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How To Reheat Biscuits To Taste Like Freshly Baked

Mmm, there is nothing as fine as the smell of freshly baked biscuits. Most of us like to try them while they are still hot. Cookies are also a comfort food in the days to come after you make them. Every time you feel a little sad or just need something sweet, you tend to nibble on a cookie.

Of course, you don’t have the time to bake cookies on a daily basis and make a whole bunch of them. But, biscuits become harder and a little less delicious to enjoy as the days go. How to bring them back to their old glory and make them irresistibly fine, is what we bring to you below.

Reheating Biscuits In A Pan

The pan is a quick and easy way to reheat the cookies, and they will be nicely soft and tender when you take them out. Serve yourself with a couple of tricks that we bring with the help of which the biscuits will have the texture and taste just like the first day.

Step 1: Reheat the pan a bit

Set the heat to medium temperature, don’t turn on the maximum. Then place your skillet on heat and let it warm up a bit.  You don’t need to add any oil to the pan. 

Step 2: Glaze your biscuits with butter and wrap

Spread the biscuits with a little melted butter. You can also use olive oil, but the cookies will inevitably take on its taste, so if you don’t want that, use plain butter. Then wrap each biscuit separately in aluminum foil. 

Step 3: Heat in a covered pan

Arrange the wrapped biscuits in a pan and cover with a lid. Reduce the temperature a little more and leave for 2 minutes to warm up. Then turn the biscuits over to the other side and leave for another two minutes. Unwrap the foil and serve the cookies. 

Reheating Biscuits in a Microwave

The microwave is an even faster way to reheat cookies. It’s not a complicated method at all. You just have to add a little moisture to the biscuits so they don’t dry out completely. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Wrap the biscuits in a wet paper 

Wrap each biscuit separately in a wet paper towel. This will help restore the cookies’ juiciness and make them finely soft rather than hard and dry. Place the wrapped biscuits in a microwave-safe container and lightly cover. Do not seal completely as the box could explode in the microwave. 

Step 2: Reheat for two minutes on medium heat

Set your microwave on medium heat and place your cookies inside. Turn on the heating for two minutes. This should be plenty of time for cookies to reheat nicely. Take them out and enjoy. 

Reheating Biscuits in an Oven

The oven is, of course, a slightly slower method of reheating the biscuits. But it can come in handy if you have a more considerable amount of cookies to warm so you can do it all at once and without monitoring them every minute. It’s also the best way to reheat frozen biscuits.

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 F

The temperature for heating the biscuits should not be maximum, but either too low. It will be best to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it heat up thoroughly before putting the biscuits inside.

Step 2: Place the cookies on a baking tray

Place the baking paper on the baking tray. Put the bags directly on the paper. You do not need to wrap them in any way. Just make sure there is little space between the cookies, don’t stack them on top of each other. 

Step 3: Bake for a few minutes

If you have kept the biscuits in a container at room temperature, it will be enough to put them in the oven for three minutes. If you have stored them in the fridge before, let them bake for about 6 minutes. After that, your cookies will be ready to enjoy.



Warm and freshly prepared biscuits are undoubtedly the best treat you can reward yourself with. When you make them yourself, you know that they are healthy, without preservatives, and can enjoy them without remorse. However, biscuits require a long time to prepare, whether or not you have helpers in the kitchen. So it’s great to know how best to reheat cookies to make them fresh again. With our reheating tips, you can pre-prepare as many cookies as you want and enjoy them for weeks.

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