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Does Prosecco Go Bad? How Long Can You Keep It 

Quick summary: Prosecco will not spoil, but its quality will certainly decline over time. A rough estimation is that it’s best to drink it within two years of production.

Prosecco is a mostly sweet and sparkling wine that originates from Italy. Let’s say that the Italians have made a very good and more affordable alternative to expensive French champagnes. This drink is best enjoyed as an aperitif before a fine dinner, but it will also serve as a delicious bubbly drink to enjoy after a meal.

Can prosecco get better with age? The answer is short. It can’t. This is not a drink intended for aging and will actually reach its peak about two years after bottling. After that, you can generally expect a decrease in quality and loss of bubbles. Here are the essential things you need to know about the storage and durability of this wine elixir.

How Long Does Prosecco Last?

Similar to wines, you will have a hard time pinpointing the duration of prosecco. It largely depends on the quality of storage, which we will write about later, but some time frames do exist. Here they are.

Unopened prosecco 

If there is a best-before date written on the bottle, it would be a good idea to follow it. Producers can generally estimate very well until which period their drink is of top quality. In principle, you can be guided by the direction that it is approximately two years after bottling, so if there is no written expiration date, there is certainly a production date that you can follow. Of course, this does not mean that the prosecco will be spoiled the month after that. But you will have a time frame where you can expect the quality to drop.

Opened prosecco

Unlike regular wine, prosecco’s lifespan after removing the cork is extremely short. It would be ideal to consume it as soon as you open it, but if you don’t have a large company to do that task, definitely try to finish the drink within a maximum of three days. After that, you won’t have the fizziness you expect anymore.

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Can Prosecco Go Bad?

Prosecco is not likely to spoil as other food would. Old prosecco may cause unhappy guests faces who don’t enjoy the drink, but no one should get sick from it. These are some of the signs by which you can recognize that the drink has expired before you pour it into people’s glasses.

Sign 1: The bubbles are gone

If there are no sparkling bubbles when pouring into the glass, the prosecco must have evaporated. You don’t have to bother saving it. Just get a new bottle.

Sign 2: Color is changed

If you have noticed that the color of the prosecco has become darker and that it is no longer beautiful and transparent, this means that the drink is spoiled.

Sign 3: The smell is strange

Prosecco should have a very refined, slightly fruity aroma. If you smell an unpleasant, pungent odor that is sourer, it means that the prosecco is spoiled.

Which is the Best Way to Store Prosecco?

The durability, as well as the quality of prosecco, will largely depend on the way you store it. Keeping it in the refrigerator is recommended for a short time, and you should refrigerate it for a maximum of a couple of days before consumption. Otherwise, the cold temperatures in the fridge could dry the cork too much, which will have negative consequences. Here are other guidelines.

Tip 1: Keep away from heat

Although storage in the refrigerator is not recommended, slightly cooler room temperatures are definitely advised. Find a comfortable place in the pantry or a cellar and certainly away from any heat sources.

Tip 2: Keep away from light 

Producers protect prosecco to some extent by packaging it in darker bottles to shield it from light. But you can help it by keeping it in the dark. Next to the window is never a good choice, no matter how cold the room is.

Tip 3: Store it upright 

You may have seen in the movies how bottles are mostly turned upside down in wine cellars, so you thought this could also be a good idea for prosecco. It’s not. This drink doesn’t like turning to the cork because it could start to leak air and weaken the prosecco prematurely.


How long is prosecco good for after the expiration date?

It is difficult to answer precisely how long prosecco will be good for. It can be just a few weeks, or it can be months past the expiration date. It is best to check if the bubbles are active enough after opening the bottle, so you will know if the drink is sufficiently fresh.

How can you tell if prosecco has gone bad?

The main signs that prosecco is spoiled are changes in the color and transparency of the drink, then a bad smell, and certainly the loss of the bubbles for which the drink is known.

Can you get sick from drinking expired prosecco?

You shouldn’t have any side effects from drinking expired prosecco. But the flattened drink will diminish the enjoyment.

Prosecco is the world-famous and slightly more affordable Italian version of champagne. The drink is sweet and sparkling and has fruity notes. Ideal for enjoying a glass as an aperitif or for a light sip after a meal. 

Prosecco is not supposed to spoil, but its quality will certainly decline over time, and it will become bland. Experts agree that a roughly correct assessment is that the drink is best consumed two years after bottling. After that, the bubbles will begin to disappear slowly, and the aroma will lose its strength.

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