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Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How to Keep It Fresh and Fluffy

In sum: Yes, angel food cake can be frozen, but it is recommended to freeze it without any toppings, as adding toppings before freezing can weigh down the cake; instead, freeze the plain cake and add toppings after defrosting to maintain its texture and taste.

Light, sweet, and airy, angel food cake is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings from cream, custard, and buttercream frosting, to fruit, jam, and chocolate glaze.

Due to its low-fat content however, this piece of deliciousness only stays fresh for a couple of days. The good news is, if stored correctly, you can freeze any of your delicate cake leftovers and enjoy it for weeks to come without wasting a single crumb. 

Below you will learn everything you need to know about freezing angel food cake to retain the best texture and flavor for future consumption. We’ll also give you some bonus tips on how to use thawed cake safely.

Can Angel Food Cake Be Frozen?

Angel food cake can indeed be frozen. Since the cake does not contain any fats or oils, it does not retain much moisture on freezing. It is therefore important to follow guidelines for freezing the cake to ensure it maintains an excellent quality upon defrosting. 

Angel food cake needs to be placed in the freezer while it is still fresh, preferably no older than 2 or 3 days. Remember that a cake that is old before freezing, will still be old after freezing. When you store angel food cake in the freezer it does not improve its quality or freshness.

Being an exceptionally light cake, it is best to freeze angel food cake without any toppings as this could weigh it down in the freezer. Your best bet is to make (or buy) the cake and freeze it plain. It’s better to freeze the already baked cake than freezing the cake batter.

Once defrosted, add other toppings and decorate to your heart’s content ensuring that the cake not only looks beautiful but that the toppings have not spoiled the cake’s texture and taste. 

Continue reading to find out exactly which toppings are suitable for freezing if you have already decorated the cake or need to freeze leftovers.

How To Freeze Angel Food Cake: Step by Step Guide

Due to its low-fat ingredient composition, angel food cake can dry out easily in the freezer. Follow the below steps to keep your cake party-fresh even after having been in the freezer.

How To Freeze A Whole Angel Food Cake

Step 1: Cool

If you have a freshly baked cake, remove it from the angel food cake pan or bundt cake pan, and cool it completely to room temperature on a wire rack. Two hours of cooling time should be enough. It is best to freeze plain homemade angel food cake as soon as it has cooled completely and is still fresh to prevent it from losing moisture and drying out.

To prevent the cake from being weighed down in the freezer, leave the frosting and decorating to once the cake is defrosted, just before serving.

Step 2: Cling Wrap

Wrap the whole cake in a double layer of plastic wrap. Make sure all the corners are completely covered and sealed. The aim here is to ensure that no part of the cake is exposed to air whatsoever.

Gaps in the wrapping can lead to freezer burn, loss of moisture which leads to dry out the cake, and odor absorption from surrounding foods.

Step 3: Foil Wrap

Wrap the entire cake properly one more time in foil, covering it thoroughly without leaving any exposed gaps. Alternatively, if you have a resealable freezer bag big enough for your cake you can place it in there, pressing out all the air before sealing. 

Step 4: Label

Label the wrapped cake with a date of when it was frozen so that you can keep track of how long it has been in the freezer.

Step 5: Freeze

On placing the cake in the freezer, it will still be soft and delicate. You can place the wrapped cake in a Tupperware to prevent it from being squashed by other items. Alternatively, put it on a large freezer-friendly plate or board to ensure that it remains on an even surface.

How To Freeze Angel Food Cake Leftovers

Step 1: Keep it Fresh

It is best to freeze the cake as fresh as possible to prevent it from losing moisture and drying out. If you are not going to eat the cake within 5 days, freeze it instead to stay fresh.

Step 2: Remove Cream Topping

Remove any fresh cream or fresh fruit topping from the cake as these do not freeze well and will spoil the cake. If the cake has been iced with buttercream, filled with jam, or dusted with icing sugar, it is perfectly fine to freeze with the topping intact.

Step 3: Portion

Portion the cake into the desired size portions, a few slices, or squares so that you can simply defrost as much as you need at a time. Freezing it in smaller portions makes it easy to just remove one slice from the freezer at a time.

