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15 Delicious Crockpot Potato Recipes with Simple Ingredients

In a nutshell: The crockpot potato recipes include various options such as cheesy hash brown potatoes, potato soup, baked potatoes, maple cinnamon crock pot sweet potatoes, and more. These recipes provide nourishment and warmth for the family, proving that simple ingredients can create extraordinary dishes.

When the weather is horrible outside and you look out the office window knowing that the end of the day is imminent and you have to run in that weather to get to your car, the last thing you want is to be reminded that when you get home the family needs dinner.

And who said that thunderstorms were allowed during the summer season, we want sun and only sun, am I right?

Of course, we know the hubby and kids need to be fed, if only there was someone or something that cooked to do the heavy lifting for you, well now there is.

What you want is to get your hands on the best potato crock pot recipes for feel-good comfort food that hits the mark every time, and with your trusted slow cooker by your side, you can’t go wrong.

Nothing beats a meal that warms the soul, and when enjoyed under the covers on the sofa, life is good.

#1. Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

When you know the family, and a few friends and neighbours are coming over for a start of summer BBQ you need food to feed an army, but that also means it takes forever to make everything. And who wants to spend all day in the hot kitchen, no thank you.

Marinating the meat overnight so it has a chance to absorb those spices and garlic salts to get into the meat well and truly is one of my favourite parts of the meal, the other is having great sides to pair with the meat. 

I have made many dishes in the crockpot but I knew I needed to dig out my old classic slow cooker potato recipes to save the day as they have done successfully on so many occasions.

This scalloped spud dish ticks all the boxes, it is filling, rich, and creamy, and has garlic (a generous amount if I do say so myself) and herbs running throughout. Everyone always comes back for more when we place this dish on the buffet table and thankfully it is so easy to make a double portion that I always triple the yield so I have leftovers for lunch the next day.

A perfect side dish for any meal and is effortlessly easy to put together.

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#2. Slow Cooker Potatoes two ways: Garlic Ranch Potatoes and Taco flavored

Two for the price of one, it doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

What makes this crock pot potato recipe so unique is you can make the double batch of potatoes but once cooked, split the mix and season to your preference.

Simply pop all the potatoes into the cooker, set to low with a few milliliters of water to aid the steaming and simmering as they cook, and leave for several hours while you crack on with the rest of the supper preparations.

And if garlic is not for you (it is not something my children particularly care for) you can always opt for simple butter and a good seasoning of Himalayan salt. The kids won’t mind giving the salt grinder a good few twists as they see the pink dust sink into the hot, buttery flesh of the spuds.

The main objective is to make the dish work for you and your family and this is so versatile you could make a small portion for each family member to season to their liking.

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#3. Crockpot Sausage & Potatoes

Dinner is served all at once in this simple dish and the effortlessness makes it a frequent visitor at our dining table.

I always thought potato slow cooker recipes would turn out to be like mashed potatoes but I was wrong, and since discovering this marvel of slow cooking, we rarely boil potatoes in water like we used to.

This way I know I can leave them to do their thing and when I come back in the afternoon they will be soft and tender and I don’t have to worry about the water boiling over or even completely evaporating and risk burning the pot or worse the whole kitchen.

I love fuss-free recipes that need little to no supervision, and still, turn out to taste amazing. A winner in my eyes for sure.

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#4. Crockpot cheesy hash brown potatoes 

Hash browns in the eyes of my children are like the lost food group, they would eat them for every meal if they could get away with it, and while I don’t mind them, we do need to use them in different ways to keep our sanity.

Smothered-in cheese always seems to work like these potato crock pot recipes that take no stress to make, are done before you know it, and taste like you peeled, grated, and neatly layered numerous layers of cheese goodness with grated potatoes.

If you are looking for comfort food, this is it. I could eat this dish in a bowl, but it goes beautifully with BBQ meat or even over roasted chicken, there is something for everyone.

Try this the next time the kids’ nag for hash browns and watch how their faces light up to see that melted cheese has also been thrown into the mix.

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#5. Potato soup recipe

When that midweek summer downpour has appeared out of nowhere, only easy potato crock pot recipes will suffice, and this meal does just that.

It is packed with flavor, is filling to the brim, and when you have that extra crispy fried bacon on the side to sprinkle over you can be sure there will be silence around the dining table that evening as everyone tucks into the thick, velvety soup savoring every spoonful.

If my husband tells me that the in-laws will be coming to visit over the weekend I like to have impressive yet effortless meals such as this one to make a good impression. It may look like a simple soup, but when you serve it with a dollop of thick cream, chopped spring onion, grated cheese, and the crispy bacon on top there is just too much goodness to make any sort of argument.

