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15 Crockpot Cube Steak Recipes: Tender and Flavorful

In short: The crockpot cube steak recipes include variations such as Cube Steak and Gravy, Slow Cooker Cube Steak Parmesan, Slow Cooker Buttered Mushrooms and Cube Steak, and more. Despite using budget-friendly cuts of meat, these recipes highlight that delicious meals can be prepared with simplicity and creativity.

Cooking for some people is their worst nightmare and I have to say I was once there, I dreaded going to the kitchen to make food, and that was because it was always such an effort. Until now.

Since finding these cube steak crock pot recipes to make dinner meals a breeze they have been just that – effortless. I now look forward to trying new dishes, finding meals that I would not normally consider for my family, and experimenting with different cuisines.

Making supper has become a joy again and it is all down to my trusty slow cooker, and once you browse these recipes for cube steak in the crockpot you will thank yourself for giving it a go.

#1. Crock Pot Cube Steak 

It doesn’t get simpler than that. Cube steak and gravy are all simmering away gently in one place and dinner is done when you come back to the cooker at the end of the day, win-win.

I love it when the recipe calls for the meat to slow cook in its juices but with the added flavor of gravy, it becomes fork-tender and essentially falls apart the moment you try to dig into it.

Simply pop all the ingredients into the crockpot in the morning on low and proceed to tackle the day with all its errands and taxing around children, before you know it the afternoon has arrived and it is time to wind down.

Thankfully, you know that supper is taken care of and you have one less stress to think about as the day comes to a close.

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#2. Slow cooker Cube Steak Parmesan

When you think about cube steak you may not think of it as healthy but it is quite a lean cut of meat making these great healthy cube steak crock pot recipes alternatives to fatty steaks on the BBQ.

They do, however, require a longer cooking time as the meat can be tough if not left to slow cook and allow the muscle fibers to break down, and that is why I love the slow cooker version of this dish.

An elegant dish that looks as good as it tastes and is a stress-free option for midweek dinners when the weekend couldn’t come around soon enough.

Top all of that meaty goodness with strong parmesan cheese and life couldn’t get better.

We all know the old saying that good food doesn’t need to take up all your time in the kitchen and this dish proves that quick and easy, a must-try for the family this week.

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#3. Slow Cooker Buttered Mushrooms and cube steak

Too often people dismiss mushrooms thinking they simply bulk up a dish and offer no nutritional value other than color and texture, but they are so much more than that, and paired with good meat offer a great balance to the overall dish.

Once you lay the steaks in the cooker and top them with the mushrooms, this is where the magic happens.

The pan with the melted butter that you seared the steaks in (I like to use a generous amount of butter because it tastes so good) is then poured over the mushrooms enveloping them in all that meaty juices and flavors.

Set the cooker to low and when you have finished work and the kids are back from school you are hit with a delicious aroma the moment you open the door.

Easy meals that cook themselves are the types of dishes I will certainly be having around for a very long time.

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#4. Slow Cooked Smothered Cubed Steak

The word smothered had me sold on this recipe, any meal that says meat is covered in a flavorful sauce is a winner in my book.

I like to make dinners that, unfortunately for me being so fussy, need to tick a lot of boxes.

There needs to be minimal effort, it should taste amazing of course, but most importantly I don’t want to have to watch it all day, life is busy enough as it is. Thankfully, this meal hits the spot and has become a firm family favorite at our dining table.

The sauce at the end of this slow cooking process makes it all worthwhile and which is why I am so grateful to have discovered these easy-to-prepare cube steak slow cooker recipes while searching for new dinner options.

We could all use help in life when kids are in the picture and taking up every second we have with their extra-curricular activities, so be ready to have more free time with this recipe.

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#5. Braised Cubed Steak with Peppers and Onions

This dish is picture-perfect, is packed with color and flavor, and is a true crowd-pleaser.

If I’m feeling innovative I add an assortment of onions, red and white, as well as a good mix of black and green olives and bell peppers, and they pop against the rich colour of the meat and gravy sauce.

When thinking about what to cook for the family the last thing you want is to be stressed out, life is too short to not enjoy what you are doing, and with these slow cooker cube steak recipes at your fingertips, it is easier than ever.

