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19 Delicious Crockpot Pork Shoulder Recipes for Easy Meals

In summary: The crockpot pork shoulder recipes include various flavors and styles, such as Cuban Pork, Crock Pot Pork Shoulder, Savory Pork Shoulder, Mojo Pork, Garlic and Rosemary Pork Shoulder, Pulled Pork, and more. Each recipe briefly describes its unique flavors and cooking process, along with tips for variations and serving suggestions.

Cold weather and relaxing on the sofa in front of the fireplace under the blanket, can only be topped by having a full tummy of great tasting food.

And when you have a great collection of the best pork shoulder crock pot recipes to get you through the winter it is easier than ever before.

Too often we think that great-tasting food needs to take hours, but that is not so.

Now with your slow cooker, and pantry basic ingredients, you can enjoy your kitchen experiences with new and traditional recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

#1. Cuban Pork

In our home we love to try new cuisines from countries all over the world, it could be some we try to recreate from places we have been to, or others we saw in a book or had at a restaurant, either way, we are keen guinea pigs.

And this is one that everyone gave a thumbs up to try again when we tried it from a street vendor while abroad, and it was delicious.

The secret and key element (in my humble opinion) is the use of citrus in the dish. It helps to break down the meat till it is fork-tender (no chewy meat here), and when crock pot pork shoulder recipes are this easy you can’t help but want to keep making them.

Simply pop all the ingredients in the cooker and come home to the meaty goodness of a meal that goes perfectly with fluffy rice.

Filling and easy, everything you need in one meal.

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#2. Crock Pot Pork Shoulder

When it comes to the weekend and the weather outside is grey and horrible the best cure is a tasty meal that fills the spot.

What you want are pork shoulder slow cooker recipes that make you forget all about the outdoors and want to stay inside and eat till you can’t anymore.

I love a good dish that is effortless, it means I can carry on with the household chores or daily activities and have peace of mind that a superb tasting meal is ready to go when the family returns home.

This dish is great because the meat freezes well, and is great the next day too for lunch boxes and sandwiches for a quick on-the-go bite. Cram the meat into fresh brioche buns and top with homemade coleslaw for the ultimate game day food for hubby and the lads.

A simple dish that takes no time at all.

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#3. Savory Crock Pot Pork Shoulder recipe

Life is busy, we know this.

And who has hours to slave away in the kitchen preparing meals day in and day out, there just aren’t enough man-hours to go around.

Finding these slow cooker pork shoulder recipes changed my life, I can have a fantastic meal without the fuss and fight of supervising it while trying to hang laundry while trying to tidy the house.

Just put everything together, set it to low, and come back at the end of the day, this is my kind of recipe. And even more so when it is freezing outside, you want a good meal that will hit the spot.

The teriyaki in this recipe makes a big impact and was a huge success with the kids. I served it with creamy mashed potato and green sautéed vegetables and we had clean plates all around. Win-win.

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#4. Mojo Pork 

A variation of a crockpot meal I had not considered, but glad that I did.

This is an easy, one-pot sensation of a dish and is done before you know it. You will be surprised how much you can get done when you know that dinner is taken care of and it doesn’t require a constant eye.

Once the dish is done, you can give it that extra bit of golden color by quickly putting it under the grill to give that charred taste and look and add a different texture element to complement the overall meal.

If you weren’t sure what to make for the in-laws then this slow-cooking option is going to save the day, and impress at the same time, (and we all know we could have a hand in impressing the mother-in-law when we can get it), so give this a try.

You may well just find her looking for the recipe when she thinks you aren’t looking, that’s a win in my book if you ask me.

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#5. Garlic and Rosemary Pork Shoulder

These are two ingredients we always have an abundance of in our house and for good reason too, they are impactful but not overbearing but bring something unique to the meal other ingredients cannot.

Pork shoulder crock pot recipes that call for these will always be at the top of my list, and garlic (I like to add a little more than the recipe states just because it is so delicious and no one is the wiser) is a great immune booster so perfect for those wintery days and nights when you want the family protected from all sides.

The liquid can be thickened at the end for a rich gravy and when simmering with a few extra sprigs of rosemary it will make it that much tastier.

With the velvet gravy smothering the meat as it sits on rice or mashed potatoes, there is no better-looking dish you will want to tuck into.

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#6. Pulled Pork Shoulder

I love pulled pork any which way.

In a bun, rolled in a wrap with salad, on top of croutons with coleslaw the options are endless and it is such a fuss-free dish to make I have no idea why more people don’t add it to their recipes for crock pot pork shoulder collection.

When the meat is cooked and you’ve shredded it with two forks (or a pair of bear claws if you have it), place it back into the slow cooker to absorb all that liquid goodness filled with flavor to add that boost of moisture to the meat.

An easy pork shoulder meal that is perfect for the whole family, there is nothing you won’t love about this dish, and a generous sprinkle of spring onion will go a long way (says, my husband).

Did you know you can freeze pulled pork to store for later use? Simply reheat pulled pork using the oven or microwave and you’re ready for a warm meal.

