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25 Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes: The Ultimate Collection

In summary: The collection of crockpot vegetarian recipes that are kid-friendly and easy to make include Crock-pot Baked Ziti, Enchilada Bake, Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili Mac, Vegetarian Pot Pie, etc. These recipes offer a variety of flavors and ingredients while being simple to prepare in a crockpot, making them suitable for busy families looking for nutritious vegetarian meals.

If you have children you will know all about the struggles and debates we have to get into just so that our kids get their daily portion of vegetables into their bodies.

These vegetarian slow cooker recipes you can follow to make perfect side dishes for your main meaty meals.

There have been discussions for as long as 30 minutes in our house as to whether the veggies in this particular meal will be beneficial to them and how so.

Rather than trying to convince them every time we make a meal that has vegetable evidence in it that they will enjoy it, try making these crockpot vegetarian recipes that kids will love and which have had much success in families all around.

You would think they would love a bit of color in their meal, but alas, unless it has chocolate on it or it is covered in some form of sugary coating they won’t hear of it.

Until now.

#1. Crock-pot baked ziti

This dish is essentially just heaps of cheese, pasta, and good old vegetarian tomato sauce all cooked to perfection in the slow cooker, and what more can you ask for when it comes to feeding fussy kids.

I like to (sneakily) stir in cubed carrots and peppers from time to time claiming them to be part of the tomato (I am not sure if this is working but I am sticking to it) and they have yet to finish a bowl.

Besides, anything that has enough cheese sprinkled on top of it is a winner in our house.

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#2. Enchilada bake recipe

There is just no way that someone can resist this dish, even more so kids because it is an explosion of rainbow colors neatly packed in a bowl.

Filled to the top with beans, peppers, and corn all simmering away gently in a rich tomato-based liquid it has all the flavors but none of the fuss that would usually come with a meal that looks this good.

A simple slow-cooking dish, this healthy vegetarian crock pot recipe is a crowd-pleaser and makes for a great meal during those humid summer evenings.

The rice is fluffy and filling and absorbs the full flavor of the meal making it that much tastier.

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#3. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili Mac Recipe

The family may be deceived into thinking this meal took more hours and effort than it actually did, and this will make them appreciate it even more (and we deserve it).

A cheesy, creamy dish that is sprinkled with pops of color throughout and the little ones love seeing the strings of cheese hang from the fork as they dig their way through the dinner.

All you need to do is throw everything into the slow cooker, switch it on for several hours till the pasta is soft but still al dente, and come home to a ready meal that tastes great as is or topped with fresh spring onion (my husband’s successful request).

Quick and easy, and is the heartwarming meal the family will look for when the winter season begins to creep in.

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#4. Vegetarian Pot Pie

I love the word pie.

It brings a sense of coziness, comfort, and a heart-warming feeling, but a feeling that tastes great.

Nothing says welcome home after a long day at the office like a creamy pie, topped with homemade almond flour dumplings to make everything ok.

And because it is such a hit with the family this recipe is easily doubled with no more effort than the usual portion sizes.

You are welcome to top with grated Gruyere cheese when serving if you wish, it only adds to the overall richness of the meal.

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#5. Spinach Tortellini Soup Recipe

Soup is the one meal that feeds a crowd with ease, and with crock pot vegetarian recipes like these in your culinary repertoire you can go wrong.

While the ingredients are bubbling away and cooking to perfection you can get on with the housework and in the afternoon when the kids come back from school they can help you spread some garlic butter onto breadsticks to toast under the grill.

When they are golden and crispy, sprinkle them with fresh parsley which is a great dipping element at the dining table and is always a hit with the kids.

We all love a bit of garlic bread when we have time, and now you can enjoy both luxuries, a great-tasting soup, and your grandma’s bread recipe.

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#6. Risotto with Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese, and Brown Rice

If you are looking for an elegant dish that ticks all the boxes of a filling meal but is easy to make then this is the one for you.

I love butternut squash, all squash varieties for that matter, and when paired with goat’s cheese and risotto rice it takes me back to my favorite childhood restaurant we used to visit every month.

A quick dish that is suited for the entire family, and is versatile enough that it can be used with white, brown, or risotto rice.

You can also add in green pepper if you have some in the fridge that needs using up but also to spice up the color palette of the meal.

