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Does Apple Pie Go Bad? Shelf Life Explained

Quick summary: Yes, apple pie will go bad in two to five days, depending on the storage.

Apple pie certainly belongs to the list of favorite comfort foods that are suitable for any time of day and in any mood. Especially during the winter days, a delicious apple pie with a bit of cinnamon will taste like Christmas and make everyone in the house happy.

Of course, it’s best when it’s homemade, but you can buy ready-made pies and just bake them without remorse. But how long can a pie baked like this last, and does it have to be refrigerated? We bring you everything you want to know about this delicacy.

How Long Does Apple Pie Last?

Apple pie is by no means a long-lasting product, and the rule of thumb is that the fresher it is, the better it tastes. Most tips will tell you to store the pie in the fridge after you’ve cut the slices. But if you’re not a fan of cold apple pie, here are some guidelines you can follow on how long this delicacy can last under certain conditions.

Without putting it in the fridge

If you baked a fresh pie and didn’t start it, it should generally be good for up to two days without a refrigerator, just on the kitchen counter. The moment you cut the first slice, the increased possibility of bacteria development starts, so you should move it to the fridge. However, a freshly made pie should not be ruined within a day of sitting on the counter, even if you have eaten half.

In the fridge

If you keep it in the refrigerator, the pie should be good for up to four or a maximum of five days after baking. Whether you’ve started it or not, don’t keep the pie longer than that. Even if it seems okay, it is not recommended because of the possible development of mold inside the filling.

In the freezer

If you want to extend the shelf life, you can always freeze apple pie and thus store it for a few months longer. This way, you will best preserve the taste and quality, and you can store it for at least four months, if not longer. When you need it, you can thaw and reheat apple pie to get a freshly made taste.

Can Apple Pie Go Bad?

As you have already concluded from the tips so far, apple pie can definitely go bad, and it will undoubtedly happen. Here is how you can recognize that a dessert is no longer safe for consumption.

Sign 1: More than five days have passed

We will repeat it one more time. No matter if it seems fine if more than five days have passed since baking, be sure to throw the pie away for your own safety.

Sign 2: Mold appeared

The development of mold is possible due to the filling of the pie. If you notice anything resembling mold, you must throw the entire pie in the trash. It is not enough to cut off only the affected area because mold spores can spread inside the filling without you even seeing it.

Sign 3: Smell and taste are funky 

It may happen that the pie seems edible, but it has a slightly unusual smell or a somewhat sour taste. In this case, it is a bad product, and you should definitely discard it.

Which is the Best Way to Store Apple Pie?

It is quite important how you store prepared food, including apple pie. Durability and quality depend on it. Here are some guidelines.

Tip 1: Keep at a suitable temperature

We have already said that the pie can be on the kitchen counter for up to two days if it is intact. And after that or after the first slice, in the refrigerator for up to five days. But if the outside temperature is high and your apartment is almost tropically hot, it would be wise to immediately store it in the refrigerator and not risk keeping it on the kitchen counter. High heat destroys the stability of even the most resistant foods.

Tip 2: Use clean utensils

Always use a clean knife when cutting pie pieces. Do not allow other food to contaminate the pie, as this will certainly help it spoil faster.


How long can apple pie stay unrefrigerated?

Outside of the refrigerator, apple pie can last up to two days maximum if it has not been started. After you cut the first slice, you should put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

How do you know if apple pie is bad?

Several signs can tell you that the apple pie is spoiled. The first is certainly the visible appearance of mold. After that, a foul smell or a sour taste will mean that it is time to discard the product.

Can apple pie give you food poisoning?

Unfortunately, yes. A rotten apple pie can definitely give you food poisoning or, at the very least, indigestion.


Apple pie is a genuinely beloved dessert worldwide, especially on autumn days. If you prepare it yourself at home, the family members will likely eat it faster than it has time to spoil. 

But if this is not the case, store the pie in the refrigerator after cutting the first slice and consume it within five days. If you want to keep it for a more extended period, we recommend that you freeze it and thus preserve it for as many months as you need.

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