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Crock Pot Low Carb Recipes: 24 Easy and Delicious Meals

In summary: The easy and delicious low-carb crockpot recipes include Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken, Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Soup, Crock Pot Crustless Pizza, Crock Pot Crack Chicken, etc. The recipes are designed to be simple to prepare, making them great options for individuals new to cooking or looking for convenient and healthy meal ideas.

Cooking may not be for everyone but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be done or should be dismissed completely.

These low-carb crockpot recipes are simple meals that are easy to follow and great for beginners.

Too often we think that good food needs specific skills but now everyone can make meals that taste as delicious as our parents used to make, and with half the effort.

Take this chance to enjoy cooking again and surprise the family with dinners that will impress and all made in the slow cooker.

#1. Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken

 This dish has all the goodness in a meal that one could want when it comes to comfort food, and everything is better with bacon is it not?

But with the rich cream and cheese, you can still have peace of mind that you are serving a healthy option made from lean chicken breasts.

A slow cooking recipe that shows us everything thrown into one pot and left to cook and melt together till the chicken breasts are cooked through and the cheese has enveloped the rest of the ingredients.

Try this in winter when it’s cold and you don’t feel like cooking but want a meal that warms the soul.

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#2. Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Soup

All the flavorful spices and tastes of your favorite Mexican fajita dish but without the guilt of eating a load of carbohydrates that we love but which are not good for us.

Healthy crock pot recipes can taste good and be nutritionally sound, and this recipe ticks all the boxes.

It is filling enough to fill hungry tummies when the chill outside is becoming too much, but light enough to be enjoyed outside for a light dinner during the summer.

A versatile dish that can be tweaked and edited by the leftovers you have in the fridge to use up, and is easy on the wallet too.

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#3. Crock Pot Crustless Pizza

Yes, you can have your trusted pizza and eat it too. And it is healthier than your traditional pizza meal that we know and love.

The sauciness of the tomato and beef, the richness of the melted cheese, and sprinkled with chopped spring onion when serving takes this carb-free meal to the next level.

Who are we to say that healthy food needs to be boring?

Surprise the kids with this takeout dinner favorite but which was effortlessly made in the slow cooker at home, and as easy as ordering a delivery.

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#4. Crock Pot Crack Chicken

When everything is in one pot and the most difficult part of this meal prep is to turn it on when you leave the house, then an effortless supper is on the menu.

A quick and easy meal such as this gives you one less thing to worry about when the week begins, switch on and return home after work and be greeted by a delicious scent drifting through the house.

The kids and hubby will sigh a deep relief that dinner is ready when they walk in the door, as will you.

Eating healthy is as easy as you want it to be.

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#5. Broccoli Cheese Soup

Nothing is as comforting or as welcomed as a hot, simmering soup slow cooking away waiting to be dished up and served with homemade almond flour bread rolls.

High in vitamin K, the broccoli adds good color to the dish alongside the saltiness of the bacon.

A thick soup that is simple to whip up in the mornings before getting on with the day’s activities, but tastes like it took hours to prepare and look after.

This recipe is a family winner and is suited to all taste buds (and fussy eaters).

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#6. Easy low carb crock pot keto taco casserole

In our house, we love this dish served with cubed tomato and avocado salsa, a dollop of thick, chive-infused cream cheese, and fresh coriander.

It is a perfect meal for those warm summer nights when no one is in the mood to slave over the stove all day or night.

Simply dish for the family, sprinkle with the condiments and accompaniments, and cheer with a cold glass of white wine or apple cider.

You can be sure the kids will be lining up for the next serving.

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#7. Crockpot keto sausage and peppers

What’s great about this supper creation is that the protein component is easily swapped out to change it up during the weekly dinner rotations or by preferences.

Smokey sausage is a firm choice in our house, and who doesn’t love recipes for low carb crock pot meals that can be interchanged as you please.

Great for those following the paleo and keto meal plan, but still packed full with flavors and nutrition.

A successfully tried and tested meal option that never disappoints. Save this to your list of keto crockpot recipes you should try.

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#8. Crock pot teriyaki chicken

There couldn’t be an easier or healthier crockpot recipe than this one, and irrespective of your culinary level this is fail-proof.

With everything in the slow cooker simmering gently together and absorbing each other’s flavors the only thing you need to do once it’s cooked is shred the chicken.

No fat to deal with making the dish greasy which is perfect for those following low-carb eating plans, and the saltiness of the teriyaki brings a nice Asian twist to the overall dish.

Simple, elegant, and great for a first-date dinner.


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#9. French Onion Chicken

What we love about this meal is that traditionally you would serve it with a side portion of mashed potatoes or rice, but for a great low carb option cauliflower or even cauliflower rice is a great alternative.

