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15 Satisfying Crockpot Weight Watchers Recipes for Smart Eating

In a nutshell: Some featured weight watchers crockpot recipes include Salsa Chicken Make Ahead Freezer Meal, Homemade Hamburger Helper, Weight Watchers Stuffed Pepper Soup, etc. The recipes focus on incorporating lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains while using the convenience of a slow cooker for easy preparation.

We have all been through those phases where we want to try to eat healthier, make better food choices, or simply avoid what we consider luxuries so we are not tempted to give in to our taste bud’s desires.

But this often ends up worse than before with the odd cheat snack turning into a cheat meal and then suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a cheat week or month and then you are back at square one, and I blame this bad cycle on poor tasting food.

You may think that healthy food has to be bland and dry, but this is not true, what you want are weight watchers crock pot recipes to keep you healthy when you are hungry and to avoid starving yourself or falling off the food wagon as it were.

With this great collection of recipes, you have the chance to stay on track, keep up with nutritionally sound meals, and not feel guilty for eating food that tastes amazing.

#1. Salsa Chicken Make Ahead Freezer Meal

This dish looks too good to be true with all the flavors and colors you wouldn’t think it was as healthy as it is, but you need not worry, it ticks all the boxes.

Not only is it filled with lean meat like chicken (and turkey meatworks and tastes just as well), but the vegetables give you all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to fuel the day.

And because this dish is so quick and effortless to pull together you can make a double portion in just as much or as little time as the initial yield and then save half for later when the week seems overwhelmingly busy and you just don’t have the energy or time to cook.

It freezes well and reheats equally great for a superb tasting meal when you need it most. If all weight watchers’ crock pot recipes were this simple we could have more time to focus on the finer things in life, like being outdoors with the family.

A tried and successfully tested dish that will become a frequent dinner visitor for sure.

Get recipe: messforless.net

#2. Buffalo chicken recipe

Who said you can’t eat pasta or carbs when trying to lose weight or keep fit, this healthy weight watcher’s slow cooker recipes option proves all those critics wrong, and thankfully so, because who doesn’t love a cheesy, meat-filled pasta bake if they can get it.

This recipe has a lot of options which makes it great for all of us who are keeping on track with healthier eating. You simply measure the ingredients according to the dish but serve the portion size relevant to your program color.

You’ll have leftovers for the next day for lunch too which is a bonus and it stores fresh in the fridge for up to three days.

Add a generous side portion of leafy greens and you forget that you are on any measured eating plant. To begin with, it is filling, tastes brilliant, and is so quick to make, and there is nothing to knock about this recipe.

An easy, everyday dish that fills the gap.

Get recipe: drizzlemeskinny.com

#3. Easy and Healthy Crack Chicken Dip recipe

At our house, we love hosting, having people over, and entertaining with good food, but since being on the healthier end of the rating scale I have found it quite tricky to join in with the BBQ foods or I simply make a separate meal every time (which can be exhausting and time-consuming and all around not fun).

But since finding these crock pot weight watcher recipes I can make great dishes and appetizers that taste as good as always but without the calorie count. Win-win.

These filled pepper crudités were my ultimate feel-good foods to snack on or fill upon and are so quick and simple to make.

You can add different ingredients according to your preferences or your family allergies, if any, and swap out some for others to stay in line with the points of the day and per meal. This way you don’t have to risk a naughty meal and tempt yourself into thinking it is ok, because we all know how difficult it can be to come back from a sugar-filled dish.

Take a moment to look at ingredients in products, swap or replace them for products that are allowed or are low in fat, and live the life you deserve, with great-tasting food.

Get recipe: mycrazygoodlife.com

#4. Creamy Italian Chicken

This is one of those easy slow cooker weight watchers recipes that have you rechecking the ingredients list because it is so tasty, but you can check as many times as you like, this slow cooking sensation is a crockpot wonder that ceases to fail on delivery.

It is rich and creamy and has lean meat which tastes like a million dollars, and if you want to keep the points low for this dish, I like to swap out rice or potato for my newfound love, cauliflower rice (or even just large chunks of steamed cauliflower).

The vegetable soaks up the goodness of the meaty cream sauce and is perfect for those cold winter evenings when you have been stuck in traffic for longer than you would have liked trying to get home.

Simply pop everything into the slow cooker as you head off to work in the morning, set it on low, and all you need to do as you pour yourself a glass of guilt-free wine is wait for the steamed cauliflower to finish that the hubby has kindly started already, knowing you would be late.

Get recipe: recipe-diaries.com

#5. Homemade Hamburger Helper recipe

I was intrigued by the title of the recipe and that is why I continued reading what this crock pot weight watchers recipes option was all about in my search for healthier meals for midweek dinners.

Tired of always being hungry an hour after supper I thought that there has to be more to it, something I could do to feel satisfied with my evening meal, and this meal couldn’t have come sooner.

