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Does Pasta Go Bad? A Guide to Extend Its Shelf Life

Quick summary: Yes, pasta can go bad, especially fresh pasta. Dry pasta is less prone to spoilage and can last beyond its expiration date as long as there are no signs of spoilage like mold, pests, or off smells.

It’s dry and doesn’t act like perishable goods, so you think pasta can last for decades in your locker? Here’s how long you can store pasta to be edible and delicious.

No one buys one packet of dry pasta or at least a few do. We mostly take several boxes of each kind, spaghetti, fusilli, etc. It is not uncommon to find packing in a pantry that you have completely forgotten about after a long time. Are you wondering if it is valid even though it has expired?

When it comes to pasta to determine the shelf life, it is first and foremost what kind you have. It did not matter whether the pasta was flat or twisted, but whether it was dry or fresh. We bring you shelf life guidelines for each type and storage method that will help you maintain quality for as long as possible.

Shelf Life: How Long Does Pasta Last?

As we announced, the most important thing is to adjust to the type of pasta you have so you know how long you can keep it in the pantry. Here are the most common groups.

Dry Pasta

The safest for long-term storage is dry pasta. It is not prone to spoilage, and if you have not exposed it to moisture, it will last much longer than the written time on the packaging. It is difficult to estimate how long, but very likely at least six months up to a year after the expiration date. This pasta is unlikely to spoil in terms of inedibility, but the taste quality will decrease.

Fresh Pasta

When we talk about fresh or homemade pasta, the expiration dates are dramatically shorter. For fresh pasta from the store, follow the instructions written on the package and do not test the quality long afterward. Homemade pasta will last for a few days in the fridge. In both cases, the pasta probably contains fresh eggs and ingredients that are prone to spoilage, and therefore it is not good to consume it after the expiration date.

Cooked Pasta

Once you have cooked pasta, the golden advice is to consume it immediately because reheating it impairs the taste or texture. But in theory, leftover pasta can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days.

Can Dry Pasta Go Bad?

So does uncooked pasta go bad? Yes and no, again, depending on what kind we are talking about. 

Dry uncooked pasta will probably only lose flavor quality, but you won’t get sick eating it. On the other hand, fresh pasta can significantly impair your health if you eat it spoiled.

Here are some tips for recognizing that pasta should be in the trash rather than on a plate.

Sign 1: Moisture got to it

This is true for both dry and fresh pasta. The appearance of moisture allows the appearance of mold, so if you notice any unusual formations, throw the product in the trash.

Sign 2: It has little bugs 

The appearance of small tiny parasites is more prone to dried pasta that stays in the pantry for too long. It goes without saying that if you notice small insects in the packaging, throw all the contents in the trash.

Sign 3: Smell is off

When talking about fresh pasta, it is important that it looks and smells okay. Any discoloration or strange odors will mean that the product is spoiled.

If your dried pasta is spoiled and you need a substitute immediately for your dish, try these pasta alternatives.

What Is The Best Way To Store Pasta?

The method of food storage always plays an essential role in the shelf life and quality of the product. Always try to provide optimal conditions to achieve the most extended quality and be sure that the product you are consuming is correct. Here are some guidelines.

Tip 1: Dry pasta in dry and dark place

Storing dry pasta is very easy. All you need to do is keep it in a dry and dark place and not allow moisture to get into the product. Also, if you have already started using it, close it well to prevent insect invasion or use an airtight container. Store dry pasta at room temperature.

Tip 2: Fresh uncooked pasta always in cool place

Fresh pasta is generally recommended to be kept in the refrigerator and adhere to the stated expiration date on the package. Also, do not leave the product open in the air as mold develops.

Tip 3: Keep cooked pasta in the fridge

Cooked pasta must also be kept in the refrigerator and preferably in a tightly closed box.


Is it OK to eat expired pasta?

Yes, it’s generally safe to eat expired pasta if there are no signs of spoilage such as an off smell, unusual appearance, or the presence of pests. However, the texture and flavor of the pasta might not be optimal, as it can become brittle or lose its taste over time.

How do you know when pasta goes bad?

You can tell when pasta goes bad by checking for any off smells, changes in color, or the presence of mold. If the pasta appears normal and doesn’t have any unusual characteristics, it’s likely safe to consume even if it’s past its expiration date.

Can expired pasta make you sick?

No, it is almost impossible to get sick of unopened dry pasta. However, it is possible to get food poisoning when it comes to fresh pasta or one that has already been cooked.

Can you freeze pasta?

Yes, you can freeze pasta to extend its shelf life. Cooked pasta freezes well and can be reheated, while uncooked pasta can be frozen for later use. Just ensure it’s properly sealed to prevent freezer burn.

How long can dried pasta last?

Dried pasta can last for a very long time if stored in a cool, dry place and kept in an airtight container. It can remain safe to eat and maintain its quality for 1 to 2 years or even more past its “best by” date.


Pasta is the most favorite side dish with many meals, especially if you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine. It is available in many versions, and it is not uncommon to find at least 5 or 6 packs of pasta at a time in most kitchens. 

If you are not sure when you will consume pasta and spaghetti, we advise you to buy dry pasta because it can last a really long time. Even after the expiration of long shelf life, it is very safe to estimate that the pasta is good for at least half a year. Store it in a dark and dry place and let your imagination run wild in the preparation of various toppings.

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