It is simple to put together and into the crock pot and before you know it the chicken is tender, the onions have caramelized and you’re serving a classic dish over a modern accompaniment.

My husband is not a fan of onions but this recipe has changed his mind, at least this is the only dish he will eat with onions in it in the meantime.

It goes to show that humble ingredients can shine in their own way when they need to.

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#10. Crock Pot Beefy Pepper Jack Casserole

A thick, warm and cheesy dinner hat coats the stomach filling you up with goodness and leaving you feeling cozy for the rest of the night.

That’s just one description the kids gave when they had finished this new supper recipe and asked how it was.

So in our books, it’s a winner. A beginner’s dream dish.

Using lean meat, low-fat cheese, and organic vegetables you won’t believe that a low-carb crockpot recipe could taste this good.

The family will be begging you to dish up when the smell hypnotizes them throughout the house.

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#11. Crock-pot Keto White Chicken Chili

This recipe tastes like it has 100 steps involved but has the simplicity of harnessing such good flavors in only a handful.

Everything cooks for several hours besides the cream and cheese, once it’s done you shred the chicken and put it back in the slow cooker with the cream and cheese till they are melted.

And serve.

There is nothing more to it. Top with grated cheese and spring onions for a bit of flair but this is a meal even the older kids can help with during the week, they are never too old to learn, am I right?

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#12. Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken 

Set the chicken breasts in the crock pot with the chopped tomatoes sprinkled over, pour over the sauce you made on the side, and turn on till the afternoon.

Quick, simple, and something anyone can do with a few minutes to spare.

Low carb crockpot recipes are becoming increasingly popular, even with kids as their parents become more tuned into healthy eating and healthier food alternatives.

A Tuscan dish that delivers an impactful flavor profile with spinach and tomatoes to match, and guilt-free dining in the comfort of your home.

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#13. Crock Pot Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

No starch or fiber in sight, a dish where its main component is a vegetable, and lean bacon covered with cheese, a dish for royals my husband likes to say.

And he isn’t wrong.

This easy low carb crockpot recipe is so delicious hubby asked for the recipe to make it again the weekend, and as someone who never enters the kitchen let alone cooks, he said it was as simple as could be.

Who knows, it could become your other halves’ staple dish during the month which means one less meal for you to worry about, win-win.

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#14. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

If you have been looking for a dinner dish that is easy to follow and prepare but allows for some flexibility depending on the ingredients you have on hand then this is it.

Chicken and broccoli are a favorite combination at our dinner table.

And when we are looking to eat lighter and healthier food, especially during the summer months, a carb-free option of a side salad, as opposed to rice or pasta, always goes down well.

A one-pot luck dish that does all the work while you get on with your life, and you come home to a ready supper, now this is how life is supposed to be.

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#15. Buffalo Pork Chops 

A 5-minute dish for when all that searching for recipes for low carb crockpot meals just doesn’t seem profitable, and along comes the golden egg.

No effort, no fuss, and all you need to do are to turn your slow cooker to low for the perfect Sunday lunch when you come home from church with the family.

It is not only filling but is easily upsized when you know more family will be sitting around the dining table come noon.

All the reward and none of the work, my kind of meal.

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#16. Crock Pot Fiesta Lime Chicken

They say that if you want something good you have to make the effort, and while most of these low carb crockpot recipes take little to no time to prep, this one is worth that added 5 minutes.

After marinating the chicken overnight and then slowly cooking it till tender and ready to shred, you add the rest of the ingredients to be soaked up by all that soft chicken.

Traditionally you would use regular sugar but a sweetener alternative for those on a paleo and keto meal plan, this dish is just as good but without the unwanted calories.

A dollop of cream cheese, a squeeze of lime to serve and it is like being back on your island holiday vacation (if only).

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#17. Keto Low Carb Pot Roast Slow Cooker Recipe

Who doesn’t love having a good old traditional roast on a Sunday lunchtime, the family gathered all around the dining table chatting away, kids running around, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The thing is, roasts take time, and attention, and when you are trying to keep your house organised and getting to their activities on time this is one thing we just don’t have enough of.

Enter the slow cooker and all its magic.

Sauté’ off all the vegetables, give the cut of meat a right good old searing to lock in that caramelized flavor and goodness, and put it all in the crockpot. Top with stock and woody herb sprigs and lunch will take care of itself.

Organic vegetables, cooked with avocado oil to keep the calorie count low, are a crowd-pleaser that wins every time.

This is another must-have item in your keto slow cooker recipes list.

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#18.  Spanish Cauliflower Rice

Bored of salads and dry leaves whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then this cauliflower rice recipe is one to add to your culinary recipe bank.