This is a hearty meal on its own but you could opt for a spoonful of the mix alongside a fresh green salad in the warmer months.

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#7. Slow Cooker Lentil Taco Chili 

The image alone of this makes me want to try this slow cooker vegetarian recipe, but when I did the result was fantastic.

Vibrant, colorful, and essentially an edible art piece, the family was surprised at how good it tasted considering the ample ingredients that seemingly work together.

Once everything has been slow cooking throughout the day you can take a moment to chop some fresh chili, tomato, and onion for a fresh topper element and grated cheese which the kids look for when dishing up.

We also like, from time to time, to crush some crispy tortilla chips on top to give a new texture contrast to the overall dish.

An easy meal for supper time that even the most novice of cooks can prepare successfully.

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#8. Black Bean Burritos and rice

Game days and those times when the kid’s schedule just seems to be never-ending, these vegetarian crockpot recipes are a game-changer, and even more so with these quick and easy burritos.

Everyone loves a meal that is a wrap.

There is something magical about a wrap (the spinach and kale versions are my children’s flavor of the moment) that brings everything together (literally).

These are perfect for lunchboxes and a quick snack between meal times and are a perfect grab-and-go tummy filler for those car journeys to and from the football matches that seem to start at all mad hours of the weekend mornings.

You can add a spreading of mayonnaise, sweet chili, or even homemade coleslaw to really bulk up this dish.

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#9. Crock-pot baked potatoes

This is the perfect accompaniment at the dinner table for those summer BBQs and has endless topping options.

You would think that potatoes immediately require sour cream and bacon but baked beans and strong grated cheese taste just magical.

A full meal on its own.

Cut in half to get your starch component on your plate or eat as the main star of the meal, either way, it is a filling dish

Simply poke the potato all over (kids love getting involved in this process) and put it in the slow cooker, close the lid, and come back to it late afternoon for a midweek dinner that is quick and easy.

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#10. Crock Pot Cauliflower and Cheese

The perfect side dish when it comes to feeding lots of people and the best part of it is that it is easy on the pocket making it a cheap yet cheerful filling meal.

Cauliflower in general is so versatile and we always have some version of it in our house from rice, to roasted, to baking, and this dish has just gone to the top of the list in our weekly menu rotation.

When you see the final product (my kids say it looks like clouds) you will want to eat it just as is (I usually do) but pairs perfectly with any ingredients you plan to serve at dinner time.

There is nothing to this recipe, and an easy vegetarian crockpot meal has become a staple in our house.

I always rave about this recipe to guests and friends and firmly believe that good-tasting food doesn’t need to take hours of preparation to put together, and this creation proves that.

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#11. Potato and Chickpea Tikka Masala

My husband absolutely loves going for Indian dinners, and so do the kids, but who can afford it more than once a month?

I decided to find something that tasted just as good as our restaurant favorites and I am so glad that I did. This recipe is a crockpot wonder and I would never have thought that vegetarian recipes for crockpot would be like ordering in a takeaway but without the hefty price tag. Win-win.

This dish calls for regular potatoes but we have experimented with sweet potato and yams with much success, the secret is all in the spice, the complementing flavors, and the ease of using a slow cooker.

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#12. Vegetarian Crockpot Lasagna

You have endless options and combinations when it comes to lasagna, and this is the ultimate veggie-packed dish that the kids won’t mind (or even take note of) which is packed full of nutritious vegetables.

They will even enjoy helping put the layers together in the crock pot (perhaps the second time around once they have eaten it and realized that vegetables do taste good) and each can choose their own favorite – even if it means they have chosen it simply based on their best color.

The overall appearance of the dish is pretty standard with the vibrant hues of oranges and reds, which is why I like to add in a generous helping of spinach or kale or both to change things up and there is no other way the kids will eat it that is for sure.

 I will say this is one of the top 3 best vegetarian meals we have been enjoying around the dining table.

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#13. Vegetarian, vegan sloppy joes

When I saw this dish I immediately called my husband over to look at the laptop screen and told him that this is what we will be eating.

He was as eager as I was.

We love eating brioche buns stuffed with any kind of filling and we did not for the life of us believe that lentils would come to the party, but it has and it doesn’t disappoint.

