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drying garlic

How to Dry Garlic

Garlic plants are part of the onion family. The bulbs are widely used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Its pungent flavor needs to be used with caution since too much garlic can overpower a dish quickly. Since a little goes a long way, you can easily end up with more garlic than you need. …

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dry peppers

How to Dry Peppers

Peppers can be used fresh or dried and add a big punch of flavor to dishes. Dehydrating peppers is a way to preserve them by removing the moisture, concentrating the flavor, and extending their shelf-life significantly.  Almost any type of hot pepper or chili can be dried. Follow the guide below to find out how …

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dry cranberries

Learn How to Dry Cranberries: Tips to Get the Best Results

Although these berries are harvested during the Autumn months, there are many ways to preserve cranberries and use them year-round. These bright red berries are festive and loaded with flavor.  If you’ve got more fresh cranberries than you can use before they go bad, dry them to prolong their shelf-life. You can eat cranberries as …

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dry figs

How to Dry Figs

Available mostly during summer, fresh figs are delicious, chewy, and easy to use in sweet and savory dishes. They can be incorporated into salads, cheese platters, pizza toppings, baked cookies, jams, sauces, or just eaten as a snack. By drying figs you can prolong their shelf life and enjoy them throughout the entire year. This …

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Dry Mushrooms

How to Dry Mushrooms

Delicious and versatile in cooking, mushrooms are actually classified as a fungus. Most edible mushrooms are cultivated on mushroom farms with many varieties available worldwide. Mushrooms can be added to almost any savory dish, raw or cooked. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these hearty vegetables add great flavor and texture.  Fresh mushrooms have …

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dry rosemary

How To Dry Rosemary

Rosemary is a hardy herb used mainly in cooked savory dishes. It is popular in comforting home-cooked meals such as lamb roasts, stews, roasted vegetables, and garlic and herb bread. This delicious fresh herb lasts up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. If you have more rosemary than you can use in your favorite rosemary …

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dry dill

How To Dry Dill

Dill conjures up thoughts of delicious potato salads and pickles. This unique herb is popular in European and Asian cuisine, although it is available worldwide. Its wispy leaves make it an easy herb to dry and keep for months without worrying about it going to waste. There are a few guidelines to ensure that fresh …

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