The kids would never know the difference if you served it with sausage and tomatoes on the side, and it is the perfect side order for main meals.

It has a nice kick to it with the fresh chilies and chili powder but these are easily replaceable or omitted if there are any allergies or sensitive kids.

This is delicious with sautéed chorizo sausage stirred in and is a one-pot wonder that requires no skill level, a great notion for beginners to give a try.

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#19. Italian Chicken Thighs 

A humble meal that ticks all of the boxes for recipes for low-carb crockpot meals.

Chicken, tomatoes, and goodness are all served with zucchini noodles (which are amazing), a healthy supper that is tasty and nutritious.

The chicken is coated in a creamy sauce and when sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan and herbs it is heaven.

Your Italian nights out can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine, and a cuddle on the sofa afterward.

You’ll soon be opting for this dinner rather than heading out in the future.

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#20. Crock Pot Low-Carb Tortilla Soup

Taco night just got a whole lot cozier.

This remix of a recipe that has all the spicy, intense, and flavorful colors and tastes of a Mexican meal is now combined into a heart-warming, simmering soup to take away those winter blues.

A healthy crock pot recipe that is covered in cheese, is the perfect dish.

Using a few ingredient substitutes to keep this meal low carb (you should have these in your pantry already if you have been on a low carb diet already) makes it quick and easy to pull together.

And for that added crunch we have a bowl of low-fat tortilla crisps on the table for people to take from and sprinkle on their soup as they eat, a tasty textural element.

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#21. Crock Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

What my kids love about this dish is that they have everything they need from the traditional cheeseburger, but without the bun for a low carb option, they don’t mind a few sweet potato fries on the side (cooked with the air fryer).

And we all know the bun is the least favorite part of the meal so why fill up on it, and it isn’t healthy.

You could serve this with a side salad garnish to really stay on track with the low fat, low carb eating plan, and is great for outdoor dining.

A humble dish packed with flavor.

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#22. Beefy Vegetable Soup

I would not have thought to use this ingredient before trying this meal, now I don’t want to go back.

Radishes make a great potato substitute and absorb the flavors of the dish just as well and are high on the list of low-fat, healthy ingredients.

They are not only for cold salads as I originally thought, who knew.

A slow cooker meal filled to the top with organic, hearty vegetables and falling apart beef is the best way to warm up in the cold seasons.

Serve with homemade almond flour croutons to soak up that juicy liquid at the end.

Be sure to have a large portion made as there is always someone asking for a second helping in our house.

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#23. Keto meatballs

When it comes to keto crockpot meals, spaghetti meatballs that we love and grew up with have just been upgraded to the healthy adult version, and I am never going back to the old ways.

Mixing the mince with thick feta cheese (or Gruyere works just as well) you leave out the dry breadcrumbs which make this non-keto.

Give them a good sear in a pan to lock in the flavor and throw them into the slow cooker, top with the tomato sauce, and leave to simmer for several hours while you head to the shops and finish your errands.

Come home to a meal that is ready, fill the house with a taste of Rome on a summer evening outside the restaurant, and serve with zoodles (zucchini noodles) to keep this dish keto-friendly.

You can always add a dash of cream to the sauce for a fuller flavor.

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#24. Cabbage Soup with Ground Beef

Cabbage has long been known as a source of good nutrition, from traditional medicines centuries ago to wives’ tales still followed today by some people, either way, it tastes good and is a cheaper meal option.

This is the easiest dish for those starting their cooking journey with everything in one pot, a closed lid for a few hours, and a meal that is ready to serve when the family comes home from work and school.

If you want to surprise your wife with a meal but don’t know your way around the kitchen then this will do the trick, and it takes 5 minutes of work from your end.

The kids will be surprised, the wife impressed, and everyone will sleep soundly with full tummies tonight thanks to your creation. Win-win.

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We all need to start somewhere, and when it comes to cooking it can be daunting, but with these low-carb crockpot recipes which are great for beginners, you have nothing to fear.

These low carb slow cooker recipes are quick and easy, perfect for novice cooks, and if you head to our blog you’ll see even more recipe collections to help you build on your newfound love of cooking.

Be sure to try them with the family and you will be pleasantly surprised, they will not only look good but will taste great too.


What cannot be cooked in a slow cooker?

Foods that require a quick cooking time, such as delicate seafood and certain types of pasta, or dishes that rely on a crispy texture, like fried foods, are not suitable for cooking in a slow cooker.

Can you have sour cream on keto?

Yes, sour cream is generally considered keto-friendly as it is low in carbohydrates and high in fats, making it a suitable option for those following a ketogenic diet in moderation.

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