavor profile with smiles on their faces.

A healthy option for those looking for a recipe that ticks all the boxes, and you won’t be disappointed.

This chili crock pot recipe has been carried forward through the years, each time warming another heart, and if it becomes part of your family dinner menu the children will be sure to have a copy for their homes too.

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#8. Crock Pot Bean Chili

There has long been a certain stigma with the word vegetarian with chefs and culinary enthusiasts turning their backs on the topic and opting for more robust meats and seafood.

Until now.

This dish is one that is packed with protein yet is completely vegetarian and suitable for all demographics, the variety of beans complement the spices and meld together harmoniously.

A quick dish to whip up and put on for later and you can get on with the day and have peace of mind that suppertime is sorted.

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#9. Easy to make crock pot chili

Simplicity is key when juggling a full family schedule is on the cards and this slow-cooking chili recipe gives you the freedom to have a healthy, nutrient-rich dinner that evening and have the household chores done on time.

There is an old saying that says we need to work smarter, not harder and this dish does just that.

All the ingredients simmering gently together into a thick, hearty sauce is one of the best ways to end the day.

Sprinkling vibrantly green spring onion at the last minute before serving will help elevate this simple, yet elegant dish.

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#10. Crockpot Cowboy chili recipe

A steaming bowl of this chili is a great way to warm up on colder days, and the hint of chili (enough to not scare the kids) gives you that kick to intensify the flavor.

Other than tasting delicious the name is appealing to children, and this, if unknown, comes from the days when wagons and horses were the main forms of transport.

Cowboys would come home after a tiring day on the fields and ranch and this dish would hit all the spots to make their woes disappear.

Shake things up if you like by topping the meal with tortilla chips to add texture, you can count on the kids enjoying this part of the supper.

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#11. Spicy crock pot chili

Who said that only the women or mothers had to be in the kitchen, these days things are changing.

Men are becoming more involved and dare we say it, enjoying themselves in the kitchen.

This dish proves that and is so easy to make that you will hand your hubby the apron more than once a week as he successfully pulls off this quick and tasty meal.

The stars of this recipe are the spices, the fundamentals remain the same but with a twist of cayenne and flat-leaf parsley, your inner chef will be sure to come alive.

Who knew that your other half would whip up something so tasty and yet do less work on the meal that you do most days? A spicy dish to add a touch of mischief to the evening, and why not?

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#12. Crock-Pot sweet chili

While the name may state chili the recipe is mildly sweet and is a great meal for kids that won’t burn their little mouths.

The beans are easily visible and are a great joy to scoop up with chunks of bread by the kids as the sauce soaks into the bread and drips down their fingers.

The ingredients are pantry basics and most likely already there which makes this dish cost-effective and not in need of doing a big shop for one meal.

It is a saucy, meaty dish that will warm the soul, and getting the kids involved in tearing the bread is a great bonding moment.

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#13. Keto Low Carb beef chili

As we spend more days indoors we begin to see how inactive we may have become, thus feeling sluggish and lethargic becomes a more frequent occasion.

With a recipe that is healthy and low in fats, you don’t have to miss out on a family favorite 

for fear of eating more calories than you are burning.

Taking beans out of the equation and substituting them for more heart-friendly options such as bell peppers or baby marrow, makes mealtimes a joy to attend.

The plus side of these slow cooker chili recipes is that the children will be none the wiser that they are eating a healthy meal but will be focused on the melted cheese hanging off their forks.

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#14. Texas chili

A chili made in the heart of Texas is one that traditionally does not have tomatoes or some form of beans, but who could live without those ingredients when they are such an integral part of a chili.

Hence they were added to bring the two culinary worlds together, and they did not let us down.

Spicy, aromatic, and thick all at once what more could you ask for in a meal, well, we have a quick suggestion.

A generous spoonful of fresh sour cream mixed with chopped chives added to the top as you serve at the table, you will impress your family and guests with this humble, yet elegant meal.