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#7. Shredded Pork Fall-apart-tender pork

When you see how this looks in the slow cooker you will understand why it is such a hit in our home and around the dining table.

It is golden, dark, and rich, and seemingly hypnotizes you, calling you to enjoy it. And you will.

This is one of those dishes that is so versatile your culinary wheels will be turning non-stop, and why not. Some of the best meals are made from these slow cooker pork shoulder recipes and are a healthy alternative to frying as all the moisture comes from within the pot.

You can also add the shredded meat to a salad with some balsamic and chili for an Asian-inspired meal accompaniment and a few additions of pepper slices and spring onion, there is something for everyone.

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#8. Pork Chile Verde

When we think of winter we immediately relate it to stew or some form of comfort food, and this is the epitome of that.

Pork shoulder crock pot recipes that fill you up, are heartwarming, and feel as if they have reached your soul in all the right places are the ultimate meals you could ask for when the rain seems never-ending.

It has chilies to give you that bite you need and to add a bit of heat to the overall dish, and when you serve it with rice the meaty, broth liquid soaks into it so nothing is wasted.

Add in homegrown vegetables for a pop of color, or use whatever you have in the fridge which needs using up, another perk to this dish.

If you aren’t a fan of chilies or children will be enjoying the meal too feel free to substitute with green pepper rings.

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#9. Slow cooker pernil

Puerto Rican pork is a meal that comes in handy when you don’t have the time to look after it.

Too often we think pork is fatty and greasy and adding butter or oil to the meat will make it that much worse, but with the slow cooker and this slow cooking method, this element is taken out of the equation.

With no added liquid, as the pork simmered gently for several hours the protein and muscle fibers begin to break down and in turn, release their juices to be reabsorbed as it cooks, and we are blessed with a flavorful cycle that we love.

A quick tip, however, is that to make this dish really stand out you would do well to let the meat marinate overnight or at least 4hours before cooking and allow those spices to sink into the meat as much as possible.

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#10. Melt in the mouth pork shoulder

What makes this meal so tasty is that it is rubbed generously for a great combination of spices and left to sit and marinade.

When you have cooked the shoulder on low throughout the day you are left with a piece of meat that is falling apart and tender like no other.

Combine this meat with BBQ sauce for great pulled pork brioche buns on game days, or in wraps cut in halves for lunch boxes, there are so many options and something to suit everyone in the family.

You can even get the family involved to think of great ways to use the cooked meat and then take turns making everyone’s suggestion making it a real team effort.

A successful dish that is a must-have in your culinary repertoire.

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#11. Keto pork

As a family that lives as reasonably healthy as possible and who follows the Keto-based nutritional plan, this dish pleased my heart.

It looks just as good as it tastes, and with that professional touch of making incisions and filling them with garlic cloves (don’t they always look like that in magazines), you can be sure to impress the family and friends that come around.

When you have children you will understand the demands that come with them. They need to be taken to sports practices, driven to and from friends’ houses, and between all that you need to somehow make dinner and maintain a clean home.

Thankfully, with these crock pot pork shoulder recipes supper is one less thing to worry about. All you do is place the meat joint in the cooker on top of onions or vegetables if you prefer and leave it to work its magic, job done.

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#12. Cilantro and citrus pork

While fresh herbs and a bit of zest tend to lean towards the warmer months, this meal proves that theory wrong, to an extent.

Because now you can enjoy your favorite flavors when the clouds outside are grey for weeks on end and a blue sky is nowhere in sight.

Winter is about feeling comfortable, wearing baggy clothes and layers, sipping hot beverages that warm the soul, and eating home-cooked meals that make you close your eyes on the first bite.

This is why I love this recipe. It is simple and elegant at the same time and tastes and looks like you have spent hours slaving in the kitchen (but you know the real secret).

Serve this for the family and be ready for compliments all around.

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#13. Crock-pot Thai Style Pork

An Asian-influenced or inspired dish has always been in the top 5 of my favourites list of recipes and meals and I will choose it over any other traditional dish.

So, bringing those flavors to the dining table was a must for me, and I am so blessed to have found these pork shoulder slow cooker recipes that allow me to enjoy our family’s go-to takeout meal in the comfort of our home.

And, thankfully too, because the weather outside is miserable.  

I like to serve the pulled-apart pork in lettuce cups (to add that touch of freshness and to balance the rich, heaviness of the pork meat), and with homemade salsa. You can also squeeze some lime on top just before serving to elevate the meal.

A winning supper meal on served with rice or a weekend light bite when no one wants to be in the kitchen when they could be cozying on the sofa.

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#14. Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder

Apple Cider is not an ingredient many people would think to use when cooking but this healthy pork shoulder recipe will change your mind.

I like to add in a splash of apple cider vinegar too just to help the tendering process of the meat and apple cider vinegar has a whole host of health benefits too, so it is a win all around.

You can serve the meat in large chunks on creamy mashed potato or shredded and tossed between al dente pasta.

