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Does Kahlua Go Bad and Expire?

Kahlua is originally a Mexican liqueur but is used worldwide, especially as a base for cocktails. It has rum, sugar, vanilla bean, and Arabica coffee in it. It actually contains all the yummy ingredients we love, so it’s no wonder it’s a great addition to delicatessen drinks. You can, of course, consume it on its own and enjoy it with a cup of regular coffee just to spice up the day a bit. 

The word says it takes several years to produce a Kahlua drink. So how long does it last?  Well, long. But not forever as you may have first thought due to the presence of rum. It won’t spoil in the classic sense of the word if it’s closed properly, but the aroma of the coffee will surely fade over the years so that it won’t be as tasty anymore.  

How Long Does Kahlua Last?

As we said, due to the presence of alcohol, the product will not spoil in the sense that it’ll make you sick, but the taste will be significantly reduced. The manufacturers have tested the shelf life in which the aroma of coffee retains its flavor best.   

Unopened Kahlua 

If the bottle is unopened and you have kept it in somewhat favorable conditions in a dark and not too hot place, the shelf life will be four years. The producers discovered that after that time, the aroma of coffee was no longer the same. Of course, the earlier you use the drink, the better.      

Opened Kahlua 

So how long does kahlua last after opening? Once you open the bottle and start using the drink, it will again apply the rule to consume it as soon as possible. Stability should be maintained for the next eighteen months, but the beverage will definitely be better after seven days of opening than after a year. You can be sure of that.  

Can Kahlua Go Bad? 

Although it is an alcoholic beverage, due to the presence of sugar and coffee, the product has the best by date, and it will certainly not be possible to maintain the quality for a long time after it. If you drink an expired drink, you will not be harmed, but the taste will no longer be the same. Here are a few signs of how you can recognize that it’s better to replace a bottle of liqueur.       

Sign 1: Mold appeared

Yes, mold can appear. Not in the liquid itself but on the cap and top of the bottle. If you notice this, you better throw everything in the trash.    

Sign 2: Taste is off  

A sure sign that something is wrong is a change in the taste of the drink. If only the aroma of coffee has faded, the drink is safe for consumption, but if something tastes lousy, the product is spoiled.   

Sign 3: It has funny smell   

You will notice a very unpleasant odor if the beverage is completely spoiled. It just won’t smell as pleasant as usual. 

Sign 4: It has a different color    

A color change may also indicate a product fault. If it is different than usual, it may mean that the Kahlua is no longer suitable for drinking. 

Which is the Best Way to Store Kahlua? 

Proper storage of food and beverages can significantly contribute to the quality and longevity of the product. Here are tips on how to preserve this sweet liqueur.  

Tip 1: Keep an unopened bottle in the pantry 

A cooler and darker place will be best for the long-term storage of this drink. If you don’t have a pantry, try to keep it in kitchen cabinets away from heat sources.      

Tip 2: After opening, keep in the refrigerator    

It is not necessary to store the Kahlua in the fridge after opening, but it is certainly recommended. It is best to serve it finely chilled, so why not keep the bottle in the refrigerator the entire time of use. This will definitely help preserve the quality.  

Tip 3: Keep it well closed 

Returning the cap to the bottle after use is crucial if you want the product to last for a long time. Always keep the original lid on the bottle. This will ensure the best protection.    


How long does Kahlua last when opened?

After opening, it will be best to consume the product within a year, but it will last for eighteen months.

Can you get sick from drinking old Kahlua?

The old product will probably not taste good, but there are slight chances of getting sick from it. 

Does Kahlua need to be refrigerated after opening?

No, it is not mandatory to keep the drink in the refrigerator after opening. However, this is recommended to maintain the quality but also the better taste when serving.

How do you know if Kahlua is bad?

A few signs will indicate that the product is off. Change in color, smell, or taste, but also the possible appearance of mold on top of the bottle. 


There are many ways to enjoy this sweet Mexican liqueur. You can consume it alone or as a combination in one of the cocktails. Kahlua will be a real treat for the palate. Keep it in a cool, dark place and close the bottle tightly each time after use. This will ensure that the quality is maintained for several years as intended. 

Over time, the aroma of coffee fades, so it is better to consume the product earlier than wait for years to pass. Yet, from drinking old liqueur, you shouldn’t have any harmful consequences. Assuming you didn’t drink too much of it, of course. 

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