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Reheat Rotisserie Chicken: A Step-by-step Tutorial

In summary: There are four ways to reheat a rotisserie chicken: in the oven, on the stove, in the microwave, or in the air fryer.

Rotisserie chicken is a great meal and a very simple one. As the whole chicken is roasted on a direct source of heat, the crunchiness and sweetness of the skin it has are indescribably delicious, and the meat is soft and delicate. 

It is loved by all ages—from children to adults—without exception. Many other dishes are also compared to how something tastes like this chicken.

However, when the whole cooked chicken is in question, you often have leftovers that you store in the fridge. The key to enjoying this chicken as if it had just been roasted, is in the right way of reheating.

Whether you want to reheat homemade rotisserie chicken or store-bought such as the ones at Costco, here are three methods you can use to get a great result.

Heating Rotisserie Chicken In The Oven

With the help of the oven, you will get the best result of reheating chicken leftovers. The significant advantage is that you can warm a whole chicken with this method without the need to cut it into smaller pieces. This way, you can serve and arrange your dish better.

The process is actually very simple. After you prepare the chicken and oven, let it heat up, and you don’t have to keep an eye on it.

Step 1: Preheat Oven to 350 °F

The first step is to preheat the oven thoroughly. Set the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let it warm up. If you have a slightly weaker oven, you can turn the heat to 400 °F as well. Generally, the oven must be preheated before you put the rotisserie chicken in.

Step 2: Prepare the Chicken

While the oven is heating up, you can prepare the chicken. You need to put it in a fireproof oven safe dish and add a little liquid. It can be chicken broth or roasting sauce. 

If you do not have any of the above, you can add a little water and oil. The goal is to have some liquid that will evaporate and create ideal heating conditions. 

Of course, with gravy, the taste will be much better compared to adding plain water. Cover the container with a lid or aluminum foil so that steam can circulate inside.

Step 3: Bake for about 25 Minutes

Put the chicken in the oven and leave for 20 minutes to heat thoroughly. After that, you can check if the temperature of the chicken has risen enough. 

It needs to be 165 °F, which you can check with a thermometer. Then, if the chicken is heated, remove the lid and roast it back for an additional 5 minutes. This should be enough to get a nice crispy crust.

Warming Up Rotisserie Chicken On The Stove

You can also reheat the chicken on the stove. Only in this case, you can’t heat it whole, as you must cut it into smaller pieces. Otherwise, the outside of the chicken will be hot and almost burnt, while the inside is still cold. 

Aside from it not being nice to eat with such a result, it could also be dangerous to your health as the meat must be reheated to a high heating temperature in order to kill harmful bacteria.

Step 1: Prepare the Chicken First

First, you need to prepare the shredded rotisserie chicken by chopping it into smaller pieces. You can choose to cut into a bit larger pieces or chop everything into little bits—as you wish.

The recommendation is to definitely remove the bones from the chicken as it will heat better, and it will be easier for you to manipulate in the pan.

Step 2: Set the Stove and Preheat the Pan

Add one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil to the skillet where you will heat the chicken, depending on how big the container is. Put on the fire and let the oil heat up. It should be heated but do not allow the oil to start burning.

Step 3: Roast the Chicken with Constant Stirring

When the oil has heated up, add the chicken pieces to the pan. You need to stir and turn the pieces often so as not to burn. Cooking time is 5 to 7 minutes for the chicken to heat up properly.

It is better to heat it a little hotter than to be lukewarm, again because of the danger of bacteria. Besides, you will get a more exceptional caramelized chicken flavor. Serve the hot chicken immediately.

Reheating Rotisserie Chicken In The Microwave

If you don’t have enough time for the oven or enough will for the stove, you can nuke your chicken as well. This will not give you a crunchy meal or a golden brown tasty skin, but it will adequately heat the chicken so you can eat it. 

The trick is not to let your microwave dry out your meat completely, because microwaves are experts on that.

Step 1: Prepare the Chicken and Add Moisture

With a microwave, you can also heat a whole piece of chicken—why not? But, if you want to speed up the process a bit, it will be easier for you to cut it into several smaller pieces. 

You then need to add moisture so that it does not dry out. Damp paper towel will do the trick. Wrap each piece in a soggy blanket and place it on the microwave safe plate. Or use chicken stock instead.

Step 2: Heat at Intervals Per Minute

Heat the chicken in cycles for one minute. Check the result to make sure everything is progressing well. After a minute, you can turn the pieces over to heat them more evenly. After the second or third cycle, you can take off the paper wrapper and cook it for another minute without it. We repeat, the microwave will not give you that lovely finishing touch and delicious crust, but the result will be a well-heated chicken that you can eat. 

Heating Up Leftover Rotisserie Chicken In The Air Fryer

An air fryer will be a very good choice of device for reheating a whole roasted chicken. With good preparation, you will also get the crisp skin that you had at the beginning. The process is more than simple, and most importantly, if you are in a hurry, extremely short. If you have this kitchen assistant, we would advise you to choose it instead of a microwave oven. Here’s what you need to do to get juicy meat.

Step 1: Prepare the Chicken

Similar to the previous techniques, adding some chicken moist to improve the crispness of the skin is a good idea. But since you are using an air fryer basket, it is not desirable that it drips on all sides. Choose grease from baking or similar fat and brush the skin of the chicken. Then put the whole chicken in the basket, i.e., the leftovers you have. Just make sure it is not too big and does not touch the heating elements. In that case, cutting it into smaller parts will be necessary.

Step 2: Heat for Four to Five Minutes

Set the air fryer to preheat to 350 F. If you have frozen rotisserie chicken leftovers, you will need to defrost them thoroughly before reheating. Place the chicken in the air fryer and heat for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. If you want an even better result, pause at halftime and coat the skin with fat a little more. When everything is well heated, remove chicken and serve immediately.



Reheating rotisserie chicken is actually one of the easiest jobs in the kitchen. No matter which heating method you choose, you won’t be bothered much. And, the results are very good. I guess that’s why we love roast chicken so much—such simple meat that provides so many options and fine flavors.

Don’t hesitate to store leftover chicken in the fridge and enjoy them in a day or two. Be sure to save the chicken skin as well, as it will be delicious with our reheating techniques.

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