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How to Reheat Carbonara: Simple Techniques for Success

In summary: There is one way to reheat carbonara on the stove. It involves letting the carbonara reach room temperature, heating some oil in a pan, and warming the pasta for five minutes.

Pasta carbonara must be the most recognizable delicacy of Italy. And to be completely honest, there is probably nowhere in the world where you can eat such good carbonara as in Italy. There is simply some special connection between Italy and pasta.

If you prepare this pasta at home, you know that the key moment is topping up the mixture of eggs and cheese without lumps appearing and becoming a gooey mess.

Suppose you have mastered this technique, congratulations. Now it only remains to learn how to reheat carbonara to be equally perfect. You don’t want to throw away leftovers after you’ve worked so hard, do you? Unfortunately, no matter what others say, there are not many ways to reheat pasta carbonara.

Reheating Carbonara On The Stove

As with cooking, the biggest challenge is to keep the pasta al dente when reheated so that the sauce does not turn into lumps but is finely tender and evenly distributed.

It sounds like a lot of work, but reheated carbonara could be just as good as freshly prepared if you do it right. Some people might use a microwave to reheat pasta, but it’s not the best way.

We recommend that you opt for warming up on the stove. It will take you a few minutes, but you can make sure the carbonara sauce and pasta heats up nicely. Also, you can time it so that the pasta does not overcook.

Here are the steps you need to take to reheat the spaghetti carbonara.

Step 1: Leave Carbonara at Room Temperature for a while

It would be good to leave the spaghetti carbonara at room temperature to let the cold subside. This way, they will heat up more evenly later, and it will be easier to manipulate them.

Step 2: Heat Some Oil in a Pan

Put the pan on medium heat. Add a teaspoon of oil and let it heat up. It will be best to use a non-stick pan so that it does not burn. You want to reheat carbonara sauce but not make pasta overcooked.

Step 3: Put the Pasta in a Pan and Heat for 5 Minutes

When the oil has heated, place the leftover carbonara in a pan and cook for about 5 minutes. It is important to stir and turn the spaghetti to heat on all sides equally and distribute the sauce evenly over the spaghetti. Do this throughout the whole reheating process.

That’s the whole process. Now, your carbonara is ready to be served.

We repeat that for reheating as well as for cooking, you need to feel that the temperature is appropriate because if it is too strong, lumps will form, and its fine texture will be lost.

If you notice that the leftover pasta is too dry after you start heating it, feel free to add an additional teaspoon of oil or cream to even it all out.



Spaghetti carbonara is a really perfect dish though it is a little tricky to prepare. Not everyone knows how to put in the final egg and cheese sauce to get a nice smooth glaze instead of lumps on spaghetti.

We must also admit that the best carbonara pasta is the one freshly prepared, and this cannot be replaced by any method of reheating.

However, if you have spaghetti leftover after lunch, it’s stupid to throw food in the trash. So, try our warm-up technique to have a good meal the next day.

We warn you, though, that you may need a few tries until you perfect the technique to the end, just like when cooking carbonara. Maybe that’s why it’s so delicious.

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