Recipes for crockpot vegetarian dishes are increasing in popularity and for a simple dish that freezes well and tastes just as good reheated, this is a winning Friday night dinner when the last thing anyone wants to do after a long week is a slave in the kitchen for hours.

Top with caramelized onion for a twist, and it adds a sweet element that is better than you think.

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#14. Mexican quinoa casserole 

When you have everything in one place in the morning and all you need to do is switch on the crock pot filled with delicious ingredients there can be no stopping you.

Homes and families that have children know that life tends to be non-stop, there is always someone that needs to be at some sports practice or rehearsal.

The problem with this is who has the time to make a nutritious meal for dinner on time without spending too long in the kitchen and making it on time at the sports hall.

Thankfully, this casserole can take the pressure off and is a humble dish packed with flavor and filling.

You can throw dried chili flakes into the mix for an added kick, but when serving to children a bowl of fresh, chopped chilies on the side for the adults to dish for is more suitable.

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#15. Thai pineapple vegetarian curry

If my husband has his way we would eat Thai food at least 3 times a week, but when it is so easy to make do you really have an excuse not to?

Recipes for vegetarian crockpot dishes have become a frequent occurrence in our household now that my oldest has decided to try vegetarianism, and rather than fight the cause by claiming that she needs protein from meat, we are embracing it.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t eat meat whenever we feel like it, but we are experiencing new taste sensations with these new recipes and even the little one has taken to it pleasantly.

Fresh pineapple on top when serving is a fruity vibrancy that brings the dish together so elegantly, served with fluffy white rice and this is a tasty meal that fills the tummies.

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#16. Crockpot Moroccan chickpea stew

When we were vacationing in Morocco I swore I would be recreating dishes and meals we had loved and enjoyed to the best of my ability, but that soon fell away as life and all its busyness took over.

Then I came across this recipe and said I would give it a try. It was brilliantly tasty.

We loved our holiday and all the new flavors we were tasting and now we can enjoy it at home together as a family, without the hefty price tag, but also not being in Morocco which would always be the best option, am I right?

Nevertheless, this healthy crockpot dish delivers on all aspects of goodness and is sure to be in regular rotation on our dinner menu.

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#17. Irish stew

Stew in all its glory is a dish that epitomizes winter and is packed full of healthy and nutritious vegetables you can be sure you will be looked after this winter.

We like to eat this with fluffy rice, although very filling as the rice absorbs all the juice and makes the dish irresistible causing over-eating (by my hubby), a portion in a bowl with chunky pieces of bread on the side to dip in as you go is great too.

You can use any vegetables you like which makes it a great option when looking to use up those offcuts or leftover pieces in the fridge that you have no idea what to do with.

A quick, one-pot wonder that is comfort food during the snowy season.

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#18. Tomato Rice Soup

I was sceptical when my youngest asked if we could try this dish (red is his favorite color and the reason I think he asked) because who wants to make a whole pot of tomato and rice mixture and then have it not taste great?

Well, who am I to tell him no when it comes to healthy food.

To be honest, I initially tried this in a quarter portion size in a pot on the stove and it tasted swell, so I decided to make the original recipe yield in the crockpot and I am happy to say that I gave this recipe a go.

My youngest was just as chuffed and was more than confident to claim his stake in the process.

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#19. Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

I have made this meal a hundred times as my other half and I follow a keto eating meal plan and this is healthy and nutritious all at once.

The colors are great to look at and the kids love choosing which traffic light they want to eat at.

When finding a way to get the kids to eat vegetables a sneaky (but perfect) way is to make the ‘dish’ the meal is served out of one of the vegetables – in this case, the pepper. Then they eat the food and the veggie without even thinking.

This is delicious served with plain, thick yogurt to bring a lightness to the overall texture as beans and rice can be quite filling.

We stir fresh chopped dill into the yogurt and opt for the 2% kind which is not as still this way you can scoop the bites in it on the plate.

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#20. Crockpot Broccoli cheese soup

Whip out the crispy baguette and get ready to dip slices into this luxurious, thick vegetarian soup that is smothered in cheese.

A fuss-free and simple meal to prep as you head out the door to the office, and come home to tender florets simmering in a creamy saucy.

We like to dish this soup and top it with even more grated cheese for a dinner menu item that is as comforting as a warm blanket whilst sitting on the sofa while it is pouring with rain outside.