Pop the ingredients into the crockpot and forget about it till you need it at the end of the day, a dish that doesn’t need supervision is what makes the day great.

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#6. Crock Pot Cube Steak and Potatoes 

Why do potatoes make us feel so good?

Is it because they are so filling, do we love the soft, delicate texture of them that melts in your mouth, or are we so accustomed to using them for every meal we don’t know any different?

Well, I am here to show you a new variation on the potato side dish that you may not have thought of using before. Hash browns.

We all know and love them so why are we not eating them more often? A question I always hear from the kids and to be honest they’re right, why should we eat only one version of the humble starch.

Pop a few (and then some) of the hash browns on top of the steak – try to add frozen ones so they don’t turn to mush – and layer with a thick sauce to cook on low for the rest of the day.

When dinner comes around you have the perfect combination of meat and potato and the children will surely jump for joy when they taste it as hash browns. A huge success of a dish in our house and around the dinner table.

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#7. Cuban cube steaks

If spice and flavor are what you have been looking for when searching for the best crock pot cube steak recipes then look no further because the dish ticks all the boxes you could ask for.

This has oregano, garlic, and cumin and is packed with goodness.

Supper with friends and family has now become a tradition in our home on the last Friday of the month and I have had a renewed excitement for trying new dishes (let’s just say they are my guinea pigs, but I know they will give me their honest opinions) and it is so fun.

The children are involved wherever possible and we enjoy being together, doing something they will remember when they are older and hopefully do the same with their kids.

Food brings people and families together, we just want to make sure it tastes good in the process.

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#8. Easy Swiss steak

This is similar to a stew but using cube steaks makes this dish a healthy version with lean meat and low sodium ingredients, perfect for keeping in line with your healthy nutritional eating plan.

I love how the tomatoes and carrots in this recipe all simmer harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients and become just as tender yet flavorful when often they can fade away into the background of the meal.

The tender meat complements the other items and together, paired with fluffy white rice, make this a meal that will warm the heart after a long day at the office.

Simplicity and elegance are all wrapped up in these slow cooker cube steak recipes so you have peace of mind that supper will be served without you having been in the kitchen all day.

Slow cooking makes the meat fall apart and a pleasure to eat when it tastes so good.

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#9. Slow cooker cube steaks paprika

When I read through this recipe it all looked pretty standard but then I was pleasantly surprised by one ingredient I didn’t think would feature sour cream.

Wow. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Adding the sour cream in the last part (meat removed) and letting it melt into the cooked meaty liquid to offer a subtle creamy texture was a treat I now consider for many dishes, and then the meat is added back into the sauce to be drenched in the rich, comfort-food goodness.

Many people may worry that the paprika will be overwhelming (so did I to be honest because it calls for quite a large amount) but it gels equally well into the dish and is not overbearing in the least.

If you want to add a twist you can substitute smoked paprika instead or even chili-infused paprika for that added bite, the options are endless and this is a dish suitable for the whole family.

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#10. Slow Cooker Cube Steak Marsala

We all know how perfectly alcohol works in dishes and this is exactly that, a modern variation of the cube steak crock pot recipes that we love but with Marsala wine instead of your traditional merlot or cooking wine (heaven forbid).

The best part of this dish is that it is extremely budget-friendly because cube steak is quite an underrated cut of meat and thus inexpensive, which means you can even double the yield for extra meals the next day or freeze down for a rainy day as this reheats just as well.

A quick dish that doesn’t break the bank to make is a bonus everyone needs in their lives and it is so simple to make even the older children can get involved and start making this dish once a month while you take a (well-deserved) day off.

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#11. Simple cube steak dish with a tomato-based sauce

This is a dish that has an elegant velvety texture to it and is a divine meal to try, smooth and luxurious you wouldn’t think that a simple tomato tin and cubed steak could work so well together.

If you don’t have tinned tomato soup to hand and only chopped tomatoes this works equally perfect, but it does mean that at the end of the cooking time if you want a thicker sauce you may have to add a spoon of cornstarch to the sauce to thicken the texture.

When I have used the tinned soup variation it omits this step and serving meat that has a coating of delicate tomato is a pleasure to see on the plate, alongside rice and vibrant, organic vegetables you have a beautiful dish that tastes as delicious as it looks.

