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Reheat Mashed Potatoes: 4 Ways To Avoid Dryness and Lumps

In short, there are four ways to reheat mashed potatoes: in the oven, on a stove, in a microwave, or in an air fryer.

Mashed potatoes are many people’s favorite side dishes and often a preferred version of cooked potatoes, especially for kids. But rarely do we like it cold and usually, we just throw away the leftovers.

If you master the reheating technique, you could save the remnants of creamy potatoes just like what you do with turkey or other meat that was the main game. The trick to warming up is to add moisture and heat slowly. With our methods, you can intentionally make ahead mashed potatoes for two days. Here are some basic methods that can help you.

Reheating Mashed Potatoes In The Oven

Remember that nothing with leftover potatoes should be done at a excessively high temperature. It is also crucial when reheating in the oven. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the silky soft taste of mashed potatoes as you had in the beginning.

Step 1: Preheat Oven to 350 °F

Set the oven to heat to a maximum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and no more than that. While the oven heats up, you have time to prepare the mashed potatoes.

Step 2: Add Some Moisture to your Potatoes

This is actually the most crucial step. If you have ever had cold mashed potatoes, you know that they dry out and become lumpy. The goal is to add moisture and mix well to get a creamy taste. 

Therefore, you can add milk and extra butter, broth or roast meat sauce, whatever you want or have on hand. Determine the amount yourself, depending on how much leftover potatoes you have. It is important to add enough cream to the potatoes.

Step 3: Bake Mashed Potatoes for 20 Minutes

Put the prepared mashed potatoes in a baking dish and cover it with aluminum foil. The steam inside the pan will help heat the potatoes evenly. 

If you have a large amount of potatoes, you can stir it in the middle of the cycle to ensure good results. Mashed potatoes should be ready in about 20 minutes.

Heating Up Mashed Potatoes On A Stove

Reheating on a stove is definitely a slightly faster way than the oven, but you have a high chance that your mashed potatoes will burn if you don’t take good care. So, rather lower the temperature and heat the meal more slowly. Here’s how to do it right.

Step 1: Prepare the Mashed Potatoes for Reheating

In this method of heating, the most important thing is to add liquid so that you end up with creamy and soft mashed potatoes. 

Add milk with butter and mix well or use meat roasting sauce. Anyway, since you are heating the potatoes in a pan, you will need grease, little butter, or oil to do the job.

Step 2: Heat the Mashed Potatoes with Constant Stirring

Put a little oil in the pan and turn on the stove to a medium temperature. Don’t overdo it because your potatoes will burn. 

Put the mashed potatoes and constantly gently stir, so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. If you notice that the yams are too dry or that it could burn, add more sauce or butter.

Warming Mashed Potatoes In A Microwave

If you are in a hurry, of course, you can also use the microwave. Just be sure to use a couple of tricks to get a better result. A microwave oven is never the number 1 recommendation for reheating any food, but the result doesn’t have to be tragic. Remember to use only a microwave-safe dish and follow these easy steps to avoid gummy texture.

Step 1: Add Liquid to the Mashed Potatoes

The first step is the same as with the previous methods. It is necessary and inevitable to add liquid to mashed potatoes. Otherwise, you will have rubber lumps instead of a delicious meal. So, don’t skimp on the creaminess. Add sauce, melted butter, sour cream, milk, broth, whatever you want.

Step 2: Put in a Microwave Bowl and Cover

For microwave heating, the pan must be covered to retain moisture and create steam that will heat the potatoes. 

Just keep in mind that all utensils you place must be safe to use in the microwave. You don’t want an accident to happen in the form of an explosion while heating a meal. 

Step 3: Use Multiple Short Warm-up Intervals

For quality heating of mashed potatoes in the microwave, it is vital to use short intervals of 1 minute. After each one-minute cycle, take out the yams and stir. Then turn on for an extra minute of heating.

Do this until you get well-heated potatoes. If you’d immediately turn on the microwave for 5 minutes, you would get unevenly heated and not so tasty potatoes. It might even turn out to be very tough. Rather, therefore, invest a little effort and use shorter cycles.

Warming Up Mashed Potatoes Using An Air Fryer

Although it may not seem like the first solution you would reach for, you can reheat mashed potatoes quickly with the help of an air fryer. We can discuss whether a classic oven is still a better solution, but this kitchen appliance will also be just fine. It is only important to set the temperature high enough so that the reheated potatoes are safe to eat.

Step 1: Place the cold mashed potatoes in the baking pan

Of course, it is important to choose a baking pan suitable for your air fryer. It would be a logical choice if you received an original pan that fits in the basket along with the device. If you have a considerable amount of leftover potatoes, we suggest you divide them into two or even three portions for heating. More at once may result in some parts not being equally hot so adjust to how much mashed potatoes you have.

Step 2: Add moisture components

You can opt for additional cream cheese that will give the mashed potatoes even more flavor or simply add some melted butter. Considering that the cold leftovers have dried out a bit, it is important to add moisture to make the dish juicy. Mix everything well.

Step 3: Heat for four to five minutes

You should set the air fryer to approximately 370 F. Then place the basket of mashed potatoes inside and heat for around 4 to 5 minutes. It would be good to break the cycle in the middle and stir the potatoes. This way, you will achieve a uniform temperature throughout the potatoes. When it is well heated, remove it from the pan and serve immediately.



If you have leftover turkey or some other meat from the main lunch, you have most likely overdosed with the mashed potatoes as well, so you have leftovers.

You don’t have to throw it away in any way. Store it in the fridge, and feel free to reheat it the next day along with the main course. You will achieve the best results using the oven, but you can reheat it on the stove, using an air fryer or in the microwave, too. All methods are also applicable to frozen mashed potatoes just be sure to thaw it first.

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