A magazine-worthy looking dish that is a true crowd-pleaser, and a must-try meal for the next family meal to warm little bodies and fill hungry tummies.

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#6. Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

When it is Friday and no one wants to come home to cook a full-blown meal our go-to supper option is to cook outside on the grill, but meat alone will not feed the family nutritiously, you need sides and options.

So finding these healthy potato slow cooker recipes that call for a humble ingredient to be wrapped in foil and left alone for the whole day I am all for it.

We all know how annoyingly long a baked potato can take to cook, and even more so if it is larger than average, so making them in the slow cooker to bake slowly throughout the entire day while you get on with work only makes sense.

This way when coming home they are perfectly soft (even the huge ones) and ready to top with your favorite ingredients and flavors. The ultimate meal to make you smile as you see it on your plate, and when topped with ground beef mince and cheese or beans, it makes a complete meal without the fuss.


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#7. Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops and Potatoes

Can you ever go wrong with a chop and potato combo? This meal has lumps of butter scattered all over which to me is the ultimate feel-great food, I can eat butter on anything and everything.

If you can find and make crockpot potato recipes that have meat, starch, and butter in them, half the job is done.

And I love that this meal incorporates apple cider vinegar which is one of my newfound ingredients. It helps to tenderize the protein in this specific recipe, but is great for salads and diluting in water for a refreshing summer drink.

Everything in one place for a humble, yet tasty dinner.

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#8. Gluten-free Crock-Pot Cowboy Casserole recipe 

I was told about this dish when chatting to a friend over a much-needed coffee break the other day, and when I searched further I found a whole host of slow cooker potato recipes I had yet to try, so I was on a mission.

We had to begin with this one because the title screams that something good is about to happen, after all, aren’t cowboys the cool cats of the west we know and love? And when you take your first bite of this meaty, cheesy, bean-filled goodness you will know why.

It is packed full of flavors and filling ingredients and soothes the soul with its heart-warming spices.

The best part of this is that you can have this super meal with the peace of mind that there is no flour, and if you did want to thicken the sauce or liquid up in some way then opt for almond or coconut flour.

Remember though that coconut flour has a higher absorption ratio so less is more when using it as a thickening agent.

Easy-peasy dinner options that are fantastically delish. And the kids will love telling their friends at school the next day that they ate a cowboy meal, oh yes.

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#9. Maple Cinnamon Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes

In our country, a version of this slow-cooking sensation features in pretty much every bakery and corner shop available, but has the added twist of being wrapped in phyllo pastry, brushed with melted butter more than once, and popped in the oven for a golden pastry that is sweet, not a dessert.

I like the idea of it but not the pastry element, so deciding to use the concept and make the sweet potatoes in the crockpot as a side accompaniment for Sunday lunch worked out a treat.

The cinnamon helps to cut down the overly sweet flavor of the maple syrup, and the potato soaks up all the flavors and components with open arms, the perfect side dish to complement a roast joint, lamb shanks, or even a meaty fish if the season is right.

Try this for a side serving, or if the kids are all for it, as a dessert. This way you know the kids are getting that extra vegetable into them and it saves you having to make a cake or sweet dish of sorts, win-win.

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#10. Crockpot Parmesan Red potatoes

What you see with these slow cooker meals for potatoes is what you get, and this is the easiest side dish you can make.

There are only a handful of steps to the method, and needs no prior culinary experience for it to be a success, so my husband has no excuse but to give it a go and it was amazing. He was impressed with himself too, I could see, but he wouldn’t let on in case he was roped in again to make it (here’s hoping).

I like to add a generous (overly so if I am being honest) amount of parmesan cheese when mixing all the ingredients with the spuds, and then a dash more when everything goes into the cooker to cook on low for several hours while you make yourself a well-deserved cup of tea and put your feet up for a moment before getting back to the vacuuming and dusting.

Once you start to smell the waft of the garlic and parmesan drifting through the house, pop some basted chicken drums into the oven on high to cook and be ready for lunch when the kids run through the door back from school.

Chicken and potatoes are always going to be a winning pair in our house, and I hope they will be in your house too after trying this recipe.

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#11. Vegetarian Lentil Chili with sweet potatoes 

Whoever said that comfort food couldn’t also be healthy food hasn’t given this dish a try.

Seeing this simmer gently in the crockpot is like a rainbow of colors all singing in harmony.

And each of the colors you see has a unique flavor, all beautifully tasty and full of nutrition.