I saw the word hamburger and I was in, but I had a niggling thought in the back of my mind about the calorie and points count, so I dug further. And I was pleasantly surprised.

This has all the goodness of a well-made Bolognese but using whole grain or whole what pasta in place of generic flour pasta helps to keep it low fat, leaner minced meat with a low-fat percentage per kilo, and low sodium broth as opposed to the usual stock granules we all know.

It may sound like a lot of effort, but once you are in the swing of things with your eating this recipe becomes a breeze. And the word helper couldn’t be more appropriate as it helps you get through that mid-week hump of feeling like the weekend is nowhere to be seen (and I know we have all been there).

Get recipe: mycrazygoodlife.com

#6. Weight Watchers Stuffed Pepper Soup 

Is there anything more comforting than a great-tasting, homemade soup packed with love, and flavor?

Winter is all about staying indoors and having a heart-warming meal with the family, but this is when people tend to slip on their eating habits and can easily disguise it by all the layers they have on to keep warm (sneaky).

Don’t be the person that has worked so hard to accomplish a good eating routine, and you are looking great and in the best shape of your life ever, all to let it go downhill just because you can get away with it.

Stick to healthy choices.

This is easy to do when you have weight watchers, slow cooker recipes that are tasty and filling eliminating the snacking that is too often everyone’s downfall when living healthy.

You can swap the rice in this dish for cauliflower rice as mentioned before, but if you love rice (like me and so many others), then brown rice is going to be your friend in this situation.

Get recipe: mycrazygoodlife.com

#7. Chili in the Crock-Pot

I have made this recipe multiple times in a month and have doubled the recipe yield more often than not to freeze down for meals later in the week or month.

There is almost nothing (in terms of difficult steps) to the dish, it has the lean version of all the ingredients, and is as tasty as if you were to order it from your local takeaway restaurant. This was a recipe sent down from culinary heaven for people like me who struggle to keep the weight off or stick to limited-food eating plans.

Slow cooker weight watchers recipes have become my go-to cookbook now when making meals, and the family is none the wiser that they are eating healthy along with me which is a bonus so I don’t have to explain why it tastes the way it does because all the dishes are delicious.

An effortless meal that will have the family asking for second helpings, and the kids will be eating a meal that is loaded with good vegetables and protein sources, this dish has everything one could need or want in a recipe.

Get recipe: messforless.net

#8. Healthy Weight Watchers Drunken Noodles 

I love Asian inspired food and it was one of the big food cuisines I missed when I decided to change my eating habits because we all know a good sweet chili sauce is the secret to everything tasting so yummy, but it is packed with sugar so it had to be taken out of the equation.

This meal, however, gave me a little piece of home and allowed me the chance to savor good, oriental flavored food without the guilt of being off course.

Other than the pasta component in this dish (and even then we use whole wheat to counter the points) the rest of these weight watchers’ crock pot recipes are full of lean vegetables and low sodium sauces and tablespoons of vinegar.

The quickest meal you will throw together, and it is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

I like to add fresh chili to my plate to give it a nice bite and bit of a kick to the meal, and I heard it increases your metabolism (and Lord knows I could use a quicker moving metabolism when it comes to trying to fit into my jeans shorts before summer begins).

If there is a nut allergy in the family, of course, please leave the sesame seed to step out.

Get recipe: mycrazygoodlife.com

#9. Cube Steak with Mushroom Gravy

If you have been looking for crock pot weight watchers recipes that take the effort out of cooking then look no further. Other than the bonus of being able to make this dish in the crockpot it has only a handful of ingredients. Yes, you can count them on your fingers.

Give the meat a good tenderization (the kids will be more than happy to smash some meat with the mallet), place in the cooker with the mushrooms, seasoning, and broth, and leave to work its slow cooking magic.

I like to give the meat a good sear in a hot skillet with garlic butter and olive oil just to add some extra flavor and lock in the meaty juices and goodness, or you could opt to broil them at the end of the cooking process just before serving.

Simple, elegant, and whoever said you need thousands of ingredients for a meal to taste great has not given the recipe a chance.

Get recipe: slenderberry.com

#10. Weight Watchers Easy Cheesy Southwest Crock-Pot Chicken

Wow, the title is quite the mouthful I hear you saying, and for good reason too, so is the meal.

It is a dish that hits all the marks, ticks all the boxes, and is so simple to make that even the most novice of culinary enthusiasts could try their hand at it successfully.

All you need to do is pop half of the salsa mix into the slow cooker, add the seasoned chicken (be sure to do this because sometimes if you forget the meat can taste bland when it has no reason to, and top with the remaining salsa and cheese.

Leave to simmer gently throughout the morning till the chicken is fork-tender, broil under the grill for 5 minutes with an extra layer of cheese till it’s golden and gorgeous, and enjoy with refreshing tonic water or lemon spritzer for those hot summer evenings.

The Southwest has found a winning recipe that you can now make in the comfort of your home.

