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Does Orange Juice Go Bad and Expire?

Whether you bought too many cartons of orange juice standing unopened, or you started drinking, but it stayed in the fridge for a few days – the question is the same, how long can orange juice last? We bring all the info you need.

It has already become a practice that orange juice is the most common product among fruit juices used. Very often, it’s used in the morning for breakfast and during the day as refreshment. It is best, of course, if you can prepare freshly squeezed homemade orange juice. But most of the time, we don’t have that luxury, so we use processed juices.

Like all other fruit-based products, orange juice is subject to expiration. And since it is often thick and with pulps, sometimes you are not sure exactly how to recognize that the liquid is no longer suitable for consumption. That’s why we bring you all the guidelines on perishability and how to store orange juice.

How Long Does Orange Juice Last?

When we talk about the durability of this refreshing drink, we have to focus on the different forms of juice that exist. Shelf life will also largely depend on storage conditions, but the values should be as follows under normal circumstances.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

If you have taken a few oranges yourself and squeezed them at home, consuming the drink the same day would be best. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator until you use it. If you don’t get to drink everything in one day, the duration should be suitable for one more or a maximum of two days.

Unopened pasteurized bottled orange juice

Here we mean those juices sold outside the refrigerator on ordinary shelves at room temperature. It doesn’t matter if they are packed in cardboard packaging or a glass bottle. Their duration is written on the packaging, and they last approximately one to two years from the date of production. But if you come across such packaging in a pantry that has recently expired, you need not fear. It is probably completely correct. Most often, the validity of the product will be okay a few months after the expiration date written on the packaging.

Unopened juice from the refrigerator

In stores, you can find orange juice found in refrigerators. It usually has a shorter shelf life due to a minor processing process. And this product should be good after the expiration date, but maybe just a few more weeks. That is the maximum.

Opened orange juice

The juice you started using would be good to consume in 7 days maximum. Be sure to keep the product in the refrigerator for the entire time and close the bottle tightly.

Does Orange Juice Expire?

Yes, orange juice has a shelf life. It does not necessarily mean that it will be dangerous to consume as soon as you notice signs of spoilage, but we must warn you that sometimes sour orange juice can cause severe food poisoning. Here are the most common signs of spoilage and how to tell if orange juice is bad:

Sign 1: It has mold in it

Orange juice is susceptible to mold growth. It may be visible in terms of darker spots on the surface or as fibrous threads in the fluid which do not correspond to the usual appearance of the liquid. In both cases, be sure to throw away the liquid.

Sign 2: The tetra pack is inflated

This phenomenon can occur even on an unopened box with a valid shelf life. It is usually a sign that some processes have gone wrong, and such a product is certainly not good to drink. If you notice an inflated package, throw it in the trash.

Sign 3: Taste and smell are not ok

We always return to the senses of trust. If the smell or taste of the juice is sour or reminiscent of alcohol of some kind, it is undoubtedly spoiled orange juice, and as such, do not consume it.

Which is the Best Way to Store Orange Juice?

Orange juice has very common requirements when it comes to storage. Here’s what to look out for.

Tip 1: Avoid warm and bright places

Like most fruit products, oranges don’t like too much light either. Equally warm places are not suitable for storing juice. Therefore try to keep the unopened package in a cool and dark place.

Tip 2: Keep refrigerated after opening

No matter what kind of orange juice you have, be sure to keep it in the refrigerator once you have opened the package. The juice at room temperature will surely develop harmful bacteria.

Tip 3: Always close the bottle

Always keep the original cap close and seal the bottle after using it. This will reduce the influx of oxygen and other dangers that can settle in your favorite juice.


Is it bad to drink expired orange juice?

You should not risk your health by drinking sour orange juice. As we said it is possible that the juice is good for some time after the expiration date written on the package. But if you notice signs of spoilage, throw it away immediately.

How long can orange juice stay in the fridge?

Seven days is some sure estimate of how long you can consume orange juice if it stays in the fridge. It may be good for another day or two, but don’t test your luck too much.

Can old juice make you sick?

Yes, spoiled fruit juices can really cause serious health problems.


Orange juice is an excellent start to the day and a natural refreshment when you need it. As oranges are naturally rich in vitamin C, you should also have a healthy vitamin drink if the juice is not too factory-processed. Always keep it away from light and heat, and keep it in the fridge after you open the bottle. If you notice any signs of spoilage that we described in the article, be sure to throw the product in the trash.

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