Step 4: Cling Wrap

Double wrap the individual pieces in foil or plastic wrap. Make sure all the corners are completely covered and sealed so that there is no exposure to air. Gaps in the wrapping can lead to freezer burn, loss of moisture, and odor absorption from surrounding foods.

Step 5: Foil Wrap

Wrap the pieces together or individually, one more time in aluminum foil, covering it thoroughly without leaving any exposed areas. Alternatively, place the cake in a zip lock freezer bag and lightly squeeze out all the air before sealing it.

Step 6: Label

Label the wrapped cake with a date of when it was frozen so that you can keep track of how long it has been in the freezer.

Step 7: Freeze

On placing the cake in the freezer, it will still be soft and delicate. You can place the wrapped cake in a plastic container (preferably freezer safe containers) to prevent it from being squashed by other items. 

How To Freeze Store-bought Angel Food Cake

Store-bought angel food cake rarely comes laden with toppings and is generally packaged plain or lightly glazed. This makes it great for freezing. 

Another thing about store-bought pre-packaged cakes is that they usually contain some kind of stabilizers and preservatives which increases their shelf life and keeps them slightly more moist than the all-natural home-made type. Make sure it goes in the freezer before the use by date.

If the store-bought cake has come in a plastic base and dome lid, you will need to remove it and wrap it yourself in 2 layers of clingfilm. There is too much exposure to the air around the cake in the dome which will not only spoil the cake but also dry it out.

If the cake is in a plastic sealed packet, make sure to remove all the air by piercing the bag, lightly pressing out the excess air, and then wrapping it in double layers of plastic wrap. More protection will prevent freezer burn.

Wrap the cake again in foil or place it in a resealable freezer bag squeezing out the air before sealing. Label with the current date and freeze as outlined in the previous section.

How To Thaw Frozen Angel Food Cake

Defrosted angel food cake is best consumed within one to two days after thawing. Here’s the best way to defrost angel food cake.

Step 1: Refrigerate

Remove the whole or sliced angel food cake from the freezer and place it on a serving plate in the fridge to defrost for a few hours while still wrapped. Keeping the wrapping on the individual portions will help retain some moisture while the cake thaws.

Step 2: Remove Wrapping

Once thawed, remove the wrapped slices from the refrigerator and take the wrapping off.

Step 3: Restore Moisture

If the cake has dried out during freezing, you can warm it up for just a few seconds in the microwave right before eating. Serve the unwrapped cake with a fresh topping of fruit compote, fresh berries, whipped cream, or custard to add moisture. For the best result, eat it right away.

Note: It is not advisable to place buttercream frosted cakes in the microwave. Thawing angel food cake with frosting in the microwave will cause it to melt, separate, and become gooey.

Types of Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is a light and fluffy sponge-like cake with a delicate texture. What truly defines an angel food cake is that it does not contain any egg yolks or any type of fat, butter, shortening, or oil. It is made using a base of egg whites, cake flour, and powdered sugar.

Although all types of angel food cake mix adhere to the same base ingredients excluding egg yolks and fats, the cake can be made in a variety of flavors including pineapple angel food cake, vanilla, chocolate, orange, or lemon. 

The sponge cake can be served dusted lightly with icing sugar, glazed, frosted, or with a dollop of cream. Once the base of the cake is made, the sky is really the limit with how you want to decorate, frost, or fill it.

If you want to make your own cake, here’s an angel food cake recipe to follow:



Angel food cakes may seem a little boring to some at first glance. However, a taste adventure awaits when making your cake as a blank canvas to decorate, fill, and drape in a delicious variety of sweet goodness. Whether it is cream, custard, traditional frosting, crushed pineapple, chocolate ganache, caramel, or fruit glaze, the options are endless.

Not only is your delicious cake good for a fresh tea-time treat but it serves as a great base for repurposing in other desserts, puddings, party treats, and even indulgent breakfasts. Freeze the airy cake as soon as possible and keep it for later enjoyment rather than tossing this delicate baked masterpiece.

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