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12 Flavorful Crockpot Frozen Chicken Breast Recipes to Try

In summary: The 12 crockpot frozen chicken breast recipes include shredded chicken, crockpot chicken taco meat, zesty BBQ chicken, salsa lime chicken, etc. These recipes provide a variety of flavors and options for quick, nutritious meals even on busy days.

We have all had those moments where we wake up in the morning in a panic with the memory of not having taken the meat out from the freezer to thaw overnight, and now we have no time to prep a meal to be ready for dinner. Until now.

All is not lost, these frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes for meals made at the last minute will save the day time and time again, and while they need not take over your current method of cooking, having them close is a must when the days seem to be getting busier and busier.

Too often we give up at home and simply head to the local takeaway restaurant on the way home from work to pick something up for supper, but we all know that is not the healthiest option nor is it financially feasible if it happens more than once a month.

#1. Slow cooker shredded chicken

This recipe is quite simple and requires only a handful of steps to have a slice of fork-tender meat at the end of the slow cooking process, frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes often require a longer cooking time, but like this, if cooked on high rather than low, cooks just as quickly in several hours.

Now all you need to do when you come home is drain the chicken, shred it finely or chunky, and add it back to the meaty juices so the chicken can fully absorb all the flavors.

Or you can use the leftover sauce as a simple dressing for a salad you can toss the shredded chicken into for a light, yet filling summer evening meal. We have options we never knew we had before, so before you panic and have a meltdown, take a moment to think about what you could make once the frozen chicken is cooked.

A quick and easy fix to what could have been a disaster had you not had your trusty crockpot to rescue you, a winning investment if I ever saw one.

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#2. Frozen, boneless, and skinless chicken breasts in the Crock-Pot

When I see a promotion in the supermarket I try to buy the product in bulk, only because who knows when the deal will come along again (they have some crazy offers at times when they need to get rid of surplus stock), and I have the freezer space, thankfully, to store it if need be.

So when I went to the store and saw a clearance for frozen chicken breasts promotion I jumped at it and filled the trolley. Sure I got a few odd looks from customers (and who cares about them anyways right, I am saving money in the long run), but I know I had been searching for new dishes to try for dinner and found a whole host of slow cooker frozen chicken breast recipes I wouldn’t mind trying out.

I went home and immediately split the trolley load in half, one portion went straight into the freezer and the other I dumped the frozen meat into the slow cooker with seasoning, some vegetable broth (I like the saltiness it adds to the meat), and left it to cook for several hours while I got on with cleaning the house. 

After a while, I could smell the meatiness wafting through the house and when I checked it they were ready. I left them to cool for a few more hours and portioned them up.

The perfect method for meal prep and takes no effort at all other than thinking of which seasoning to use.

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#3. Crock Pot Shredded Chicken

Anything that has the word BBQ in the title is a yes from my husband, and when the kids know that dinner will have a BBQ taste to it, I can count on clean plates at the dining table.

These frozen chicken breast slow cooker recipes are so simple I almost always make the meals from frozen meat without any concerns.

Not only are the frozen meats at the store in the large freezers so much cheaper than their fresh counterparts, but with the right seasoning, and enough of it, you wouldn’t know the meat was cooked from frozen unless you were told.

This dish is anything but difficult that even my husband has taken the reins on this meal from time to time when I am running late in the mornings. Pop everything into the cooker, season, add a generous amount of smoked paprika (it elevates the dish so much more than the traditional, original paprika spice), and smother in BBQ sauce.

Leave to simmer throughout the day and when everyone comes home that afternoon at least there is a ready dish you only need to add mashed potato or rice too. An effortless dish that tastes fantastic.

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#4. Crockpot Chicken Taco Meat Recipe

Taco night can still happen that evening if you forgot to defrost the chicken overnight as your kids asked you to, and here is how.

