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Can You Freeze Quiche? How to Preserve This Delicious Dish

In a nutshell, yes, quiche can be frozen successfully, especially when baked and properly wrapped to avoid freezer burn. Opt for low-moisture ingredients to maintain texture after thawing.

When it comes to convenience, quiche is one of the top dishes you can have on hand.

Not only is it a delicious meal in itself which can be enjoyed any time of day, but with a quick addition of salad or side veggies, you have a full offering for last-minute guests.

Quiche leftovers are a great option for school or work lunch the next day.

So how can you ensure to have this delicious last-minute meal handy without any of it going to waste before you need it? Freeze it!

You may find it surprising that quiche can be frozen as it is predominantly made of eggs, but most types of quiche fare very well in the freezer. 

There are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of to ensure that the quiche doesn’t spoil during freezing.

Here is everything you need to know to successfully store quiche in the freezer.

Can Quiche Be Frozen?

So, does quiche freeze well? Yes! Even though quiche contains a large number of eggs (which usually are not ideal for freezing), it can be frozen without a problem. You will even find quiche in the frozen section of the grocery store.

Quiche is best frozen already baked, although the crust and filling can be frozen separately if unbaked. Crustless quiche also freezes well. When freezing quiche, it is best to choose a recipe that does not include cream.

The type of quiche you freeze may affect the quality of the thawed product.

Quiche that contains high-moisture ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, peppers, or zucchini will cause quiche to become soggy once thawed due to moisture loss and weeping once defrosted or warmed.

Swap these ingredients for those with a lower moisture content such as bacon, butternut, dry-cured prosciutto, Parmesan, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Very importantly, always make sure the quiche is well-protected from moisture and air by wrapping it sufficiently when freezing. Never prepare the quiche for freezing while it is still warm. Air and moisture will cause freezer burn.

How To Freeze Baked Quiche

Here’s how to freeze cooked quiche or leftover quiche:

Step 1: Cool

Once your quiche has been baked, set it aside to cool to room temperature. You can place it in the refrigerator for a short while to speed up the cooling process.

If the quiche is wrapped and frozen while still warm, condensation will form causing large ice crystals to form, dramatically reducing the quality. Placing hot items in the freezer will also cause the freezer temperature to drop, placing all the surrounding foods at risk.

Step 2: Pre-Freeze

Once the quiche is cooled, decide whether you want to freeze the quiche as a whole or in slices.

If you prefer it sliced, cut it into the desired portion sizes and place the slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper so that they do not touch each other.

If you plan to freeze the whole quiche, remove the quiche from the baking dish and place it on a lined baking sheet. You can also leave the quiche in the original dish to freeze providing the dish is freezer friendly.

Place the lined baking tray with the quiche portions in the freezer. Even though the filling is cooked, it may still be on the soft side so pre-freezing the quiche will allow it to harden further, preventing it from sticking to the protective wrapping.

A great tip is to use an aluminum foil tart dish to bake it in. This way, you can bake, freeze and reheat it in the oven without having to worry about the temperature changes cracking the dish, and making it easy to keep the quiche in its perfect form.

Step 3: Wrap

Once frozen, remove the baking tray from the freezer. Wrap the quiche in a double layer of plastic wrap, ensuring there are no gaps exposed to air. Slices should be wrapped individually.

Next, wrap it in a layer of aluminum foil, again making sure every part is completely sealed to prevent freezer burn.

If desired, place the quiche in a resealable plastic freezer bag.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label the wrapping with the type of quiche and date of freezing before placing it into the freezer in a spot where other items will not press onto it.

How To Freeze Unbaked Quiche

Quiche is made up of two very different components, namely the crust and the filling. These components require different preparation and storage when freezing.

For the best results and to avoid a soggy crust, it is advised to freeze the pastry crust and quiche filling separately (if you are freezing uncooked quiche).

Freeze the filling by pouring the mixed, uncooked egg mixture into a resealable freezer bag. Leave some headspace at the top of the plastic bag and lightly press out as much air as possible before sealing the bag completely.

Label the bag with the contents or type of quiche and date before placing it into the freezer.

Freeze the pastry by rolling it out and placing it into a greased pie dish. Make sure the dish is both oven and freezer-safe. Place the entire dish with the prepared unbaked crust into a resealable freezer bag and press out as much excess air as possible before closing it.

If you do not have a freezer safe bag large enough, pre-freeze the pastry in the pie dish just to allow it to harden. Then, wrap the entire dish in a double layer of plastic wrap and then in a layer of aluminum foil ensuring all corners are well covered with no exposed gaps. 

Label the bag or wrapping with the date and freeze. Keep in mind that the longer pastry is kept frozen, the less crispy and flaky it will be.

How To Thaw Frozen Quiche

Baked quiche is best reheated in the oven straight from frozen, so no thawing is necessary, neither is it recommended. Simply remove the wrapping and place it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes (depending on the size) until heated through completely.

Unbaked quiche filling and crust should be thawed in the fridge overnight before baking. The filling will take longer to thaw than the crust. Before pouring the filling into crust for baking, give it a good stir.

Types of Quiche

cooked quiche

Although it is enjoyed worldwide, quiche is traditionally a French savory tart. The crisp, flaky pastry shell is filled with a firm savory egg custard and a combination of fillings including anything from cheese and bacon to meat, vegetables, and herbs.

Quiche Lorraine is the most well-known type of quiche made with cheese and bacon. When making your own quiche, however, you can really add whatever you fancy, whether keeping it vegetarian or including meat.

Quiche can be crustless or come in individual mini portions instead of a large tart which is cut into slices. Mini quiches are popular as hors d’oeuvres or canapes.

Quiche slices can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea, and can be served with a side green salad or serving of vegetables.

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Whether your quiche is crustless, baked, sliced, or still one big pie, freezing is a great way to lengthen its shelf life and to have a delicious and healthy last-minute meal at the drop of a hat.

Mini quiches can be frozen in the same way you would freeze baked quiche or quiche slices, and are great party treats with a fancy flair.

So whether you made an extra pie, have leftovers, or are doing party preparations in advance, there’s no need to waste or worry about this delicious pie going to waste.

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