Homemade has never tasted this good and now you can do it with less effort and all the flavor, win-win.

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#15. Crockpot Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

A meal for those days when you don’t feel like meat, and yes, vegetarian days are a thing. If they aren’t, this creation will surely persuade you to add it to the rotating meal plan you have for the family.

Sweet potato is delicious as is, and even more so when roasted with garlic oil, but adding it into a crockpot simmering with beans and tomatoes and a thick sauce and you can’t go wrong.

The flavor profile becomes richer and fuller and the orange cubes studded throughout the dish add a great sense of vibrancy making you want to eat it all the more.

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#16. Vegetarian Chili Mac Recipe

When you mention cheese and pasta in our house the children’s faces light up, and as much as they would love to live on just that we do need to add in the odd vegetable.

This meal is so deliciously creamy and cheesy that the kids don’t even notice the vegetables sprinkled throughout.

It is so easy and quick to simply throw everything into the pot and when it comes to serving time that evening the strings of cheese that hold all the flavors together are a delight to watch.

A meal that offers heartwarming flavors and fills the tummies just in time for bedtime.

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#17. Crock Pot Turkey Chili

Turkey has always been a firm favorite when it comes to considering a healthier alternative for meals as the meat is lean with minimal fat, but can often be dry, until now.

While this dish offers you the healthier option it does not disappoint in flavor or sauciness, and now you can have the best of everything, who knew?

Enjoying a meal that tastes great and not having to think about whether you need to count calories is something we could all use a helping hand in after a long day.

A speedy recipe with quality ingredients and winter woes will be a thing of the past.

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#18. Pork Green Chili

This dish requires a bit more effort, none so scary that you would turn the page in the recipe book, but the initial preparation will be well worth the final results, and taste.

Browning, sautéing, and blending the various ingredients before adding them to the slow cooker will help to keep the flavors balanced and offer the best option for them to soak up the flavors.

While green chilies are what’s called for, you are more than welcome to substitute for jalapeno peppers as well as add in green peppers for that added green flair in the dish.

Pork is fatty and sumptuous and will help to line the stomach on those blustery, chilly evenings. Cover yourself with a blanket on the couch and enjoy a hot bowl of this chili for the ultimate lazy night in. Paired with a fruity red wine there is nothing more you could want, am I right?

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#19. Crock-Pot 15 Bean Salsa Chili

Beans are always a great source of iron, calcium, and fiber and this recipe offers you all of them.

You don’t need to go out and try to find 15 varieties of beans (thank goodness) but simply pick up a ready-mixed bag available in most grocery stores.

Once they have been simmering in the crockpot for several hours you will be ready to serve, but one magical ingredient needs to be present to top it all off and that is tortilla chips.

The family (adults included) will enjoy scooping up this meaty, saucy dish with the chips and experiencing all the textures and flavors in each bite.

Be sure to have lots of serviettes on hand.

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#20. Crock pot white chili recipe

This dish is still as delicious when recorded as chili even though the color profile may not be the dark, rich brown hue we are used to and that’s because it uses chicken meat and broth.

Traditionally kidney beans would be added but this is a wonderful variation with the corn and cannellini beans and keeps the balance of the white color running through.

As this meal offers a more subtle, humble flavor as well as the color, the accompaniments to serve with this dish will help to take it to the next level.

A squeeze of lime, a dollop of thick, natural yogurt, and your palate will enjoy a new taste sensation.

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Does chili taste better in the crockpot?

Yes, chili often tastes better when cooked in a crockpot due to the slow and prolonged cooking process, allowing flavors to meld and ingredients to become tender, resulting in a richer and more flavorful dish.

Do you have to brown the meat for crockpot chili?

No, browning the meat is not a strict requirement for making crockpot chili, but it can enhance the flavor. Skipping this step can still result in a tasty chili, though with a slightly different flavor profile.

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