Take these frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes and run with them, they are so quick and easy to prepare you can breathe a sigh of relief as you head out the door on the way to work and have peace of mind knowing that the hardest part is taken care of.

Taco meat is packed with flavor, and this is no different. Season this as much or as little as you like (I prefer to go all out with the flavors because the last thing anyone needs is a bland tasting dish no matter how much salt you add to the mix), and feel free to add in jalapenos or chopped chilies while it cooks, or dried chili flakes work equally well and add a nice pop of color to the dish.

Shred the meat and add a spoon of salsa to make it saucier, fill it into fresh brioche buns topped with homemade coleslaw for lunch box sandwiches, or stuff it into the much-loved crispy taco shells and top with shredded lettuce and grated cheese.

A winning dish anyway that you look at it.

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#5. Slow Cooker Zesty BBQ Chicken

I love when dishes like these easy crock pot frozen chicken breast recipes need only a handful of ingredients to prepare, it means effortless and simple, and something I always look for to help me stay on track with my never-ending busy schedule and still manage to feed the kids and hubby.

Finding a meal that can be cooked from frozen in the crockpot has recently been my go-to option. One reason is that I know the slow cooking method has been tried and successfully tested to produce tender, moist meat which is cooked in the oven and would need constant supervision to not end up dry and tough.

And the other reason is I can leave it to cook, essentially by itself, while I go about my day. It is like having an extra pair of hands that takes care of one chore while you tackle the others, and I am pretty confident in saying that all parents could use an extra set of hands from time to time to help with things.

This simple dish ticks so many boxes that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. And I don’t know any family who doesn’t enjoy a stick BBQ dish for supper with a fresh squeeze of lime to lighten the meal, it is a winner in every situation.

A must-have recipe in your culinary collection for those days when the last minute is all you have.

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#6. Slow Cooker Salsa Lime Chicken

Lime is not something I had ever considered as a seasoning for dishes other than salads (or tequila) but since trying these healthy crock pot frozen chicken breast recipes I have been convinced, and now I try a new one every month (sometimes more) in our dinner rotation menu.

The family has not complained and I have even gotten a thumbs up on a few occasions for the kids which is a massive plus in my book because kids and trying new dishes are always a gamble.

Throw all the ingredients for this recipe in the slow cooker, set it on low to bubble gently throughout the morning while you drive the kids to and from football or gymnastics practice and when you finally come home in the afternoon you have a ready dish to tuck into straight away.

I like to roll the tender chicken mix into wraps, top with avocado, and enjoy a quick grab-and-go snack before heading out again. What more could you ask for in a simple dish?

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#7. Easy 3-ingredient Sweet and Sour Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Only 3 ingredients I hear you asking? (I was the same), and yes, it is exactly that.

But finding a restaurant copy of your favorite takeout dish is not always simple, until now, and since finding these easily frozen chicken breast slow cooker recipes I have spent more time at home in my tracksuit than glamming up to go eat out.

And who doesn’t love being comfortable on the sofa with your favorite Netflix show eating amazing tasting food that cooked itself while you were at work, please?

You can choose to eat it with some ready noodles or fluffy rice, and even a sprinkle of freshly chopped spring onions for a pop of color and zest to the meal. A winner in my house for sure, and so quick even beginner cooks could not mess this up.

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#8. Easy Crockpot Chicken Breasts with Barbecue 

If you have 5 minutes to spare in the morning then you have no excuse to try your hand at this slow cooker frozen chicken breast recipes option for dinner this evening.

I love seeing a full chicken breast smothered in a rich, dark, and sticky barbecue-inspired sauce nestled on creamy mash with a side order of steamed broccoli, it has a foodie-magazine vibe to it that makes the meal that much more appealing.

Why not make more than 1 night’s meal for a well-deserved break the next evening when all you need to do is reheat the meal and dinner is served, and this recipe reheats and freezes exceptionally well and tastes just as good.