Lentils have always been a staple in the diets of poorer countries because they are a great source of alternative protein and they are filling and cheap to buy. Add to that the humble sweet potato and a whole host of other vegetables and you have yourself a meal fit for kings. Packed with goodness and flavor.

You will want this recipe ready to hand when those grey clouds start rolling in. And the perk of this meal is that it is completely gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about allergies or if the sauce was thickened with flour or others.

Close the curtains, turn on your favorite series, and dish a bowl of this chili for a heart-warming meal that the family will love.

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#12. Potatoes, Cabbage, Onion, and Kielbasa slow-cooked to perfection

When I tell people who ask what I consider to be comfort food they are surprised when they hear that cabbage and potato are on the list of ingredients I would choose to make a home-cooked meal with love.

But these humble ingredients lend themselves to so many recipes, they have so many options for hot and cold foods, and are reasonably cheap to buy which makes most dishes with the vegetable that much more cost-effective.

Pop everything into the crockpot, set on low for several hours till the cabbage and potato are soft, and enjoy a one-pot slow cooking sensation. You could swap the traditional sausage for a smoky or garlic version to change things up and add a nice twist to the dish.

Leave it to bubble throughout the day and when you come home all you need to do is dish a steaming bowl of this for everyone to enjoy and be content. A comfort food dish that is a winner every time.

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#13. Russet Potatoes slow-cooked with olive oil and Lipton onion soup mix

This looks as fancy as you had imagined and tastes amazing. The trickiest part of the meal is the layering which unless you make the effort won’t turn out like those magazine-worthy images, but trust me, it is well worth it. Even if it is only until the family dig in.

The potatoes are soft and tender and if you like sour cream and onion crisps then you will love this recipe, it has a similarity to it that brings back fond childhood memories.

A great side serving for outdoor dining, or even with a salad makes for a great entrée to nibble on while the conversation flows and the drinks are chilling.

Effortless is the best type of recipe because it means you have the chance to focus on the other things in life that are more important to you, like hanging out with the kids on the grass while the potatoes essentially cook themselves.

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#14. Slow Cooker Leek & Potato Soup

The timeless classic of this recipe will stand the test of time.

Leek and potato soup (also known as a Vichyssoise but only if it is served cold) was once a royal meal considered an honor to be served or to serve to guests, and has since then remained on menus around the globe.

A few edits have been added or omitted through the centuries with oils and essences added for unique or more intense flavors, or the ingredients deconstructed for a more modern approach, but the fact remains that the potato has been the foundation and star of the dish every time.

It has a comfort about it that cannot be replaced, and an effortless feel-good element that brings the other ingredients together and melts for a perfectly flavorful and balanced meal.

Top with crispy bacon pieces for the kids (who believe every dish needs some form of bacon in it), and add a nice crunch or truffle oil for a unique flavor and pop of color against the creamy potato.

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#15. Slow Cooker Greek Potatoes

Olive oil is like the mascot for the Greeks, that and olives, of course (which would be a great addition to these potatoes once they are cooked and in the serving dish now that I come to think of it), but the simple ingredients they combined make cooking effortless and tasty at the same time.

A good, pure, extra-virgin olive oil is a must for this dish, not pomace or another variation because it has a filtered perfection to the taste that cannot be substituted. The same goes for the butter component. No, margarine will not suffice and will certainly change the taste of the overall meal.

There is a known fact in cooking and kitchens throughout the world, that to make the best food you should always use the best quality of ingredients you can find or afford. If it means fewer ingredients of better produce over a large quantity that is less than great, then the former option is a must.

You will thank yourself for it, it will not only taste so much better, but it will surely be healthier, as the mass-produced products usually have additives and preservatives you don’t want in your food.

When you make this dish and the ingredients are the best, you could serve this on its own and have happy customers. Sprinkle a generous amount of Himalayan salt over as it sits in the serving dish and you have the perfect dish.

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Do I need to boil potatoes before slow cooker?

Boiling potatoes before using them in a slow cooker can help ensure even cooking and prevent them from being undercooked in the final dish, but it’s not always necessary, especially if you’re using a longer cooking time in the slow cooker.

Will potatoes overcook in a crock pot?

Yes, potatoes can overcook in a crock pot if not monitored properly, resulting in a mushy texture.

Who knew that the humble potato would have such a significant impact on our lives, finding potato crock pot recipes for feel-good comfort food is a must to create filling, tasty dinners, and lunches.

Too often people overthink or over plan meals, when using simple pantry basics is usually the best option, quality over quantity.

To find greater recipe collections, check out our blog for ideas and innovations using simple ingredients for dishes the whole family will enjoy.

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