Midweek supper times can now be as quick as turning on the crockpot to low in the morning and returning to it in the afternoon. What could be easier than that?

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#12. Grandma-Approved Crockpot Keto Cube Steak

Eating healthily and living a nutritionally sound life is not always as easy as we want it to be, we need to often sacrifice the meals and ingredients we love because they have too much sugar or additives in them.

So what does that mean? Living on salads and dry meat that takes hours to chew? No thank you, not for me.

Thankfully, with these cube steak slow cooker recipes you don’t have to, and you can still enjoy great tasting food, as you deserve to.

My family and I follow a Keto lifestyle eating plan which means we don’t eat traditional flours or refined sugars, but substituting them for almond flours (or coconut if you have a nut allergy) and sweetener versions of sugar makes meals just as easy to enjoy as you usually would without having to opt for a cheat meal.

This makes mealtimes just as tasty and knowing it can still be done using the slow-cooker and left on low to bubble away during the day makes it that much easier. We have enjoyed many slow cooker meals with much success.

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#13. Venison cube steak

Oh yes, you read that right, venison in all its glory has made its way onto the collection of crock pot cube steak recipes you have to try for dinner for the family this week.

If you know anything about meat and more importantly game meat then you will have a good understanding of how unique and heavy a flavor it brings to the table. But when you add it to the crockpot with the rest of the ingredients you barely taste the gamey flavor profile and rather enjoy the amalgamation of delicious spices and ingredients.

You have the opportunity to enjoy tender game meat, smother it in a flavorful sauce, and serve it to the kids who simply think it’s beef (and we let them think that until their plates are clean), and all without breaking a sweat in the kitchen.

A winning dish all around – and if you choose to not tell the kids they just ate Santa’s reindeer then that is ok too.

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#14. Gluten-free cube steak

Just because you don’t eat flour in your meals does not mean you have to miss out on the goodness that is cube steak and even more so using the slow cooker to make meals that are flourless.

I’m sure you know all about the flour alternatives you can use, but when it comes to steak no dish tastes as good as when it comes with creamy mashed potato or fluffy rice.

So, instead of those generic ingredients why not opt for the increasingly popular cauliflower rice (we love it in our house and I am not entirely sure the kids know that they are consuming a vegetable as if it was covered in sugar), it adds nutritional value to the entire dish and is so speedy to make.

The cooked cauliflower, or steamed if you prefer, we have a steamer so we make the veg in there, soaks up the liquid from the crockpot just as beautifully as potato but without the allergy risk or calories (yes, please).

This dish is quick and easy to prepare and goes down well at our dining table.

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#15. Slow Cooker Swiss steak And Onion

This dish takes only 10 minutes of your time to prepare and then you leave the slow cooker to work its magic throughout the day.

It is so simple to make and when cube steak crock pot recipes are this easy why would you want to try anything else? An effortless meal that tastes delicious is something we all strive for when meal planning for the family.

You could opt to switch out the onions for sweet red onions to add a different color element or even shallots if you have the energy (to peel) for a new twist to the dish.

If not and you have a pocket of onions in the pantry that need using up then those will work just as easily and taste just as good.

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Can you tenderize steak in a crock pot?

No, a crock pot doesn’t directly tenderize steak; it cooks slowly to potentially break down toughness over time.

Can you put steak in slow cooker raw?

Yes, you can put raw steak in a slow cooker. However, for the best texture and flavor, it’s recommended to sear or brown the steak before adding it to the slow cooker.

How do you cook cube steak so it’s not tough?

To cook cube steak so it’s not tough, you can tenderize the meat with a meat mallet, marinate it, or coat it in a seasoned flour before cooking. Additionally, cooking it briefly over high heat or using a slow cooker with moisture can help achieve a more tender result.

Cheap cuts of meat don’t necessarily mean that the food will be of less quality because this collection of cube steak slow cooker recipes to make dinner meals a breeze proves those sceptics wrong and if you are looking for more tasty dishes try then head to our blog.

You can eat well on a budget just the same as if you had paid double the price for the dish, the main objective is to love what you cook and the taste will speak for itself. 

If you happen to cook too much of this,

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