Get recipe: simple-nourished-living.com

#11. Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta 

The richness of this creamy dish is indescribably tasty, and people who are not on this particular eating plan may not believe you when you tell them it is healthy, but it is.

It is done before you know it and is effortlessly simple.

The dried chili flakes at the end make for a nice pop of color but you are more than welcome to add freshly chopped chili if you prefer. The subtle red tinge can be increased by adding smoked paprika to the mix and it has a nice flavor profile to it too.

While the recipe calls for chicken, this can easily be swapped out for turkey meat which is just as lean and tasty, and although it usually ends up dry which is why not many people enjoy it, in the slow cooker you don’t have this issue.

A winning dish in my eyes, and has been a staple in my eating plan to keep me on track with healthier meal options when the hunger monster rears its ugly head.

Get recipe: mycrazygoodlife.com

#12. Bourbon Chicken in the Crockpot 

This dish is still on the weight watchers slow cooker recipes yes-list but is more on the treatment end of the food scale, so saving points for this might beat the guilt we often put on ourselves for wanting a great tasting dish we know we should rather not indulge in.

What makes this still a weight watchers option is that it has lean meats and low sodium or low-fat ingredients, but then also has soy sauce and apple juice which have a higher sugar content and are thus frowned upon.

If you do want to treat yourself, then balance the goodness you will surely enjoy in this meal with a generous portion of steamed vegetables on the side or a portion of cauliflower rice.

And while you may be worried that the Bourbon in this dish would mean the sugar-alcohol content would throw you completely off course, there isn’t any alcohol in the recipe rather the name comes from a street famous in New York (phew I hear you breathing a sigh of relief).

So tuck in, and enjoy a fantastic tasting meal.

Get recipe: lifeissweeterbydesign.com

#13. Crock pot Poor Man’s Stew

Oh, how I love a stew, and it is the ultimate dish when the weather outside is grey and horrible and all you want to do is hide under the covers and stay there until the sun is shining.

I make this dish when I know it is going to be a long day at the office with back-to-back meetings, this way it is ready by the time my husband comes home from his work and he can dish supper for the kids till I get home.

I swap the potato in this recipe for large florets of cauliflower which absorb the flavors and spices just as well as the spuds but this way I don’t have to pick out never-ending baby potatoes or worry about the carb count after the meal.

The kids don’t know the difference, my husband doesn’t mind in the slightest, and I have a great tasting meal to tuck into carefree.

A winning meal all around and is suitable for the whole gang.

Get recipe: lifeshehas.com

#14. Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Pepper Steak Recipe

I was overjoyed to find this recipe, one for the fact that it was beef steak meat and not chicken which is common in healthy eating plans because the meat is so lean, but beef can be lean too.

And, that this was a dish I could make in the crockpot and leave to cook on its own without supervision, which suits me just fine because life is busy, not to mention if you have kids too which means the errand running never ends.

I make this according to the recipe (which is extremely easy and simple) and then I stir fry a portion in a hot skillet with some garlic and olive oil to get a nice singe to the meat and vegetables, and also then my husband is more convinced it is the same as our local Asian takeaway.

A small effort to make a meal that tastes this brilliant.

Get recipe: nestinglane.com

#15. Slow Cooker Tamale Pie

Comfort food is key when you are on a healthy eating plan, and this is because you don’t want to constantly feel like you are missing out or that you have to sacrifice taste for lean because this is not the case.

Looking for weight watchers meals for the crock pot is easier than you may have initially thought, and with a little perseverance (and some trial and error), you will find the dishes and ingredients that work for you and your lifestyle and that will fill that hunger gap without all the calories.

Life has enough curve balls being thrown without us needing to dodge sugar-filled products or live on dry leaves with no dressing. No thank you.

This take-apart tamale pie has everything you need to fill your lunch box for work with a good, nutritious meal, and ingredients that are cheap and cheerful making the dish budget-friendly.

Try this next time you are lost on what to cook for dinner for the family or even just for yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Get recipe: simple-nourished-living.com


What vegetables should not be added to a slow cooker?

Delicate vegetables like zucchini, spinach, and peas are best added towards the end of the cooking time in a slow cooker to prevent them from becoming overly mushy.

What is a typical daily meal plan for Weight Watchers?

A typical daily meal plan for Weight Watchers involves a balanced mix of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, with portion sizes based on the Weight Watchers points system. This might include options like a veggie omelette for breakfast, a grilled chicken salad for lunch, and a stir-fry with brown rice for dinner.

There is always something to do, somewhere to be, or a child to take to a sports practice or musical recital, but worrying about dinners need not be part of the stress list.

To keep up with life and its daily activities that surround kids you need a good arsenal of weight watchers crock pot recipes to keep you healthy when you are hungry, for fuel, for health, and your dainty knowing that you at least have eaten a good, balanced meal that sticks to your healthy eating nutritional plan.

This is one less thing to concern yourself over, and there are more great recipes on our blog for you to check out. Life is short, make great tasting food the first time around.

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