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Best Vanilla Syrup for Coffee: Elevate Your Brew

Key points:

  • Vanilla syrup offers a delightful way to enhance coffee with its luxurious flavor and smooth texture. It’s a sweetener and flavor combined, eliminating the need for extra sugar. 
  • Choosing the best vanilla syrup involves considering factors like sugar content, flavorings, uses, and ingredients. 
  • Top recommendations include Torani Vanilla Syrup for versatile use, Jordan’s Skinny Gourmet Syrups for sugar-free and low-calorie option, Monin for a natural, environmentally-friendly choice, and DaVinci Sugar-Free Gourmet Syrup for versatile applications. 

Whether you are wanting to spice up your morning coffee or need to find a cheaper way to recreate the delicious vanilla latte from the café across the road, pairing vanilla with coffee, milk, or tea, makes for a delightfully comforting drink. The luxurious flavor of vanilla paired with coffee is a winning combination every time.

The easiest and closest way of recreating vanilla coffee from your favorite coffee shop is by using vanilla syrup.

This is a sweetener and flavor addition in one, so no extra sugar needs to be added. Since it comes in a liquid form it is incredibly smooth and mixes evenly throughout the drink, whether hot or cold.

Using vanilla syrup to make your own drinks allows you to have control over how much goes into your drink. You can even use it in baking, and as an ice cream or waffle topping.

How To Choose the Best Vanilla Syrup for Coffee

When adding vanilla syrup to your coffee, milk, or milkshake, you don’t want a synthetic taste, but rather a warming, sweet, natural flavor. Here is what you need to consider when choosing a good vanilla syrup for your pantry.

#1. Sugar Content

Vanilla is not naturally sweet. The syrup, therefore, includes a high level of sugar. If you add a teaspoon of granulated sugar to your coffee, use the syrup as a replacement.

If you are watching your calorie intake, opt for a sugar-free syrup that uses alternative low-calorie sweeteners.

#2. Flavorings

Vanilla flavored syrup is available as a plain flavor or combination of flavors such as vanilla cinnamon or vanilla caramel.

Buying plain syrup is best since you can customize it every time, adding cinnamon when you feel like it, or just enjoying a plain vanilla drink at other times. Combination flavor syrups tend to have a more artificial flavor.

#3. Uses

Check the product label for usage recommendations. Getting a syrup that can also be used for desserts, cocktails, and other applications makes it a great addition to your pantry.

#4. Ingredient List

Vanilla syrup shouldn’t have a long list of ingredients. Checking the contents of the syrup will help you determine whether it is naturally or artificially flavored and what kind of sugar, sweetening, and preservative components it includes.

The 4 Best Vanilla Syrups

Making your own vanilla syrup is ideal, but if you don’t have time or access to vanilla beans, a good quality ready-made syrup shouldn’t be too hard to find. Here are our top picks to spice up your morning cuppa Joe.

Best for Flavored Coffee – Torani Vanilla Syrup

Torani syrup is available in a 375ml plastic container or 750ml glass bottle and is made from cane sugar and natural flavorings. It has a very high rating from users who mostly love using it in all kinds of drinks from sodas and coffee to cocktails and milkshakes.

Torani offers a range of other flavored syrups from pumpkin spice and hazelnut to French vanilla, which has a richer, more caramel-like vanilla taste.

Best Sugar-Free – Jordan’s Skinny Gourmet Syrups Vanilla 

Sweetened with sucralose, this is the best way to flavor up your coffee with no extra calories, sugar, or fat. This carb-free, keto-friendly syrup allows you to stay on track with your diet without missing out on any deliciousness.

The guilt-free product offers a buttery vanilla aroma with a rich and smooth flavor. It comes in a 750ml/25.4 Fl oz bottle and is ideal for adding to coffee, tea, pancakes, protein shakes, oatmeal, yogurt, and baked goods. If you are concerned about consuming processed or artificial products, however, this one is not for you since it contains artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Best Natural Vanilla Syrup – Monin

Monin vanilla syrup is our top pick for a natural, environmentally friendly product that tastes insanely good too. They use Madagascar vanilla for a high-quality, smooth product with a custard-like vanilla flavor ideal for adding to drinks, desserts, and whipped cream.

With no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or sweeteners the product is non-GMO and Monin highly values environmental care. Their syrup recycling initiative contributes to natural bee colony preservation which has contributed to feeding over 374 billion bees. Bottles are BPA-free and packaging boxes are 100% recyclable.

Best Versatile Use – DaVinci Sugar-Free Gourmet Syrup

DaVinci sugar-free syrup is all about flavor, using natural and artificial flavorings to up the intensity, giving you a rich-tasting syrup that is not overly sweet. The sugar-free product is ideal for a variety of applications from hot and cold drinks to ice cream, desserts, baked goods, waffles, cream, and French toast. Da Vinci prides itself on providing guilt-free quality products.


Can vanilla syrup go bad?

Yes, vanilla syrup can go bad over time. While most commercially bottled syrups have preservatives that extend their shelf life, it’s important to check for any signs of spoilage, such as changes in color, texture, or an off smell, before using.

Do you need to refrigerate vanilla syrup?

Yes, it’s generally recommended to refrigerate vanilla syrup to prolong its shelf life. Refrigeration helps prevent spoilage and maintains the quality of the syrup.

How do you use vanilla syrup in coffee?

Once you have made and poured your coffee, add one to two teaspoons of syrup as you would sugar and stir well to blend it all together. If you are using the syrup in a smoothie, add it to the blender with all the other ingredients.


Vanilla extract comes from vanilla beans. Vanilla flavored coffee is such a treat, and even more so when you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Making your own vanilla coffee at home is super easy. Simply add one to two teaspoons of vanilla syrup to your brew and a warm cup of luxury awaits.

There is a syrup to suit everyone from sugar-free, and environment-friendly to mixed flavor options. Now you can enjoy a guilt-free vanilla latte for half the price. We can’t say no to that.

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