Does Margarita Mix Go Bad? How Long Does It Last

Quick summary: Margarita mix shouldn’t go bad in a food-poisoning sense. Still, it will lose its aroma over time, so your cocktails could be a bit blent.

Home parties have become a lot easier since manufacturers have introduced several cocktail mixes to the market. That way, you can be an absolute cocktail master for your friends without too much trouble, but let’s face it, without the mess in the kitchen too. 

There is also a margarita mix; you simply add tequila and some ice to it and create the perfect cocktail. If you decorate the glass with salt and umbrellas, your friends will be delighted.

But what to do with the leftover mix when friends leave? Sometimes you just don’t have enough guests to spend the entire amount at once. We bring you tips on how to store leftovers and how quickly you have to throw another party before the margarita mix goes bad.

How Long Does Margarita Mix Last?

The duration of the margarita mix will mostly be a matter of approximate estimation and, ultimately, of your senses to taste whether the blend is at a satisfactory level of quality. Here’s what you can roughly count on.

Unopened margarita mix

Most often, you will find a best-by date on a bottle of margarita mix. This is the manufacturer’s instruction, by which time the mixture will be fresh and of the best quality. Of course, you can freely count on an extra few weeks after the expiration, but it will certainly not be the year in question. The mix should be okay after expiry for about one to two months. After that, be sure to try it before you start with the cocktails.

Opened margarita mix

After opening, the shelf life is significantly reduced. The flavor will begin to fade, so although there will be no classic spoilage, the mix will no longer taste good. There are different recommendations on how long a margarita mix should last after opening, and the manufacturer on the back of the product will give good instructions. 

Our safe estimate would be about a week to two weeks to have the best quality. As we said, after that, the product is by no means spoiled, and you can use it, but it is up to you to judge whether the taste is good enough.

Since there is no margarita cocktail without tequila, you may want to learn how long tequila can last after opening.

Can Margarita Mix Go Bad?

It is quite tricky to answer this question with absolute precision. Namely, the margarita mix will rarely spoil in a way that becomes hazardous for consumption due to the lot of sugar and preservatives that the blend contains. What will more likely happen is that it will lose its aroma and its margarita flavor. Here are the signs of spoilage.

Sign 1: Smell and taste are off

Rarely, but it is possible for you to feel that the smell has become sour. The taste will also change. Not only will it fade, but it will turn sour and a bit gross. You will know that the product is off.

Sign 2: Color has changed

Changes in appearance and color are very significant for evaluating the correctness of the margarita mix. If the color has changed a lot, darkened, or you see any strange phenomena, be sure to throw the mix in the trash.

Sign 3: Flavor is gone 

This is actually the most common deterioration that will occur, although it is not a spoilage in the truest sense of the word. The product is still safe for consumption, but it is simply not good enough to enjoy the cocktails.

Which is the Best Way to Store Margarita Mix?

We will only give you the most basic guidelines for the margarita mix that apply to most ingredients, as nothing special is necessary. Use standard storage methods, and the product should be fine.

Tip 1: Keep at a cool temperature

As long as it is unopened, you can store the margarita mix in the pantry or kitchen cupboard. It is important that the bottle is not exposed to the sun or that you do not have fluctuations in temperature, for example, from cooking. So don’t keep the bottle near the stove. After opening, be sure to store the leftovers in the refrigerator.

Tip 2: Seal well after use

In order to preserve the aroma as long as possible after opening, it is necessary to close the bottle well before storage. Never leave margarita mix open on the kitchen counter for days, as the aroma will evaporate at record speed.


How can you tell if margarita mix is bad?

Most often, you will only notice that the taste has disappeared and the mix has become pale. Spoilage rarely happens, but you can recognize it by a sour and bad smell or significant changes in color.

How long can you keep margarita mix after opening?

It would be best to use up the leftover margarita mix within two weeks so that it has maximum freshness and quality. The mix will not be spoiled after that, and you can use it for some time, but try it first to see if the quality of the aroma is up to par.

Can margarita mix give you food poisoning?

Spoilage in the true sense of the word is really rare for margarita mix, so you shouldn’t have any negative consequences if you consume an expired product. However, if the product has a foul smell and is significantly discolored, do not use it because it might harm you.

Ready-made cocktail mixes are great for home parties and will make it easier to serve drinks to your guests, and they also save you from too much mess in the kitchen. Simply add alcohol and some ice, and the drink is ready. 

Margarita mix is quite resistant to spoilage, and you will rarely see product degradation with the appearance of a foul smell or mold. However, the aroma fades with time, so the question of quality is what determines durability. 

An unopened mix will be good for a couple of weeks after the expiration date. After opening, we recommend that you use everything within two weeks to enjoy the highest quality.

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