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Can You Freeze Guacamole? Unlocking Preservation Secrets

Briefly, yes, you can freeze guacamole successfully by excluding water- or dairy-rich ingredients like tomatoes, onions, or sour cream, and adding them fresh after thawing for optimal taste and texture.

Finding the perfectly ripe avocados when needed is no easy feat. Delicious guacamole is the perfect good-for-you, creamy dip that provides a great finish to taco’s, nachos, and even toast.

Avocados, however, are so temperamental. They are either too hard, too soft, too brown, or too expensive. When purchasing a large batch at a good price in-season, they all ripen at the same time and you are stuck with avocado overload. 

There is great news to what may seem like a taco-Tuesday catastrophe. Guacamole can be made in advance and frozen! No need to toss any of your ripe avos or sadly witness your guacamole turning brown. Here is your ultimate guide to freezing guacamole.

Can Guacamole Be Frozen?

Yes, if you properly store guacamole it actually freezes very well. In saying that, it is important to note that only the base of guacamole is suitable for freezing and that water- or dairy-rich ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, or sour cream will make it unappetizing once thawed. 

For the best results, we recommend freezing guacamole without these additions and rather adding them fresh once the guacamole is thawed, just before serving.

How To Freeze Guacamole

Guacamole can be frozen either in an airtight container or in a zip lock freezer bag. Follow the below instructions to ensure your guacamole is creamy and delicious once thawed.

Method 1: Freezer Bag

Step 1: Mix Well

If you are making the guacamole yourself, mash the avocados with a potato masher in a large bowl, and add salt and lemon juice as per your favorite guacamole recipe. Mix well so that the acid is evenly distributed, and until smooth. Do not add any other ingredients to the guacamole you are going to place in the freezer.

Step 2: Portion and Pack

Divide your guacamole into the quantities you will need at a time and scoop each portion into a resealable freezer bag. This is the best way to freeze a huge batch so you don’t have to thaw the full amount at once. It is also ideal if you don’t have much space in your freezer.

Step 3: Remove Air

Lightly shake the guacamole in the zip lock bag to get rid of any air bubbles. Lie the bag flat and then press out as much air as possible before sealing it fully. The aim is to avoid contact with excess air during freezing as this will damage the color, texture, and taste of the guacamole.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label the freezer bags with a permanent marker. Write the contents and date to keep track of when it was placed in the freezer. Lie the bags flat in the freezer to firm up evenly.

Method 2: Container

Step 1: Prepare your Guacamole

If you are making the guacamole yourself, mash the avocados and be sure to add salt and lime juice before it turns brown. Mix well so that the acid is evenly distributed and until smooth. Do not add any other ingredients to the guacamole you are going to place in the freezer.

Step 2: Pack into Containers

Portion your guacamole in amounts you will need and scoop it into a freezer-friendly air-tight Tupperware.

Step 3: Seal

Lightly shake the container to get rid of any air bubbles. Place a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper directly over the top layer of the guacamole so that there is no contact with air. Then place the lid tightly on the container.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label the container with the contents and date to keep track of when it was placed in the freezer.

How To Thaw Frozen Guacamole

There are a couple of ways in which you can defrost guacamole, depending on the amount of time you have.

Method 1: Refrigerate

Place the guacamole straight into the refrigerator to defrost. This will take a few hours or can be left in the fridge overnight.

Method 2: Water Bath

If you are short on prep time, place the sealed bag or jar of frozen guac into a bowl of cold water or room temperature water to help it thaw a little faster than it would in the fridge. This method works well for guacamole that has been frozen flat in a freezer bag as the surface area is large and therefore thaws fairly quickly.

Preparation after thawing:

If the thawed guac is in a freezer bag, the easiest way to get it out is to cut a small corner off the bottom of the bag and squeeze it out as if it were a piping bag.

Regardless of the method you have used to defrost your guacamole, empty it into a clean serving bowl once thawed and mix well into a smooth consistency. You could even give it a quick whizz in a blender if desired.

If you wish to add any fresh ingredients such as onions, tomatoes or sour cream, now is the time to do so. Taste to check if it needs more salt and enjoy.

Types of Guacamole

Guacamole is a simple, yet tasty avocado dip made with mashed ripe avocado and salt. Adding gauc to your meal is a great idea to incorporate healthy fats into your diet with real food.

Once fresh avocados are cut and exposed to oxygen, an enzyme reaction causes them to turn brown. To prevent this add lime juice or lemon juice to the guacamole to prevent the browning reaction which results in an unpleasant appearance.

The base of avocado, kosher salt, and lemon or lime juice is the same for all guacamole types, but from here many additions can be added to spruce it up further to one’s preference.  Some people like to add garlic, pepper, cilantro, jalapeno, tomatoes, olive oil, sour cream, or finely chopped red onion as variations.



When it feels like the entire avo tree has ripened at once, or you find an in-season bargain in store, don’t hesitate to go guacamole crazy and freeze your stock.

Make the most of it and you will have guacamole on hand for months to come without having to worry about where to find your favorite creamy green dip. The best part is, you can change up delicious recipes for your dip every time.

The two main things to remember when working with avocado and making guacamole is to add some lemon juice and to protect it from contact with air to prevent browning.

With the delectable taste and creamy texture after thawing, there is no more excuse to have a guac-less taco next Tuesday or forego your tortilla chips.

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