A small portion is enough for a starter but can serve as a main meal too bearing in mind the next course is not full size.

Midweek supper is one less thing to worry about with this crock pot recipe for vegetarian dishes that the kids will love.

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#21.  Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

No matter which eating plan you and the family follow, this is one recipe that is suited for everyone.

Lentils are a great meal filler but on their own are a comforting dinner to fill hungry tummies after swimming class.

What appealed to me when I found this dish was that it was cheap and I didn’t have to hunt for exotic or specialized ingredients just to make a heart-warming meal for my family.

Most of the products I already had in the pantry or fridge and which is why this is such an easy and quick supper to make, throwing everything in, all leftovers if need be, and end up with a great tasting dish.

Be sure to try this recipe with the family, not only high in plant-based, organic items but takes no effort to put together.

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#22. Crock Pot Buttered Cabbage

If a vegetarian crockpot meal that required literally 3 steps was what you were after then you have hit the jackpot.

The simplicity of this dish is laughable and yet the method is as simple as it sounds and is, and the result is a perfect cabbage meal every time.

When you begin to smell the flavors mixing together you will most likely peek in to see the good coming together, then all you need to do is give it a quick stir to keep the flavors seeping into all the parts of the cabbage.

And if you have ever been to the shops then you will know that cabbage costs almost next to nothing but is so filling you can freeze it down for a few other meals too.

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#23. Crock-Pot Easy Veggie Gumbo

Thank goodness this dish does not take as long as the usual crockpot recipes because the smell will be trying to hypnotize you before you know it and unless you go outside to hang the washing or leave the house to do errands you might not be able to resist.

There is no fuss or fight with this recipe, it does what it says on the tin and that is delivering a flavorful meal with humble ingredients.

Vegetables may struggle to be filling on their own unless you eat mountain worth, but rice is an addition that swells as it absorbs the taste profile of the meal.

You can be sure no kids will be hungry when it’s time to go to bed and the sudden hunger panes poke their sneaky heads out from under the covers.

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#24. Slow Cooker Cabbage Soup 

Sitting in front of a roaring fire with a bowl of this soup and a plate of chunky, broken pieces of bread is my idea of a great date night (I know, not as romantic as you had envisioned).

But when you are with your soulmate the simple things in life are that much more enjoyable.

We love this hearty recipe, the quickest and easiest of dinners to make, and now with the kids in the picture, they too enjoy sitting on the shaggy carpet, cozy, and having great family conversations about our days.

Family times are irreplaceable and when paired with good food the moment is priceless.

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#25. Vegan Slow Cooker Vegetable Barley Soup

It is Sunday evening, you have just about managed to get all the kid’s school gear ready by the door, and then you remember at the eleventh hour that you need to take something out for dinner.

But you haven’t done any shopping because you have just come back from a long weekend away.

Now what?

Well, dig in the pantry, grab the barley and last morsels of vegetables you have from before you went away, and throw them into the slow cooker in the morning. Job done.

Now, Monday is not as bad as you thought it would be and you can get back into your normal routine as quickly as possible with hungry kids being carted to and fro.

Life is fun, isn’t it?

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Oh the joys of picking out colorful arrangements of vegetables at the farmers market, this has now become a weekend tradition (I say tradition but just another errand on the to-do list) and allows the children to get involved and take on some small form of responsibility for their choices in the dinner ingredients.

We like to have one or two vegetarian nights during the week to ensure we don’t overload on meat protein, and with these effortless vegetarian crock pot meals that the kids will love it is easier than ever.

Most are one-pot wonders that simply mean chucking everything into the slow cooker, others take at least 5 or 10 minutes of prep, and it doesn’t get easier than that.

So be sure to head to our blog to discover a whole host of easy-to-put-together recipes and concentrate on the more important elements of life. The kids and family.


Is a crock pot worth it for vegetarians?

Yes, a crock pot can be very worthwhile for vegetarians, as it’s excellent for preparing a wide range of plant-based dishes such as soups, stews, chili, and curries.

Does veg go in first in slow cooker?

Generally, tougher ingredients like root vegetables can go in first in a slow cooker, as they take longer to cook, while more delicate vegetables are added later in the process.

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