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How To Reheat Oatmeal In Minutes Using Different Appliances

In summary: There are three ways to reheat oatmeal for a tasty breakfast: on a stove, in a microwave, or in an air fryer. Each method requires heating the oatmeal for a few minutes and adding the toppings afterward.

Oatmeal is, without a doubt, a good meal that you can afford every day. Although it may not seem tasty at first, consider oatmeal as a base on which you can add nuts, fresh or dried fruits, honey, brown sugar or whatever you want.

You can have a different oatmeal meal prep ideas, yet a very healthy breakfast every day. Warm oatmeal with some cold ingredients can be a true treat.

The inconvenient side of the oatmeal is that it takes a little more time to cook. You just don’t have the luxury of spending half an hour every morning cooking and preparing breakfast. So, can you reheat oatmeal if you make it in advance and have a creamy texture?

The great news is that you can heat the oatmeal or porridge perfectly so you can actually cook the required doses of oatmeal for the week in advance. You can also freeze oatmeal very easily for even more extended keeping.

How to Reheat Cooked Oatmeal On A Stove

All methods of reheating cooked oatmeal are extremely simple, and so is this one. Reheating on the stove is actually similar to the original cooking. It only takes less time, and you just need a lighter temperature. 

We remind you not to heat other ingredients that you may put in the oatmeal, like fruit and other stuff that should be cold. Keep it all separate and add them to your meal after you’re done heating.

Step 1: Put the Oatmeal in a Pot and Add a Little Water

Put the oatmeal in the pot in which you will cook it. Then, add a little water and stir. You can add a little milk instead of water to get a creamier taste. 

The goal is to restore the moisture that the oatmeal lost while standing in the refrigerator. Don’t overdo it by no means, as it only really takes a little amount of fluid.

Step 2: Cook on Medium Heat for About 7 to 10 Minutes

Put the oatmeal on medium heat; do not turn the stove to the maximum. Stir gently occasionally to heat everything evenly. It will take you about 7 to 10 minutes to fully heat the meal. After it is done, add the cold ingredients to your dish and enjoy it.

Warming Oatmeal In A Microwave

A super-fast microwave method reheating oatmeal is, of course, extremely simple. You don’t have to worry, as the taste won’t be spoiled. So feel free to access this method if you have a microwave on hand. Again, heat only the oatmeal, and the rest of the ingredients, like fruit, afterward. 

Step 1: Put the Oatmeal in a Bowl and Add the Liquid

Place the oatmeal in a microwave safe bowl. Restore the moisture that the grain lost by adding a little water or milk. Mix everything well, and cover the bowl with a lid intended for a microwave. 

Always leave a small opening so that steam can escape and that the container does not explode. 

Step 2: Heat at Two Intervals of 30 Seconds

Put the oatmeal in the microwave and turn on for 30 seconds to warm up. Take it out and stir a little. This is important so that everything is heated evenly, and so that the interior does not remain lukewarm. 

After stirring, return for an additional 30 seconds to warm-up. This should be enough time to warm up thoroughly, but if you think it needs a few more seconds, extend the nuking time.

Heating Oatmeal In An Air Fryer

Well, I bet an air fryer isn’t a first idea when it comes to how to reheat oatmeal. That is perfectly logical since much more reasonable ways are on a stove or even in a microwave. 

But if by some chance all you have nearby is a fryer, sure, you can use it to reheat baked oatmeal. Reheated oatmeal is just reheated oatmeal, so no big difference should exist in taste. 

Step 1: Put the Oatmeal in a Pot 

Although you can line the bottom of the fryer basket with aluminum foil to create a pot, sometimes small slits remain, and liquid could spill through the grates and make a mess. 

That is why choosing a cooking pot whose size corresponds to the air fryer is better. Put the leftover oatmeal inside and add a little liquid if necessary. Mix everything well. 

Please note that you should leave out all the cold ingredients so that they remain chill.

Step 2: Cook on 350 degrees for About 6 to 8 Minutes

The chosen temperature should be medium-high, around 350 degrees. Thus, the porridge will be thoroughly heated and will not overheat the outside while the inside remains cold. 

Cook the oatmeal for approximately 6 to 8 minutes, depending on the amount you put in the pot. We suggest that you mix the porridge halfway. Although it is not necessary, it will certainly help to heat it more evenly. 

When everything is ready, take it out of the fryer, add the cold ingredients you want, and enjoy your breakfast.



Oatmeal is truly an ideal breakfast for you and your family. It is a source of fiber and energy, which is certainly a good way to start the day. You need to have enough power to withstand all-day challenges. 

The great news is that oatmeal lasts a long time in the fridge—for up to 6 days—and that you can reheat them perfectly. Now it is possible to prepare breakfast in advance for each working day that awaits you. When you know easy methods to reheat pre-cooked oatmeal, you’ll have no problems preparing breakfast daily.

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