We have been experimenting with various starches and two winners have been celeriac mash and sweet potato wedges, an option to help spice things up when you feel like you are in a rut.

Sure, supper time is going to come around whether we want it to or not but the stress that accompanies it doesn’t have to. An effortless dish that is a true crowd-pleaser.

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#15. Balsamic Pork Roast with Boneless Pork Shoulder

Pepper flakes, garlic powder, and balsamic all married together in this one-pot sensation makes this crockpot dish a must-try.

This dish opts for a boneless shoulder but is made just as perfectly with a bone-in version and you will wish you had made more because second helpings are inevitable.

If you do decide to double the portion with 2 separate cuts of meat don’t fear that they won’t be just as tender as the original yield, both will be equally delicious, now you just have the luxury to enjoy more of this tender meat for longer. Win-win.

When you are stuck on what to make for dinner because the winter blues seem to have crept in, opt for this slow cooker pork shoulder recipe to lift those winter blues.

Comfort food in all its glory.

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#16. Hawaiian Pork

Bringing that holiday flavor to the dining table is always fun and now you can as you indulge in these slow cooker pork shoulder recipes that are so quick and easy to make, dinner becomes a breeze.

Slow cooking has always been a way of tenderizing meats for centuries, the only difference is that people would have to sit around the fire and turn the meat frequently over the fire all the while remembering to continually baste so it wouldn’t dry out.

And it worked perfectly for them and was more about a social interaction accompanied by great food.

These days, however, life is busy, schedules are full and routines seem never-ending, so finding meals that essentially cook themselves are a life-saver during the week.

When the winter chill is in full force it is nice to bring a moment of holiday memory to the table with a fresh meal, and this pineapple creation offers you that. All the goodness you want in a plate with filling meat that falls apart and a light fruity essence to lift the meal.

Beautiful looking food that tastes delicious.

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#17. Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork in the slow cooker

I love to get the kids involved in the cooking process as much as possible, one for the social aspect and being together, but also for the learning process behind the methods and techniques they see and participate in.

They may not know why certain elements are done in a particular order or why spices taste the way they do, but when they get older they will remember and think back at how much fun they had and actually learned and can then implement those same practices into their lives and families.

The kids love putting on gloves and massaging meat with spices and rubs (I guess kids see the joy in the simplest of things), then placing the meat into the slow cooker, they thrill at the sight of Dr. Pepper being poured in and the bubbles fizzing and popping all over the place.

True joy and such great memories made together.

For a fun and hands-on meal to make this is a must-try recipe that has been highly successful at the dining table and tastes brilliant.

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#18. Garlic and Ginger pork

Placing all the components of this meal in the slow cooker in their raw form you immediately see how the vibrant colors complement each other, and while this dish shows carrots and green beans you can add your favorites as substitutes and it will taste just as perfect.

Because pork shoulder is a tougher cut of meat it tends to be tricky to cook in the oven without constant supervision or basting, but the slow cooker does all the work for you and is an angel disguised as a crockpot that can take the pressure off of having dinner ready when you know the workday is back-to-back with meetings.

Pop everything in and set it on low as you head out the door to work, the flavors meld and intensify as they simmer gently in the cooker throughout the day, and you are hit with a delicious smell when you open the door after a long day back from the office and school.

And when you are wrapped up from head to toe in your winter woollies, a home-cooked meal is exactly what the doctor will have ordered to cure a grey day.

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#19. Sweet and Spicy brown sugar pork

You can never go wrong with a good dish of sweet, tangy, and sticky, and this recipe ticks all of those boxes.

It has a rich, dark and vibrant color at the end of cooking that makes you want to dive right in, and with only a few ingredients, most of which you will more than likely have in your pantry and fridge, it is quick and simple to put together and leave for several hours.

My husband loves a smoky piece of meat so I usually substitute smoked, sweet paprika for the traditional one but both work beautifully well.

Take the time to try this meal for dinner this week and you will be glad that you did, it does not disappoint.

Success with all the family, and when kids are in the picture is a big win in my book.

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Does pork shoulder need liquid in crock pot?

Yes, adding a small amount of liquid (such as broth, water, or a flavorful sauce) to the crock pot when cooking pork shoulder can help prevent it from drying out and enhance the final taste and tenderness of the meat.

Can you cook pork shoulder too long in crock pot?

Yes, you can cook pork shoulder too long in a crock pot, which can result in the meat becoming overly tender and potentially falling apart. It’s important to follow recommended cooking times to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

Winter can get a lot of people down and out and you see them moping around for months on end moaning about the weather, but with these pork shoulder crock pot recipes to get you through the winter season, you can guarantee that won’t be you.

With filling meals, and easy-to-follow recipes, you will be glad you gave them a go. And for more recipes to inspire the various season’s meals, be sure to head to our blog for collections of dishes to suit the whole family.

Cooking food is one thing we can do well irrespective of your cooking experience, with simple recipes you can do (and taste) it all. Don’t forget to make these pulled pork side dishes to serve with your meal too.

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