Who knew that frozen chicken breast meals cooked in the crockpot would be this easy to pull together, my new favorite dish for a bite to eat.

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#9. Slow Cooker Sweet Garlic Chicken 

Asian-inspired anything is always a yes in my book for a food choice and this recipe for frozen chicken breasts in the slow cooker is packed with flavors.

You can use fresh chicken breasts, of course, but having a stockpile of frozen meat in the freezer in the garage helped make this more cost-effective (we all know that fresh meat is more expensive when you go to the store than the freezer bag options which taste the same once cooked, right?)

I love that this dish has ample garlic and strong flavors such as apple cider vinegar which helps to tenderize the meat and has a whole host of health benefits too, including ginger and soy, I don’t think it gets better than this.

We mix the chicken (which we shred once cooked) with noodles and the leftover sauce, top with crushed peanuts for a flavor twist and great texture element to the meal, and eat with chopsticks on the deck outside in the summer. Everything together, the meal, the warm weather, and the great music make this dish as heavenly as it tastes.

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#10. Juicy slow cooker chicken breasts, from frozen

I am glad to read that I am not the only one who believes in buying in bulk when there is a sale on frozen meats at the local superstore, and in doing so, I have managed to save not only time but money too, so it is a win whichever way you want to look at it.

If you thought that you couldn’t get juicy chicken from a crockpot you would be mistaken, these slow cooker frozen chicken breast recipes ask for meat smothered in broth and butter (& I love adding more butter than is necessary, I mean, the richness speaks for itself).

Once you have these tenderizing in the cooker you can prep the rest of the dinner components and have the rest of the day free to do as you wish. And isn’t that what life is all about, living it, enjoying it, and making the most of it. I think so.

The most basic of recipes with the tastiest outcome is a win-win.

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#11. Slow Cooker Honey Teriyaki Chicken

The sweetness and sourness of this dish have a beautiful balance that makes you feel good when you eat it.

If simple yet healthy slow cooker frozen chicken breast recipes were on the agenda but you never got around to it, then now is the time, and with this recipe, you won’t be disappointed.

It has all the makings of an Asian-influenced dish, but without the unwanted MSG or additives, and even for the most novice of culinary enthusiasts you can make this dish successfully.

This dish works great sautéed with noodles or spooned on top of fluffy rice, dinner is served effortlessly, a meal that fills hungry tummies, and is a quick choice for those midweek supper meals when you have no time to spare and the family needs to be fed.

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#12. Ginger Marmalade Chicken

Before this recipe, I never thought to pair orange with ginger but they work so well that I feel sad that I didn’t experiment with it before or more often, nevertheless here we are and we are using it now.

This meal is, to be honest, quite sweet and although these frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes don’t always specify the sweetness or tartness of the final meal, I know from experience that this is particularly sweet.

If that’s fine for you then proceed as normal, but if you want less sweetness, then add only half the orange marmalade preserve with a touch more water. The versatility is why these recipes work so well, and there is something for everyone which is perfect for families with kids (and there are always niggles and fussy eaters somewhere along the way) or family members with allergies.

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Can I put frozen chicken breasts in crockpot?

You can put frozen chicken breasts in a crockpot, but it’s recommended to thaw them before cooking for better results.

How do you cook frozen chicken breast without drying it out?

To cook frozen chicken breasts without drying them out, use a lower temperature setting and consider adding a flavorful liquid like broth or sauce to help retain moisture during the cooking process.

There never seems to be enough time to do everything we want to in the day, let alone prepare a nutritious meal for the family by the time dinner rolls around, which is why you need (yes, need I am saying) to have these frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes for meals made at the last minute in your cooking repertoire.

The day flies by, the night just as quick, and suddenly you are rushing around in the morning with frozen chicken in your hands screaming about what to do with them. Well, now you have a solution.

A great recipe collection for you to try, and there are even more on our blog so check them out for extra recipe inspirations for quick, simple supper creations.

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